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  1. Reavx

    Every other Rifle has its own thread or many lets talk specific discussion about this here.

    Name- Please improve maybe take some suggestions from the community, NC21-Railgun hah, or something.

    Bolt action mode- Love it, faster firing is a straight upgrade on the Longshot.

    Shotgun mode- Not my or apparently many others cup of tea.

    I like the idea of trying to make the rifle a hybrid of close and long range but for me it could have been done better.

    Instead of shot gun make it have one unique feature that all other BASR's don't, a really tight hipfire cone.
    Making this rifle the king of noscoping.
    It will still just one hit with the head shot and not with a body shot so damage wise nothing changes too much.

    Just my opinion it's maybe funny to write comics about it and stuff but the fact is NC- [IMG]

    We really DON'T want another bloody shotgun.
    Otherwise keep it up, I love the Railgun and for sure will get it even with the gimicky shotgun.
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  2. Qel


    Railgun - Yes! <--- more please
    Shotgun - NO! <---- less please
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  3. Doomzzg

    oh no the reddit babies are crying
  4. Nephi1im

    I agree mostly. I am actually kind of sad that they changed the iteration of the gun that was the normal mode and an AP mode. The shotgun part can't be as good or better than a pistol, and currently there is no utility to replace the pistol, so why ever use the shotgun over your sidearm? If it goes live similar to how it is on test it will just be a humiliation/novelty thing that people only use for fun.

    I am glad they made the BASR part pretty much as good as a longshot though. I was really worried theyw ere going to make it like a T1 sniper with a **** shotgun that I couldn't force myself to buy. If it maintains its longshotness I'll get it just to have something to auraxium. I REALLY wish it had just been a secondary 5-7 shot max killer. I'm not even sure it would be that usable, but it would make maxes think twice about ramboing and would get vastly more use than the shotgun will from me.
  5. Nephi1im

    I don't really think he was crying. This is the discussion forum for the test server..... Funny thing is, I actually play NC in PS2 because I played TR in PS1 and was so envious of the jackhammer. I love shotguns, but I agree that strapping it onto a gun that 1 hit kills from 300m away seems wonky.
  6. gnometheft

    Forcing a Shotgun on a sniper is going to make the hybrid extremely lackluster. Ive made another thread on it in the test server discussion.

    The NC does not want to be forced with another shotgun devs. Give us a real railgun.
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  7. DeadliestMoon

    Okay, why do people keep saying this? What exactly do people classify as a "real railgun"?
  8. gnometheft

    Im sure it's majorly ambiguous across NC players, but it's definitely NOT a worse-than-default sniper with an underbarrel shotgun.

    When I think of railgun I think of either high velocity or damage coupled with long chamber time, and low ammo per mag or even reloading after every shot. A slow firing, but hard hitting or/and fast velocity rail gun of freedom.

    The graphics of the thing, and even the shots look bad ***.
  9. Nephi1im

    Couple of problems here.

    First, more damage: They aren't going to give anyone, much less only one empire, a 1 hit body shot rifle. So, at best you'd get maybe a 90% kill rifle. This isn't bad, but I still don't see it being used over a longshot since most sniper targets are full health when they get hit. Chances are they'd offset it with some crazy chamber time, or make it single shot with a 5 second reload, which would make it useless.

    Second, high velocity: The longshot with 6x scope is .75-1 mildot drop at 300 meters. Unless they make the render distance longer, more velocity is going to make little difference. As it stands, any faster and we have no bullet drop, which isn't an NC trait. Again, they would offset it by gimping some other part of the gun, which would make it useless.

    I honestly think they are going in the right direction with these new ES rifles. The T3 for all empires are as good as they can be without being cheese. The only other option is to make new rifles do something that the current T3 can't do. I'm not saying I'm in love with the shotgun, charge up, and whatnot, but that sort of thing is the only legitimate option. I'd still like to see a secondary AP mode rifle that can do like 5-7 shot max kills and I wish that's where they'd gone with the NC gun.
  10. gnometheft

    I agree, No OHK body shots, that's too OP. I would feel like 80-90% kill rifle in exchange for longer chamber/reload time would totally fit NC. If an infantry gets hit by one he is forced to find a medic/medkit or enter the fight with much less health. It would still give the longshot an edge because of the reason you mentioned, but still offer a different kind of sniping. This may not be the best option however.

