NC guide for LMG ( with personnal stats )

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Mordzyloeil, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Mordzyloeil

    reach about 3500 kills with 3 mostly used NC LMG so i thought to give you some feed back. First the stats.

    GAUSS SAW NC6 ( third weapon used )

    kills 1124
    shots fired 34323
    accuracity 26.670%
    play time 17h50

    -aimpoint x2
    -advanced forward grip
    -high velocity rounds
    -vertical compensator muse

    + same accuracity as any other NC LMG
    + more deadly short burst fire ( pack more damage per bullet )
    + more instant damage with more almost dead/dead ennemy after first burst fire
    + more killing power in a single clip ( between 6 to 8 at least - told you, it is deadly )
    + best upgragre/most needed upgrade avaiable
    + once upgraded, you can compete with sniper at long range ( almost ^^ ) with single shot fire
    + give you a single "chance" in CQC to crush TR and VS weapons ... aim well :p
    + slower RoF help a little to control burst fire
    + save credits and/or SC money

    - really long reload time
    - still underpower in CQC unless you crush ennemy with a well aimed burst
    - need to be fully upgraded to become usefull ( forwarad grip and vertical compensator muse indispensable )

    GD-22S ( first weapon used )

    kills 1152
    shots fired 41717
    accuracity 24.592%
    play time 22h03

    -aimpoint x1
    -forward grip
    - that's all :p

    + small price ( credits/SC money )
    + "assault rifle" like LMG with 50 rounds but average reload speed ( but still good )
    + enough ammo to kill 2 or 3 ennemy ( 3 without too much wasted bullets )
    + a little bit easier on CQC thanks to good RoF ( but still overpowered by TR/VS weapons )
    + good accuracity on single fire.
    + cheaper to fully upgrade ( less good modules :p )

    - can t buy the vertical compensator muse + high celocity round upgrade = a little bit less accurate on mid/long range short burst fire
    - lack of ammo capacity both in clip and on the overall ( full 5x50 rounds against 4x100 rounds for the two others )
    - lack the pushing/crushing capacity of the EM6/GAUSS NC6 once you have thrown the situation in your favor ) because of ammo clip size.

    EM6 ( second weapon used )

    kills 1152
    shots fired 41327
    accuracity 26.670%
    play time 20h44

    -aimpoint x2
    - forward grip
    -high velocity rounds
    -vertical compensator muse

    + same accuracity as any other NC LMG
    + well balanced in terms of RoF/damage but still the same recoil feeling as the GAUSS NC6
    + huge clip ( 4x100 bullets ) combine with "good" reload speed ( for a LMG :p )
    + best upgragre/most needed upgrade avaiable

    - cost crédits/SC money
    - still overpowered in CQC/short range by TR/VS weapons despite the improvement of the RoF.
    - a little bit less puch on mid/long range and in clip killing/pushing capacity

    In my opinion, if you can t handle the GAUSS NC6, don t except to do any better with the EM6. The EM6 is still overpowered by the TR/VS weapons at CQC range and it will slightly decrease your damage capacity at med/long range in which NC are best used.

    Maybe the GD-22S will give you some opportunity and allow you to change your game style a little but it will lack some serious upgrade module to become a most wanted killing machine but it will do well the job without )

    The GAUSS SAW NC6 was a really good surprise after skipping it. I found the same feeling than the EM6 with MUCH more stopping power and killing potential per round. In CQC it is the only weapon that made me feel to have a chance ( sometimes ) with a good and punishing aiming. But still, keep in mind that CQC is your real weakness and TR/VS are still far better than you at this range.
  2. Blanchy

    Thanks, some good info here.
  3. aedn

    Major problem is that CQC and short range is the majority of all fights currently in PS2 due to a variety of factors. Outside of a few bases which are designed around mid to long range encounters, most everything is about being at close range, either as a defender or attacker.
  4. CheaterBuster

    Good info.

    Get a Piston if you know you're going to be doing CQC - SAW for everything else. Carry a Rebel at all times, and you'll always have that to fall back on.
  5. Messaiga

    I do really well with either my EM6 or GD22S depending on the range, heck even the NC6 with reflex, compensator, and advanced foregrip is pretty good, especially if you aim for the head. It is all a matter of learning the recoil pattern of your gun, rolling the mouse down to keep it in check, and getting the shots on your enemy that count. Just aim down sight whenever you can and with any NC lmg you will do pretty good, except in those situations where the enemy is like "Imma fly over your head and shoot you with my shotgun".
  6. Lawman

    I second this advice. I recently starting using a Piston for CQC and find it much better than the LMGs. I've also gotten more than a few kills with my Rebel after emptying the Piston and not being able to reload.

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