[NC] Fight Club Recruitment Spam

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Neonin, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Zhakathoom

    I can't seem to find your outfit in the outfit browser.. :(

    - Z
  2. Lardman

    ugh yeah I suppose you have to be clever to add that..........
  3. Kirbs

    A welcome to any woodman players who happens to come this way :)
  4. ilesley

    Hi Woodman players, If you want to join on the infamous Pint Night, join FC on a Monday night, let the pints and frolicking begin :)
  5. Lardman

    rise, oh mighty spam
  6. TheRighteous

    Roll up roll up, free certs in repairing FC maxes
  7. Lardman

  8. MrLizard

    What is the procedure for applying to join this illustrious crew, and do I have to be drunk first?
  9. Lardman

  10. TheRighteous

    Jobs a good-un
  11. Lardman

  12. TheRighteous

  13. Kirbs

    Started a new job this week, back to the days of being a weekend warrior. Fkin' sucks.
  14. TheRighteous

  15. Lardman

  16. Chromedome

    Join us...... you know you want to
  17. rogers1701

  18. Chromedome

    join us, join us, join us...... trust me, its sub-lemon-al

  19. Chromedome

    Anyone able to log into this game?
  20. Lardman

    because you can't ? isn't that because that guy stole your PC and has been logging in as you ?