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  1. Weavers73

    Hey Rookie!

    Have you ever felt the urge to spearhead a seemingly desperate charge on a heavily fortified enemy position? Contemplated about suicide bombing a sunderer position that spawns endless hordes of baddies? Did you ever crash your reaver into a galaxy carrying critical last minute reinforcements for the enemy faction? Wait, what do you mean by “HELL NO” you insolent half-bred son of a rebel?!

    We are Formido (FRMD), a proud outfit fighting for the New Conglomerate on the Miller Server with a long history of war and struggle. We're mainly focused on being a quick response infantry platoon, though we pull any vehicle when we see a good opportunity for it (ever heard of the flash charge? They never see it coming!).

    In Formido we believe that sometimes to win you have to make a sacrifice, and if one planetman’s life is not enough, we are more than happy to keep piling our dead carcasses until the enemy runs out of nanites to make bullets. If it can be charged at, we charge it and tear it to pieces with everything we’ve got. However, if we are bored of being the glorious vanguard for the New Conglomerate (which is just a fancy term for being the meat shield for those blueberry cowards) we can get oh so tactical and try something like playing in Server and Lane Smashes.

    So, if you feel lonely going for the “A” point when others chill in the spawn room, if you want to be farmed on your own terms, or if you’ve always dreamt of being a part of the fierce and glorious pack of poodles (our in-game tag is a War Poodle) then why not join us - the poodle is a proud and mighty animal!) - JOIN US!

    And honestly, for a motley crew of suicidal mass murderers we are actually quite a friendly bunch. Here, check out what we have for our rules of conduct:

    1. Naturally: no cheating, hacking or exploiting. No exceptions.
    2. Don't teamkill useful (definition may vary) people and vehicles.
    3. Treat others as they deserve to be treated.
    4. Don't be a dick - unless there is a reason for it.
    5. Don't be stupid (Obviously, duh!).
    6. Invest in a headset, not essential but it does help.
    7. (When in doubt) Charge!
    To enlist, find us in game or use our Website (www.formido.net) or Discord (https://discord.gg/7vYjbzd). We have a very active Discord channel :)

    Want to try our playstyle out before you sign your life away for slaughter? We run public platoons most evenings 7pm GMT / 8pm CEST, usually led by one of our leaders. Sometimes we even have Drunk Ops, they never end well but are mighty hilarious!

    Check out our new Outfit Tribute...

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  2. Weavers73

    Hey Rookie

    If joining a cool bunch of Poodles wasn't enough incentive, we have our own clothing range too! So you can look cool in real life as well as in game!

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  3. Weavers73

    Poodle Power Bump!
  4. Weavers73

    Formido took part in the NC vs TR Faction Smash on the 23/04/17. Although we are a casual outfit at our core we do have a strong group of competitive players participating in such events. If you would like to hang out with us for the evening let me know!

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  5. Weavers73

    Check your fire!
  6. Weavers73

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  7. Weavers73

    Listen to our Rap 2.0 in true rap battle style :)

    We are still recruiting! See you all on the battlefield.
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  8. Weavers73

    Why are you runn'in?

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  9. Weavers73

    Check out our new outfit tribute

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  10. k9delta

    Yeah, Formido is the best outfit I had the pleasure to fight with.
    Crazy people! With a lot of fun and tactic in the bag.
    Cheers by RicercAboca :D
  11. pvppro

    iam so hapy iswa old outfit keep in game :)
  12. Weavers73

    FRMD will have been running 7 years on 20th November 2019, stronger than ever too!
  13. Weavers73

    Our First Bastion!

  14. Weavers73

    If you're interested in competitive play once in a while, we recently entered the 2020 Lane Smash Tournament.
    We trained hard, 5 times a week for over 6 weeks!! Our lane smash team was a combination of Miller outfits.
    Here's our first PTSD match!

  15. Weavers73

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