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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Ultimatnoob, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Ultimatnoob

    I've been saving up my certs, but I am not really sure which weapon for my engy I should buy.
    I usually end up in close-mid range fights, I tried the GD-7F and really liked it, but it is really expensive, and i run through mags really fast with it.

    Anyone actually have it and think its worth it, or should I spend my certs elsewhere, like on vehicle upgrades first?
  2. Shuzzaka

    Guass Compact S. Balanced weapon with good handling and the most options for attachments.
  3. VKhaun

    Shotguns are a fantastic buy. You can use them on every class except the infiltrator, and slug ammo makes them into scout/battle rifle style weapons with ABSURD range. I recommend the 6rnd clip shotgun with the higher rate of fire. Hit 'b' and go to semi-auto when using slugs. Get extended mag before slugs or a sight though.
  4. Vetala

    I've got the GD-7F and I love it for close combat, it's the only close range weapon I seem to have any luck with, But my personal favourite is the rifle.With that I can just hold back abit,find I nice spot and with a 6x scope pick off enemy after enemy including snipers. Personally tried the shotguns in beta but couldn't get on with them.
  5. Riftmaster

    I got myself the Warden BR...

    Put a 3.4 scope on it, forward grip...I've been focused on certs for my Reaver recently, so haven't done much more to it...

    But I can hipfire that thing to fairly good effect, I can counter snipers if I aim high enough, etc.

    Fairly versitile.
  6. Bubblewrap2

    Piston with Extended Ammo.
  7. echof0xtrot

    GD-F7 all the way. absolutely shreds in close quarters. even when I get surprised by heavies, I can whirl around and kill them, even with their shield up. and with controlled bursts, it can do well at medium range too. 1x sight, and the foregrip works wonders too, totally steady during sustained fire.

    I highly recommend it.
  8. Tvayumat

    Gauss Compact S w/ compensator, 2x reflex sight and underslung grenade launcher.

    Good weapon with a few fire modes and plenty of utilities. Being able to lob a few extra grenades is nice in a pinch.
  9. Chrispychrisp

    I think that the engineer should have assult rifles not the medic!
  10. warmachine1

    Shotguns are great investment, cause u can use them on 3 other clases