NC: Impetus vs Shadow

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Orpheus66, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Orpheus66

    Impetus: 3 shot kill @ close range/medium. No accuracy when firing from the hip. In the holy **** moments chances are you will die

    Shadow: Laser attachment gives you a better aim when firing at the hip at the cost of 4 shots to actually kill someone.

    I can't seem to make up my mind and just wondering if anyone who has both weapons has a preference. I feel I can comfortable shot someone twice then wip out my side arm to finish them off when using the Impetus. However, with the shadow when the guy starts moving around I can hip fire till he dies. I know with the Impetus when i begin a fight i will prob get the kill but when i am spotted I will die, however, with the shadow I stand a better chance at surviving.

    AHHH, i cant seem to make up my mind!!!
  2. Snotgurg

    - 12 rounds per mag instead of 10
    - better accuracy while moving in ADS or HIP
    - access to HS/NV and 6x sights
    - higher ROF more suitable for fluid fights without stationary targets
    - better HIP accuracy (but still pretty poor, even with laser)
    - access to compensator for lower recoil
  3. Orpheus66


    The shadow is ******* OP. No regrets getting it.

    Compensator + Laser Sight (actually killed a few people head to head using hip so far) + True Shot = OOOOOPPPPPP
  4. Shuuda

    You've already made your decision, but I'll chime in and say I think you made the right choice. The short-scope semi-auto sniper rifles feel so unwieldy compared to the scout rifle. The short-scope bolt actions at least come with the strength of being one hit on a head shot.

    Plus the scout rifles are cheaper. I think you can get both for the price of the sniper rifle (unless it's changed it's 500 certs)
  5. Orpheus66

    I dont even go for head shots. If the target i am stalking stops for even a second I know I will be able to get 3 rounds into him before he can react.
  6. Orpheus66


    NM. Seems most Vanu run with nanoweave armour. Takes like 5-6shots in CQC to get a kill so forget about these two and stick with a submachine gun. Dont waste your certs/SC
  7. Mrasap

    I dont know about the Shadow for NC, but I know the Nyx for the VS is awesome.

    It takes time figuring out how to play with this rifle. You will loose every 1vs1 stand-off, but it's true power lies in its ability to infiltrate. Stick a silencer on it and nobody will hear you. I camp behind the enemy line using rocks/bushes and pick out enemies that stand still. It takes two headshots on non-NW enemies, which you can pop almost instantly with in ADS with Foregrip. I currently run a 3.4x scope to make it viable up close and in range. Alternatively, you can run up close and pop 2 bodyshots and a quick knife. I can kill enemies in the middle of their territory and their buddies don't even blink when I do so.

    You can't do this with any other rifle ingame.
  8. RockPlanetSide2

    They needed to make the CQC Semi-Auto-Sniper-Rifles have some other unique feature other than just low zoom optics (from the 6x versions).

    The 6x lets you kill just fine on the 99/SPR/Specter and you don't lose bullet velocity as you do on the low zoom versions.

    What really needs to happen is that the KSR/Impetus/Phantom need a much more reduced "bloom" cone, so that when you panic fire as fast as you can while scoped the bullets go where the crosshair is and not just in a random direction.

    That would make them more CQC.


    The Semi-Auto-Scouts work just fine, but they suffer from the same thing all the Infiltrator non-SMG weapons suffer from… they are HORRIBLE versus the most used class in the game… Heavy Assault.

    And the TTK on them is also just average.

    PLUS they make you stand basically still while you kill somebody, and that makes you the number one target target for enemy BASRs… which you will see be a real issue as you grind on the weapon.

    So, at your own risk I guess.


    Semi-Auto Scouts can be justified, but just don't expect to make some awesome rock-hopping video masterpiece montage of death, they take a much more patient calculated approach.
  9. TeknoBug