NC, Gauss - S + Soft Point ?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RooX, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. RooX

    Hello guys, at first, sorry about my bad english...

    im here to ask about the gauss-s + soft point combo, the soft point description say the damage will be improved but the bullet will travel slower, but how mutch the damage will be improved??? it will be a high damage like the AC-X11 ???

    i was planing to play as a LA with the Gauss-S + soft point + 6x scoop + laser sight.. so i guess i can be efect at any range, laser sight for closed ranged and 6x or 4x for meduim-long....

    if any one has any sugestion about wepons and combos for LA i iwl lapreciate =]. thx
  2. Iskall

    I took the soft point but didnt like it one bit. I performed better with normal ammo. To be honest, if it were'nt for the rail attachment options for the Gauss-S I'd still be on he Merc. Oh, and 2x Reflex is working wonders for me.

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