NC Iron Wolves and TR Recursion

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  1. Rebelgb

    Watching that video, look that guy is ffing good. No doubt about that. 1000x better than me and ive been playing a long time (dont care about stats thought so I dont try too hard). But man there is something fishy about that accuracy. Especially with the rocket launcher. He was basically head shotting people at long range and in a very small window. Unless you hit an object within a few feet of an opposing player, the only way to kill with a RL is with a direct hit. Which is pretty tough to do at range. Just saying.
  2. Rebelgb

    Well I watched pretty much the whole thing and what I see is a really really good player. The 2 biggest differences between a player like 7303 and a player like me are 1- the intentional and deliberate attempts at avoiding getting killed. 2 - the ability to control recoil. The complete lack of recoil looks like a hack to me, im not in any way saying it is, I just dont know enough about PS2 weapons, especially NC weapons to understand how you can have almost zero recoil. My lack of ability in controlling recoil is the number one reason I suck at getting kills. Im much better at it than I used to be, but not to the point of having zero. If you watch a few of the kills close up and in slow motion in that video you see his sight dot have ZERO movement off the head of a target. I did not realize it was possible to get THAT good at recoil control. Is it also a result of the weapon he is using?

    As for avoiding death: well there are a hundred situations in that video where 7303 basically ran from a fight because he was either outgunned, or the opposing player got the drop on him first. I think your average player stands his ground in those instances and just resigns himself/herself to the spawn room. There is also a lack of suicide runs by 7303. Take 24:45 where he peaks around the corner and sees the enemy sunderer with infantry surrounding it. As a LA I would have climbed the wall opposite the sundy, dropped down with either c4 or if I didnt have c4 a frag grenade and took out as many enemy players as I could before getting fragged. I like suicide missions and im sure im not alone. Often I run into a building full of enemies and drop grenades. I know im going to die but I hope that the guys behind me use my death to storm in behind me. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont.

    All of those things are really bad for my stat sheet.
  3. 7303

    I can't believe I actually have to explain this but do you not know what dropped frames means in this situation? This video was transferred to YouTube from twitch, which is a streaming service. That means if there was a hiccup with my internet or Twitch servers, frames from my screen would not be recorded properly by twitch. None of this stuff was stored locally. Like I said before, look at the ammo counter during the frame drop.