NC Infiltrator Camouflage Coverage

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  1. Astraka

    All camouflage coverage needs to look aesthetically pleasing, regardless of how much it actually covers. Piecemeal coverage that makes the character (or vehicle) model look lame does not make people interested in buying more camo. I ended up buying the Anniversary Pack just because of the boost, but it's sad that the camo is going to remain unused because everything except for the Urban Forest Camouflage looks like garbage on the NC Infiltrator. Even the empire specific camo looks terrible... Empire Specific.

    There are so many better ways to make the character models faction-obvious at a glance. Hell, I spent five minutes in paint and made a very crappy picture that illustrates a way that maintains an aesthetic appeal superior to that of the hot pants & bra, but also looks obviously NC. I simply made the yellow lines already on the character model a little larger, and added a few more in choice places. Just imagine what a real artist with the proper resources could do.


    I have no issue with SOE normalizing camouflage so it is not a pay-to-win advantage; none whatsoever. What irks me is that these camouflage changes are done haphazardly with no regards to aesthetics.

    I realize we're a small subset (Camouflage users) of a small subset (NC) of a small subset (Infiltrators), but this needs to change. Every new PTS Unofficial Patch Note post I see on Reddit has me sobbing uncontrollably. I want to spend my money... why won't you let me?
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  2. Bape

    I know what u mean right now HA and infiltrator has the worse camo coverage in NC :mad:.
  3. Axehilt

    Totally agree, and bumping.
  4. Bankrotas

    Good luck trying to convey any sensible message to TRay about this.
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  5. Astraka

    I know he's a good Art Director and despite this hiccup I have faith that they'll do the right thing. We're not asking for the change to be reverted, only reexamined and made more aesthetically pleasing. When compared to the usual requests on these forums it isn't really all that outrageous.
  6. Bankrotas

    Thing to note, I allready confronted him about this issue, there is still no indication of change coming.
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  7. Astraka

    I'm all about optimism. :)
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  8. Bankrotas

    That's why there was "Good luck" post prior.
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  9. NC_agent00kevin

    Ive been bothered by the NC Infiltrator change for quite some time now. Almost all the camos I had for it looked absurd (and horrendous) after the change. I was forced to buy Delta Camo


    Im onto their tricks.

    But I really did have to get a new camo that didnt clash terribly with the new bra and panties they gave us.
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  10. Goretzu

    It could be worse, the blue could be yellow. :D

    Basically ALL CAMO should be the same across all factions in % coverage and relative visability.

    The new NC infiltrator looks bad, but compare that to a VS HA and a NC HA both wearing composite armour:

    - the VS has very high % came coverage and what isn't camo is largely black.

    - the NC has about 500% more yellow than the VS has teal, and has it is big solid visable blocks and still has more blue than the VS has purple (and therefore a much lower % camo coverage).

    It's similar with engis and to a lesser degree with LA and Medics.
  11. Fatal1o1

    The NC colors have been a hinderance from the beginning and still are. I don't care what camo the NC has because every single one has incorperated high glow yellow. This yellow in the NC camo must be removed because it gives your opponent an unfair advantage, as the eye picks up this yellow a heck of alot quicker than the other two Factions colors. The Blue is fine but the Yellow must go. IMHO.
  12. jiggu

    thongs for vanu female infiltrators would be op
  13. Astraka

    Yellow would be miles ahead of what we have now, assuming they incorporate it into the model in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing. That's the key component they missed when making the change in the first place.

    Take a look at all of our vehicles with camouflage on them the next time you play, the predominant color on them from our faction is yellow, and they look great.




    Yellow doesn't clash with any of our camouflage options, which is in stark contrast to the baby blue we have to suffer with now. It just needs to be implemented in such a way that it maintains fairness across the factions and between free/pay players. The fact that the yellow on these vehicles is a trim rather than haphazard splotches goes a long way in making these models look great. There is no reason that the lessons learned from these vehicles cannot be applied to the NC Infiltrator.

    Really though; blue, yellow, I don't care. Give me both if you have to. I just want the final product to look good.
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  14. Goretzu

    Well I'm not sure about it not standing out:


    But really it's the % coverage of camo and % secondary colour that concerns me firstly.
  15. Astraka

    Those aren't a trim, like I advocated in the post you quoted. They're big haphazard splotches, like I denounced in the post you quoted. I don't think the color matters as much as the way it is presented does - to an extent. The yellow & blue that doesn't become camouflage (or is added when you do), needs to be a trim. Something that is noticeable at a glance & follows natural contours but doesn't ruin the aesthetics of your character.
  16. NC_agent00kevin

    All three images are hideous.

    There are few camos that look good with blue and/or yellow.

    Abstract Camo
    Delta Camo
    Forest Ground
    Indar Scrub
    Macro Tigre

    To a lesser extent Esamir Snow does ok (its all white) and a few others. The only one here that looks reasonably decent is the flash.
  17. Goretzu

    Yeah certainly if there was as little yellow on those NC HA pictures as their is teal on a VS HA it would be much, much less visable and more aesthetic.
  18. Astraka

    Maybe this is why SOE has not really seemed interested in 'fixing' the NC Infiltrator Camouflage Coverage - a good fix means different things to everyone. Personally I don't mind yellow/gold as long as it is used in moderation like the pictures above and the rest of our classes minus the Heavy. It's an NC color that I knew I was going to have on my vehicles/characters going in. I'd prefer Blue be the primary color with only small accents in yellow, but I'd take just about anything as long as it is better looking then what we have.
  19. Rohxer

    T-Ray shot down any adjustments pretty decisively (or even derisively, or at the least dismissively) last month. I've given up based on his comments, but good luck with this.

    I purchased 20 camos before this change.

    Since the change: ZERO. And I wish I could refund nearly all of the others.

    I'd love to give them my money through aesthetic purchases but with changes like this, making "aesthetics" that I previously purchased look like garbage, for a supposed gameplay reason, screw 'em. And they still haven't fixed deals not showing on composite armor - which is required now with the camo changes if you want to remove the bra. So there's another pile of aesthetics that I'd love to buy as well (decals) that I cannot, due to either poor or sloppy (or both I believe in this case) art decisions.
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  20. Kitakami

    Look, dude, this is the 21st Century we're in; it's perfectly OK for a man to wear bra and suspenders. Embrace it. At least the bra is front-fastening.