NC Infiltrator Camouflage Coverage

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  1. Astraka

    I want to preface this with my feelings on camouflage in general: it is a cosmetic. In that sense, it should not provide the wearer a significant (or any) in-combat buff of any kind, in particular because the only way you can acquire it is through the payment of real money. I agree with the changes that occurred on October 16th, the premise of removing the very real advantage of camo coverage from the NC Infiltrator (and the VS) was sound. The execution of said changes however was not.

    After this ‘hotfix’, NC Infiltrators in particular who use camouflage were forced into an outfit with large baby blue splotches somewhat resembling a sports bra & hot pants. As a person who cares a great deal about the aesthetics of my character, this change was an absolute disaster. Instead of enhancing my characters appearance, every one of the camo options I owned & paid for now made him look goofy – even the ones that are faction colored. I feel that there is an obvious discrepancy with the effort & time involved when you look at the way the NC, TR, and VS Infiltrators are portrayed with camouflage on. The TR Infiltrator with camouflage looks painstakingly designed regardless of your feelings on the amount of coverage it possesses. The NC & VS Infiltrators with camouflage look quickly thrown together.

    I’m not asking for a return to the glory days where NC & VS Infiltrators had 100% camouflage coverage, this was an obvious advantage over the TR Infiltrator & the free2play player alike. I am simply asking for someone in the Art Department to take another look at the way the NC Infiltrators were fixed, and to put some effort into making them look aesthetically pleasing with camouflage on in addition to it being fair. Whether that involves changing the baby blue to a shade that actually matches our faction (and adding it in a manner that doesn’t resemble lady’s undergarments), or removing the baby blue in favor of widening/brightening the yellow contour-like lines that also match the color of our faction.
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  2. MrMurdok

    Don't matter to me if they wear their silly thongs or not, they die just as good.
  3. Astraka

    This is my entire issue. I don't feel like a cool Mercenary or Rebel Soldier anymore. I look like a goof. I just want to be proud of my character again. I want to be excited about the new camouflage options coming out. I love the class completely & utterly, and yet I feel bad playing it because I know my character looks bad.

    I really don't think asking for a more aesthetically pleasing camouflage scheme is too much to ask for.
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  4. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    I hope they introduce a "rainbow" know like that flag. Then MrMurdok can feel himself again :D oh sorry I meant to say feel LIKE himself :D :D
  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    i would go even further and say SoE should revert all camo-coverage-reduction changes on any infantry classes and vehicles, no matter what faction they are, and actually make camouflage have a point in this game. they should also reduce the faction colors on units to a bare minimum. having said that, a recent reddit post from higby promised us that a secondary camo slot will arrive for vehicles in the near future, but i dont know what they'll be planning for infantry classes. maybe something similar so that they increase camo coverage and get rid of the silly looks of the bra and stockings on nc/vs infiltrators
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  6. MrMurdok

    You make a valid point, and I do hope they change that, eventually.
  7. Astraka

    If they made camouflage have a point they would have to make it accessible by free2play players, which would very likely cut deeply into their revenue. Because of that I imagine that they will keep it simply as a cosmetic. I am actually not upset that I don't have 100% camo coverage because of the aforementioned inequality between factions/players.

    I've read Higby's post reference vehicle camouflage and I had hoped that they were planning something similar for infantry, but given the fact that it would put us in the position that we were in prior to Oct. 16th I doubt it will happen. I've also messaged him reference the issue & posed a question to Luperza as well during the Reddit AMA, with no response. I don't think that this post will reach anyone in charge either, but I'm desperate.

    I'm horribly obsessive over my character's looks, to the point that I've considered switching factions over it despite dearly loving the NC.
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  8. Sen7rygun

    Living free in the NC! Prepare to be infiltrated!

