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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Rayco, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Rayco

    Just wondering what people would suggest as far as purchasing upgrades for the NC medic rifles before i blow 300-500 certs TRYING different attachment combinations on different guns. I'm also split between the default rifle, the GR-22, and the Reaper DMR.

    The reaper DMR is powerful but the recoil is so bad and magnified by a scope that it actually seems useless at long range (what it is suggested for).

    The GR-22 I really like up close, but definitely tough at a distance. Though it's accuracy is very high, has anyone had success with using the GR-22 at a distance?

    The default is well, default. Can't really seem to find too much wrong with it other than it's recoil is still pretty rough and a scope just seems to magnify it and make it worse.

    Finally, The darn things have crazy recoil, does the foregrip help with recoil at all/enough? Are they worth 100 certs?

    Thanks guys,
  2. Sebyos

    I wonder the same thing I play with the Reaper because I get up close often where is still just allright, but it is truly useless at range where my mp11a or something really shines. Problem is it has no power whatsoever so yeah if people upgraded the Reaper with a foregrip I would really like to know to.
  3. VKhaun

    AF-14 torrent has the best TTK across the board at any range by a significant margin. At direct point blank one other AR beats it, but really that's shotgun territory. If you plan to be <10m you shouldn't be holding an AR. lol
  4. SirBurning

    The Default gauss rifle with a Reflex 2x, Compensator and Forgrip is excellent in my hands. I dont like the GR-22 that much, it seems to situational for me.

    I have yet to try the NS-11A. People say its really good.
  5. MrK

    I tried NS11A (which is cross-faction, if you didn't notice ;) so that makes it an average on every aspect), and honestly I'm back to GR-22 big time. I don't think you need much more than GR-22, the situations where a Gauss or DMR is superior are :
    1) not that much
    2) the difference isn't that big anyway at these ranges.
  6. Huacaya

    I moved from the Reaper to the GR-22 not long ago. I much prefer the GR-22, even without any upgrades. I found the reaper to be ok as it felt pretty good when engaging at ranges over 50 meters. But after changing to the GR-22 now I feel dangerous in more situations.

    I also got the foregrip for the GR-22 just as I finished playing. I quickly run some rough tests at the warpgate. As far as I can tell, the foregrip had absolutely no effect at all on the recoil or spread. I'm starting to regret wasting 100 certs on the foregrip for the GR-22. I just didn't see any effect from it at all.
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  7. irishroy

    grip: horizontal
    comp.: vertical
    (i dunno a lot about the guns)
    so maybe this gun has no horizontal recoil?o_O
  8. Rory

    Gauss S, pretty much the same as the default one but you can get soft point ammo, and high velocity ammo, as well as an under rail grenade launcher.
  9. irishroy

    heyho, did i hear nadelauncher?:D
  10. McPinkHammer

    Fun to see that alot have different opinions about each of the guns.

    This my experience:

    Started out with the Gauss, felt ok but had trouble with dealing with the recoil on long distance.

    Bought the Reaper hoping it would give me a bit more punch at distance. It does but the 20 bullet mag just feel too small.

    I now got a full GR-22 with reflex, forward grip and the soft point ammo.

    The forward grips helps alot for the medium range imo, the long long range stuff is just more of a sniper area, although it is effective with some burst control.

    The soft point ammo was a bit of a gamble since i couldnt find much about it, but i can recommend it, makes up for a bit of the punch lacking compared to the reaper. If somebody knows the exact damage increase for the Cert i would really like to know.

    hope this helps a bit with your decision
  11. Larec

    Has anyone every tried the GR-22 with the two (!) laser-pointer upgrades? If so, could I please see a screenshot of the crosshairs?
  12. RedNoak

    soft pint ammo will:
    decrease the dmg for close-range by 5%
    increase it in med-range by 15%
    and decrease it for long-range by 10-12%
  13. Larec

    Out of curiosity: where do you have those numbers from?
  14. RedNoak

    somewhere deeeeeeep in the forums...
    stumbled across these numbers a couple of time, so seems legit

    u could search for yourself...but, beware of awakening the balrog
  15. Nyth_

    Not sure how valid that is, but it's from the damage spreadsheet that is going around:

    I'm inclined to believe what it states is true, and it makes sense.
    Basically your bullets will travel slower, you will do your max damage 50% further out (15m/50ft instead of 10m/33ft); but your minimum damage is lower.
    I did some quick calculations in excel for the GR-22 this would mean that anything below 24.5 meter (= 80 feet) you will do more damage, on ranges beyond that you do less damage. And this is not taking in effect the reduced bullet velocity, but that hardly plays a role at those ranges. So basically this is a great addition for close combat base fighting, but I would drop this one if you go beyond that range (but then maybe you'll want to switch gun to a more range friendly one for the more med-long ranges.
  16. McPinkHammer

    Thnx for the extra information on that Nyth_. After some more time ingame with the soft point ammo these numbers feel right to me.

    I would still recommend it if you fully upgraded the gun, but don't take it before the forward grip or reflex. Those add alot more.

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