NC Infiltrator Camouflage Coverage

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  1. m44v

    never been a fan of the NC look anyway, with or without camo, most of their models look unremarkable, the infiltrator specially.
  2. Fatal1o1

    Well they use fluorescent orange for hunting, so people don't shoot each other in the woods. Yellow would work as well. Nice that the NC has Highly visible colors. the other two factions get less visible colors , higher fire rate weapons, lower recoil, plus weapons with larger mag sizes? Just some food for thought. I dunno, at night would you see yellow or black first?
  3. Astraka

    This is another crudely put together mock up I came up with that has more blue, and less yellow. The key difference between this & what we have now is the shade of the blue - it's dark, like what the NC as a faction actually use so we can again start using faction specific camouflage. Some more blue areas in specific areas makes it look more designed and less slapped together. As with the last design, this is in MS Paint. A real artist with real design software could make the class look even better, while still retaining the 'faction obviousness'.


    This is the kind of camouflage change we needed. Something that screams NC but doesn't leave us looking goofy. We want to look like the mercenaries & soldiers are faction is supposed to be about, not weirdos in lady's underwear. With the other various issues plaguing the NC, the last thing we need is our own uniforms to fail us.

    Toss us a bone here. A simple, "we're looking at it", would suffice.
  4. Astraka









    Wow! A whole bunch of new winter themed camouflage coming out on the PTS. Would really be nice if those wouldn't all look terrible on the NC Infiltrator. All I want for Christmas is an NC Infiltrator Camouflage update.
  5. MarvinGardens

    It's pretty funny. Back when the NC infiltrator had almost full coverage and I ran with the black fire camouflage, I had to worry more about my own team than the enemy. Sometimes I would run into a pack of VS, killing as many of them as I could then run off. Then they would catch up to me, look at me, then just run right past me.

    On the other hand, sometimes I would get team killed running out of the spawn room with a pack of other NC troops... I was actually safer being cloaked around my own faction. At least the blue outline clearly shows my faction affiliation.
  6. Astraka

    I'm with you. I've got no problems whatsoever with looking NC even with camouflage equipped. I just want to look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  7. Astraka

    Bump for visibility. Another game update, another batch of camouflages that look silly on the NC Infiltrator.
  8. drNovikov

    I'm okay with occasional friendly fire, but I use camos to blend in, not as a stupid halloween costume.
  9. Astraka

    Would love a response on this. It's been long enough I think.
  10. Drudid

    i embraced that the NC were going to forever look dumb as hell, and decided that our entire trait is going in loud and hard, bio-lab shotgun style. slapping industrial mix on all my classes was the best i could have done

    in fact covering my infiltrator entirely in yellow, makes the bright yellow lines of "shoot me im over here" almost less visable, sort of like a tree hiding in a forest...

    follow the assassins creed approach to stealth, wear loud bright clothing, go in shouting curses guns blaring , and then throw a coin at a local group of hookers and slowly prayer walk your way out... or pull a scatmax, scatmax solves all your problems, why are you even playing infiltrator, you should be in allatum with your scat max!
  11. Ned

    I don't know why you are complaining when the TR infiltrator already has much less camo coverage than VS, NC.

    Granted blue pants look a bit silly, but at least you get to have your entire body covered in camo, we have red and black bits everywhere.
  12. Astraka

    I don't think you actually read the OP mate. It isn't about the coverage, it's about the aesthetic appeal of said coverage. Read it again.
  13. Ned

    I did read it, but my point is that while baby blue is not aesthetically pleasing, you only have to put up with a tiny bit of it while TR infiltrators are absolutely splashed with red and black.

    The changes you and us all want are coming however.