    You make a good point about high velocity, I still feel like they could make it a little faster, but you are right the other parts of the weapon would be gimped.

    What I totally disagree with is that an under barrel shotgun is the ONLY thing they can do to give NC variance in a rifle. There is totally a way to use the high damage trait as either a semi/bolt or bolt action rifle. The devs should not just throw a shotgun on a sniper because that introduces a lot of problems and conflicts with the close quarters capabilities of pistols.

    The design feels lazy, the actual shotgun drastically underperforms, and it feels incredibly lame when the devs said they would give us a railgun, they gave us a shotgun instead.
  11. Tenebrae Aeterna

    As someone else already pointed out...

    Extremely high bullet velocity coupled with great accuracy and extreme damage, but with a very low rate of fire due to the charge mechanic. Basically speaking, an actual railgun would have a mechanic similar to the Shade...where you charge the weapon and then the projectile fires. The Shade is more of a railgun than the New Conglomerate right now...but the New Conglomerate's rifle looks much more like one than ours.

    Anyway, the New Conglomerate's rifle should be called the Ragnarok after the Norse apocalypse. Good solid name right there.
  12. gnometheft

    I would love a charge mechanic like VS, but i also dont want to take away that uniqueness!
    Maybe force it to charge up before it can fire for a small distinction.
    Maybe something like a longshot with extra damage, but an overheat mechanic and lessammo per mag?
  13. DeadliestMoon

    So according to you, railgun = charge up mechanic.
  14. Tenebrae Aeterna


    According to science, a railgun equates to a charge up mechanic...

    Basically, they are charged up and then annihilate anything in their way. Perhaps there's a way to convert the Ragnarok into a railgun that didn't actually function exactly like the Shade.

    I'm going to call it the Ragnarok from now on. You can't stop me.
  15. Gorganov

    I was hoping for something similar to the Halo 4 railgun, that had to be charged to shoot, and only had one shot. It was a one shot kill with a direct shot, and even did some damage with a near miss. and it did splash damage ...

    Yea it's OP but something that works like that railgun would be a fun addition to the game.
  16. Nephi1im

    I wasn't trying to imply that a shotgun was the only option. I was trying to say that making a better, faster, harder hitting sniper isn't where it should go because we've pretty much got the best they can be without 1 hit body shot or no bullet drop. As such, the only option is to make it do something in addition to what snipers currently do, be it a shotgun, an AP mode, a charge up, etc. I think they understand that judging by these guns. I don't think it's quite right yet, but at least we seem to be on the same page.

    This honestly is the case for every weapon class. We have fast, slow, high damage, low damage, etc for everything. They are going to have to start introducing some maelstrom/radiator/that crazy disco ball pistol thing to really make anything different enough to get people with a couple of guns from each class to buy them. The new SMG is a good example of something that just doesn't have a home because it doesn't do anything the current SMGs don't do.
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  17. JesNC

    I like this particular shotgun.
  18. DeadliestMoon

    It's not going to catch on, so I don't need to try to stop you. But anyway, if VS doesn't want a charge up mechanic, why would NC? Maybe there's a misconception where they think it'll be a OHK anywhere.
  19. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I wasn't implying that the New Conglomerate get such a feature, I was simply pointing out that the Vanu Sovereignty currently have the closest thing to a railgun. The VS are actually pretty pleased with our rifle, needs some tweaks...but it's actually working better than we thought it would.
  20. Torok

    Highest projectile speed possible ingame, atleast 800ms, cooling animation and delay between each shot as the heat builded after a gauss weapon shooting is insanely high, big ammo capacity as a railgun fires inert rounds as there is no gun powder.

    The current Railgun on PTS has a SICKLOOKING model that isn't even remotely matched by it's stat.

    The ****gun part is a scam and something to be ashamed of altogether..
    I Really hope they can save the dignity and potential of this gun in being the deadliest of all single shots BASR ingame ever.
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