NC Iron Wolves and TR Recursion

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  2. PanzerGoddess

    Apparently highly skilled organization is never considered in the "call out" hacker outfits x_X.

    Highly skilled players in a highly skilled well organized group can inflict tons of damage.....and from what Ive seen some have had or can even be considered having skills on a professional level. And again some of the videos Ive seen is a lot of lower skilled players getting killed etc and so on. Looking at stats is something fun to do, and I can see an average of 30-40% accuracy average.....far from hacking lol

    These guys are good, put them together and they are very good.

    Put Recursion and Iron Wolves at the same base, I imagine the k/d's wont be so

    Oh NellyG...silly little nub bisket

    Lets pick on 7303 ok lol: stats:

    KILLS PER MINUTE - this game that's pretty good
    Assists - says he kills more than he wounds
    Infantry Accuracy - says he is not even close to hacking....unless he is using an turn if he was he sucks as a hacker x_X.
    27.13% (You see this 60% and higher, than start wondering)
    Heres another fun fact:
    His death count for other players
    SirCereal 17 120
    6.2 (Cereal is a hoot and a good player, I know :) wink wink) - this goes to tell you, highly skilled vs highly skilled, everyone gets slapped around, kd padding goes out the window.
    Now the biggest thing: take another 23 guys just like 7303 and put them in one big soup bowl against 24 guys like...NellyG....I can only imagine the outcome.
    Stop looking at kd like its godmode....use your brain, look at the other stats as well. Join a well organized squad and youd be surprised how much better you play.
    At the end of the day just get on, shoot some people, get killed and have fun. I love playing against guys like these. Even trying it outnumbered makes it well worth, you should know when your gonna win or lose, and then just go with the flow, take as many of the....!!! with you as you can :D
  3. Niamar

    Accuracy doesn't mean anything, after every battle you see guys dumping mags into the wall. Try again.
  4. PanzerGoddess

    it doesnt lol......well I apologize, I guess both outfits completely suck, my bad.....I guess accuracy in this game doesnt determine you own ttk...I guess bullets that get close kill rofl.....
  5. The Rogue Wolf

    There's also such a thing as "suppressive fire", where you put lots of bullets into a place to keep the enemy from wanting to occupy that space.
  6. NellyG

    LOL! what a band of trolls these losers are... I called them out for being a bunch of cheaters and they attack my playing abilities and accuracy. LOL! I played Planetside because of the moments of seeing hundreds of people fighting for objectives that you don't see in other games. I like sitting down on the weekends with friends and enjoying a night of playing multiplayer games like PS2 not stacking kills like some **** retentive loser who probably spends money on skills instead of just playing for fun.
    The biggest offenders like Iron Wolves and TR Recursion have destroyed the fun in playing Planetside for me and my friends, which I take issue with not who has better numbers. Iron Wolves G7303H your numbers show you're hacking and I've seen you in the past using movements getting from one location to another without being detected using your heavy assault character. It seems that you've alter some planetside files or bought your hacks from a website. The end point is that you and your hacker buddies will get banned with this new system that Daybreak is implementing or the same old crap will continue which ultimately kill this awesome game.
  7. GuhMaster2512

    Everyone has their own play style and that is fine. Some people seek enjoyment by trying to become the best player they can be and others enjoy playing the game for the crazy in game moments. Players in Recursion and Iron Wolves spend lots of time in game perfecting their recoil control, positioning, and other skills to become the players they are. There are also players who have better accuracy and hsr stats than G7303H does and they aren't hacking either. Also high KDR does not mean they are hacking due to their play style. There is an Max only outfit on emerald NC with a KDR of over 25. Farming heavy assaults can easily achieve 5+ KDR's as well. I doubt any of the players in these outfits will be banned once the new anti-hacking system is implemented.
  8. DragenoidHighLord

    One thing i find very ironic,is that as a Miller player i never heard of them or seen a hacker,but i've been reported so far once due to using Railjack well :3

    But to the point,if you want us to belive it you will have to prove it,words are just letters on the screen.We don't belive what we read but with accurate data and video proof we will actually look at this without sarcasam and trooling.This is also making it harder for you due to you having bad accuracy as a proof (similar to my aim with a PS3 controler) and im calling a nother post claiming they are hackers and we are just stupid to belive they are and are accusing him of whining.
  9. customer548

    Dumbest comment i've read since monthes. Nice ethics.
  10. Gutseen

    clearly an aim toggle is in place, cuz dat target switch was beyond muscle reaction.
  11. Moz

    Might as well use a BS thread for SOMETHING right!

