NC Iron Wolves and TR Recursion

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  1. NellyG

    Why are these hacking clans not banned from playing the game? All you need to do Admin is look at the individual numbers especially their KD and score per minutes to see that they're hacking in someway. I've played this game since Beta but it seems its gotten worse in recent years with the hacking. I've reported people like player G7303H for the Iron Wolves countless times and this loser is still around hacking. I could waste my money on other games... I'm done with Planetside until you fix your hacker problem. Here's some free advice Daybreak go after those providing them with the hacks, they're all over the internet. Do the research and grow some balls and take legal action against those ******* with your product.
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  2. Dirge

    Let the salt flow through you.
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  3. sIcGER

  4. TheMish

    There's so much salt, that if we were in the Middle Ages, we'd be Gods!
  5. The Shady Engineer

    I don't know if anyone from 00 or TIW streams on twitch, but a bunch of players with roughly the same stats do. You're more than welcome to watch some of those past streams and see for yourself that these stats are achievable legitimately.

    Long story short- they're not hacking, you just suck.
  6. NellyG

    You're being a troll mate. Players that have recently been banned while hacking have the same stats like NC Iron Wolves G7303H so he isn't a good player. He and those still around for Iron Wolves and TR Recursion just know how to hide their loser hacks from the admins. It's amazing that people like yourself can't see that... lets chalk it up to just being plain stupid or ignorant to that fact.
  7. CupofFriedGold

    What about their stats makes you think they're hacking?

    Please be as specific as possible.
  8. 7303

    The guy's an awful player who likes to sends some pretty stupid ragetells when you kill him. I've told him before to look up my username on youtube for some recorded gameplay but I don't think he bothered listening at all.

    Recent stream vod:
    Youtube channel with 20 hours or so of gameplay:
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  9. NellyG

    How am I a bad player... because I called you out for being a loser hacker? Check my stats and if we average my scores to that of other players in KD and scores per minutes you'll see that I'm about above average in game play. Now lets take your score of 7.33 KD and that of your other hacker buddies in your clan and you'll see that your scores are ridiculously high compared to the majority of players playing Planetside2 so in other words mate you're hacking. And those videos you posted on youtube are just a pathetic attempt to cover your loser hacks from those who would question your game play. I bet in real life you're just a pimple face wretched soul that still lives with his parents... I feel sorry for you.
  10. 7303

    Bad player, pretty awful to be honest. Anyways, feel free to keep reporting, I'm not getting banned because I'm not hacking. Anyone who has ever watched my streams could see how I'm getting those stats. You're welcome to leave the game though if you're unsatisfied with being awful at the game, I doubt anyone would really care.
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  11. Shiaari

    Recursion and Iron Wolves are pro outfits.

  12. Khallixtus

    I love these guys that are too bad at the game so they try to get them banned because they believe no one can be that good when the accuser is so bad.

    Keeps my cynical side going strong. But every server has those outfits of people that are just crazy good at the game, the more elite outfits.

    I have two words for you NellyG, git gud.
  13. Invictorum

    I've run alongside the Iron Wolves once or twice in the past. I consider myself to be at the very least an average to maybe above average player. Stats probably tell a different tale. But these guys are just good at what they do. They definately use VOIP to coordinate, and have probably years of experience working alongside each other so they know how each other plays, and know how to compensate for each other's weaknesses.

    But those Recursion guys? God damn, they're good, scary good even (I'm looking at you, Evans214), but each and every one of them is good by their own skill, not a 3rd part program.
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  14. Imperialguardsman

    It's just a video game... Who cares if someone hacks if they're good at hiding it. Obviously if these recursion tryhards and whoever these iron wolf tryhards are... They aren't hacking through any detectable way. So deal with it.
  15. NellyG

  16. Klypto

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  17. DragenoidHighLord

    Thru FPS there will be people crazy good and beyond what you could comprehend but that doesn't mean they are hacking,sure they have the most insane control over recoil and know the map and where you were dead on but that means they are dedicated old players and thats why they will always keep the younger ones competing to be at their level because its in human nature to rise above the lower others.

    In PS2 its pretty much the same thing,there is many ways to be proficient be it with tanks,aircraft,infatry combat and logistics or tactics so there are people who actually done some research and improved their knowledge enhancing what they knew already.Hacking is like taking steroids and like many people they ended up letting down their whole country,but you get the idea,the point is hacking is not something worth doing when you could do it yourself.I play by a code of honor and that implies that i fight without any exploits or bugs in my favour and play a relatively even level.So i honesty don't give a damm if i lose to someone who was superior or smarter (both of which are possible easly) then me since its the perception that is what gives all the best players the ability to be the top dogs inside the boundries of game rules.Having superior perception means your awareness is very high as a result and you are more able to react and "welcome" a sneak attack or ambushes.

    Like it was already said,they are most likely pros at what they do,because i don't find it hard to belive TR would need to hack since TR have a nice weapon template and its in my oppinion pretty easy to get used to TR weapons and they are smooth.NC are scary impressive since we alll know how many NC players are pros and thats the sad part about even contributing to become a good NC player.Point is if they were hackers they wouldn't be there playing like they are and cooperating if they are alone 1 man army.
  18. FieldMarshall

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  19. dejavuallover3

    Of course there are quite a few groups where players are cheating. Some are dumb enough to think that because some players stream that somehow this means they're not cheating. They're clueless of course but a section of the community is in such denial that you cannot reason with them.
  20. JDCollie=VX9=