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  9. Qasar

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  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    i must admit i like to slap camo on everything i own ingame like guns, infantry, vehicles. but i would never go so far and claim that camo is a necessity for better playing, a pay2win element, a huge advantage over people without camo, etc in this game. it's just a cosmetic item, as you say. sure, 1 out 20 times, camo might make that random noob player have a delayed reaction time when facing you since he cannot spot you quickly enough when you blend in the environment, but really, i dont think it makes that much of a difference in real combat against moderately skilled opponents.

    if there indeed was reason to believe that camo gives an advantage in the game, as you want to make me believe, SoE would never plan on expanding camo coverage (at least on vehicles with the upcoming secondary camo slot) but rather cut down camo coverage in half to not let real-money purchases affect match outcomes.
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  11. CommodoreFrank

    I still have trouble with a lot of Vanu camo patterns. Even if they make me hesitate for a fraction of a second, it's enough to get me killed. Yet my Infiltrator is stuck looking awful now. It would be nice if camos with faction colors had better coverage over the universal ones, since they're still easy to identify and basically always stand out.
  12. Astraka

    I do too! I've spent nearly $100 on assorted cosmetics for my Infiltrator, and watched in horror as 90% of them became utterly worthless after the change. Whether they change it back to the way it was prior to October 16th or institute a new change the preserves the spirit of the Oct. 16th hotfix but allows me to look good, I don't really care. The end result of pleasing aesthetics is what I care about, not the means they use to get there.

    I would even be happy with this... most camouflage is faction colored anyway, and it is the most pleasing to look at in my opinion.
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  13. KnightCole

    I kinda hate NC camo coverage period...we still get that big yellow block on our backs no matter...

    VS are pretty much 100% covered in the new camoes
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  14. Astraka

    The rest of the NC Class's camouflage coverage is something I am okay with (though the Heavy could use a little work on the back). That is exactly the kind of look I want... recognizable, but cool. I want to look like a soldier of the New Conglomerate, not a cross dresser.
  15. KnightCole

    Vs And NC HA when fully decked out and in camo are sometimes very hard to quickly ID on the fly...I know I have momentarily mistaken one for the other. I think its the semi spiky hat and shoulderplates.
  16. Astraka

    Eh... the point I'm trying to make is that I don't care to be recognizable (that's the goal), but don't make me look like a goof to do it. Give me dark blue. Give me yellow. Just let me look good at the same time. I don't think that is too much to ask.

    If they darkened the blue to be NC Blue, and perhaps had the camouflage color in all of the black & white, this would be a great model to have for the NC Infiltrator. Heck, this is what they have on the PS2-Wiki.

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  17. KnightCole

    Id be all for a much darker blue, kinda like the Cell Armor camo blue and a much darker yellow as well.
  18. DramaticExit

    Murdok, given the frequency with which we seem to kill one another's scout rifle shootin' infiltrators, you'd imagine this comes down to "they die/kill just as good".
  19. Ryme

    I think a solution would be to give player clients the option of disabling the appearance of cosmetic alteration on ingame units ( maybe implementing separate settings for friendly and enemy units). That way they don't have to go out of their way trying to justify keeping cosmetic mods being a pay wall, while walking the line of keeping them attractive by making them still somewhat functional.

    The cosmetics could still show up in the kill screen report, so enemies can "see" what you look like, if that's a big deal for some people.

    This frees up a lot of whatever restrictions they have on camo and cosmetic helmets, allowing them to provide a greater selection of cosmetic options that would otherwise create some sort of tactical advantage in gameplay. Things like pure black camo wouldn't be game breaking anymore, since the opposition could just toggle off the option of seeing it. You could look badass in your screenshots, and not break the game balance.
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  20. Astraka

    Would love to have some developer comments here.

    I am at a crossroads right now between staying with my beloved NC or switching to the TR because of this issue. If this is the way the NC Infiltrator is going to look from this point forward I would like to know so I no longer waste my time playing on him. If this is just a placeholder for something better looking coming down the pipe, I will tough it out until that point.

    Even a simple, "stay tuned!" would be much appreciated.
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