  12. DrakeFang

    Looks more like a Lag spike in the recording software to me, but then I'm also not extremely knowledgeable on the topic.

    My question is why would he use it there and not in any of the other three or four times it could have netted him a double kill in just the preceeding minute (most notably when he's flanking the 2 TR entering the building at sometime around 15:40)? That strikes me as a bit odd. If you see any more examples of this let me know. I'll retract my statement if it seems overly frequent.

    A Letter to the OP:
    I play in PS4, so I don't know much about the individuals or outfits involved in this, but this entire thread reaks of salt to me. The entire argument seems to be "they're hacking because they're too good" and the only actual evidence we've seen is 1 recording that frankly seemed a bit suspect to me.

    Look, as a console player I have S rank accuracy on most of my infantry weapons and have been pulling a K/D of between 2 and 4 while lone wolfing for the last month or so. If I can do that with a console controller without any actual team to back me up, I have no doubt that a squad of high-quality players using efficient, well practiced teamwork and a MnK setup could do better by miles. The argument of "They're cheating because they're stats are too high" is frankly ******* dumb. If you don't have any actual evidence (which you didn't, the only possible evidence was presented by Gutseen, not you) then don't waste people's time with utterly baseless accusations. It makes you look childish and immature.

    You yourself stated that DB will soon be instituting a new cheat detection system. Either they are cheating and will be banned, in which case your baseless claims will have proven accurate and you can say I told you so to your heart's desire, or they aren't and they won't, which would solidify your place in my mind as a salty child angry that he's getting his *** kicked and unwilling to admit that there are simply players better than him.

    A console peasant who genuinely loves this game.
  13. Psykmoe

    Meh, once the anti-cheat measures go in and the original poster still gets dunked on by better players, he'll just post a thread ******** about Daybreak's limp-wristed anti-cheat measures not working properly.

    The effectiveness or lack thereof of said anti-cheating measures will little to no impact on this prediction. It's not like DBG will officially announce every ban to appease people ;)
  14. 7303

    Is there something mentally wrong with you? If you actually looked at it it's pretty clear I dropped frames which is something that happens when streaming. Look at the ammo count, killboard, and positioning of other players. Go to that moment, play at 0.25x speed and look at the ammo count going straight from 40 to 30 lmfao. I'll even post the screenshots for you.

    Anyways, I can't wait for OP's salty tears when I farm him and his outfit a year from now. He'll probably blame BattleEye being garbage instead of realizing he's been terribad this whole time.
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  15. NellyG

    I'm not threatening you but in real life you would get your *** kicked by someone like me for cheating in a card game or something similar... enjoy your hacks G7303H it's probably the only way you can get your way in owning someone.
  16. 7303

    Haven't you heard? Everyone you meet on the internet is a professional fighter irl or some crap lmao
  17. DragenoidHighLord

    Im pretty sure half of PS forum lost interest and i think nobody cares about someone complaining about hackers when they probably aren't.
  18. Gutseen

    dont git salty on meh smurf.

    no fps counter -> ur argument is invalid

    plus with frame drops like that u'd didn't get the time 2 cap that guy.

    wtf, where is mah GLORYOUS catAnus sig gif ?!
  19. Zvezdan

    Then how do you explain the ammo just dropping from 40 to 30 like that? It's pretty clearly a frame drop. The cursor didn't even move from one point to the other fast; it straight up warped. That's more likely to be dropped frames than it is an aimbot.
  20. patoman

    Well, that is pretty good evidence. Accusations of hacking shouldn’t be automatically dissmesed,
    (they do and have existed) out but looked into with facts.!/5428099899898202177/weapons accuracy is high for quite a bit of stuff but not in the crazy aimbot zone I have seen of 99% with chaingun that is actual aimbot.

    I dont see any concrete examples of hacking, such as aimbot or shooting though walls, so case closed. Serious complaints should cite and document specific examples of it.