[NC Helios] - Genocidal Rampage outfit is recruiting

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by iamthechampion, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Gooombay

    I just sent you a request in game, SvenGhalee is my name there.
  2. OurMutualFiend

    Awesome! Much appreciated! will be online in a few hours to accept and get some game in!
  3. HaythamKenway

    IGN: MandaloreDex

    I normally play engineer or combat medic.
  4. Banyan

    Bump. We use mumble now and have a lot of regulars.
  5. DrBashir

  6. Kindachi

    I'm kind of a n00b i started playing several days ago.

    Name: Kindachi
    Rank 10.
    Main: Heavy Assault
    Timezone: PST

    Due to school, I might not be able to join outfit sessions but I'm willing to join as often as I can.
  7. Jokul

    I'd like to join. Mostly active and likes to have fun doing random stuff, but serious most times <.< >.>
    ign: JoXul
  8. Plexs

  9. Halicanth

    I'll take an invite, character name is Rhedalikon.
  10. MultiXGamer1

    I wanna be a part of the freedom fighters but not as a lone wolf. I need a well organised outift. Are you what i have been looking for? ( Ingame name MultiXGamer)
  11. CMurphy3639

    Halicanth and MultiXGamer1, I'll make sure to throw you guys an invite tonight when I'm playing if you're on. Also feel free to register at grcash.enjin.com in the meantime.

    Also if anyone else is interested in joining [CASH] and running with us, feel free to ask any [CASH] members in-game. I will be playing tonight and would be happy to recruit you. Message Spaghet in-game and feel free to register on our website.
  12. CMurphy3639

    Some updated info.

    Genocidal Rampage

    Our Genocidal Rampage forum

    About us
    We are a group of socially active gamers who like to enjoy the game while we kick some serious booty at the same time. We are currently gathering to start running a weekly OP night (Wed 7pm PST) and expand out from there.. Our community currently focuses just on Planetside 2. We're a unique, humors community of star players! If you're new to Helios or considering it, you should know that it is a very Indar-heavy map where there has yet to be a cap of the continent. The Vanu have become heavy because of Tobuscus and his mindless followers, so there's plenty of targets to shoot. CASH, in particular, has often been on the front lines of attempts (and successes) of warpgating TR and VS.

    What do we offer?
    Team play (both casual and serious-mode)
    Communication (we have a private Mumble to avoid in-game VoIP issues)
    Constant objectives (The outfit platoon is often on the front lines and looking for fights)
    24/7 community (We have a lot of quality players, including the top NC player on Helios)

    What we want from you
    Friendly conduct
    Follow orders (even if not on voice, always follow the waypoint)
    Enjoy yourself

    Do not team kill, even if NC players are being ********
    Do not cause drama (this isn't WoW)
    Be able to hear and follow commands

    If you're interested in joining you can post here, message any CASH member in-game, join our open platoon(s) or message me on our website. Thanks! Happy hunting everyone.

    Our Planetside Universe wiki

    Our Genocidal Rampage forum
  13. Suriakk

    Interested in joining as well. In game name is Gauldric. Will start on that server as soon as SoE gives me what I purchased from the store. I want mah damn gun...
  14. ItsDangerous

    Maybe Ill stop declining all your zerg requests (If you have a decent presence in the early morning 4AM-10AM)
  15. MrKitKat

    I would like to join also. IGN is MrKitKat
  16. CMurphy3639

    If you are implying that you're being spammed with invites then I'm sorry. I know I personally only invited you once and that was last night. If that's not what you're implying, I'll tell you we do not zerg and are focused following waypoints as a coordinated group. And I also personally feel that everyone in this game should be in an outfit or the faction is disorganized, hence the invite.

    Kitkat and Suriakk I'll look for you today.
  17. CMurphy3639

    Bump! Always looking for more players!
  18. Waffle Iron

    So, my computer is now fried. :'( Looking to get a new one, but coincidentally I also need to buy a car. So, I may not be on very often (I'll probably just use a friend's computer, like once a week) but I look forward to the ops on Friday!! Love this game, and this outfit is TOPS!!
  19. Garflow

    Bumpedy Bump :) We've switched to teamspeak 3 which is alot easier for running op nights!
  20. gangsta ch1ken

    in game name: Jhalil

    I'm looking for an outfit I can rely on for well-organized assaults, but am not trying to be too hardcore about it. I'm a rank 20 something and I specialize in tank driving, engineer, heavy and scout/long-range sniping.