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  1. KraggTheGrim

    Is the Compact S with under slung grenade launcher worth getting? or Should i get the other one (forget the name at the moment)

    I'm usually handing out ammo to everyone, and repairing maxes, but when a enemy MAX or HA shows up my Compact Burst just doesn't pack enough punch.
  2. Dakkaface

    Compact S is the best all-round weapon available to NC Engineers. Good damage, good RoF, access to all attachments. Grenade launcher is good, but rather buggy at the moment. I have a friend who's been using the smoke grenade launcher - that does a surprising amount of single target damage to infantry.

    For dealing with MAXes, the Warden has served me well thus far, though throwing down C4 or an AI mine is also good.
  3. Monnor

    Its almost the same like the default gun, fires a little slower, but get more gimicks.
  4. Athanasius

    I love my Gauss Compact S, but might see about trialling the GD-7F sometime to see if the higher RoF and better accuracy work well. The GD-7F has many fewer modding options though (which is why I unlocked Gauss Compact S, as it almost has them all, so I could try out before deciding on any other weapons for Engineer or other classes).
  5. Ryekir

    The Gauss Compact S is definitely the most versatile weapon, since it has virtually every attachment and mod available for it, and it doesn't really excel in any one area in it's stock configuration. The underbarrel grenade launcher is quite nice (and loads of fun as an engineer), but it's currently very buggy so I have stopped using it in favor of the Razor GD-23 as my primary weapon.

    The GD-7F is a close-quarters beast because of the high rate of fire (highest of any NC weapon in the game), and I used to use it a lot, but the Razor GD-23 seems to fit my style a little better.
  6. nubery

  7. Ryekir

  8. Rusky

    I've grown rather fond of my AC-X11 actually. Takes a LOT of getting used to and only really shines after you get the compensator/high velocity bullets/forward grips but it's a killer if you can get it on target, and as an added bonus you can easily snipe at 100m+ with it too if you switch it to semi-auto.
    Does a ton of damage if you can get all your bullets in, but is not that amazing in CQC spray and pray situations since it's got a lower capacity mag and lower ROF.
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  9. Flipsod

    I have 2 main loadouts :
    Compact S with under-barrel grenades softpoint ammo and a bouncing betty.
    Warden with laser attatchment and the extra ammo pack.
    they both are good. the Warden is more of a mid-long range gun the laser is for when you need to hipfire at short range. Compact S w/ grenade launcher is great short/mid range with ammo boost but the grenades do less damage than I first expected, go for direct hits!
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    The -S stats are a little worse, and for shooting folks it feals a lot worse to me, however the underbarrel nade launcher MORE than makes up for it. I hear good things about the smoke grenade launcher with the nightvision scope too.
  11. Raital

    The AC-X11 is great for taking on enemy MAXs at range, as it's basically the NC Gauss SAW with 20 rounds and a much faster reload. The high base damage cuts through their paltry small arms mitigation nicely. If you plant headshots on them, even better. It can benefit from high velocity ammo, compensator, and advanced foregrip. If you plan on taking on MAXs in CQC though, you're going to want the piston, an auto shotgun, and get the extended clip. 10 shotgun shells to the face should (hopefully) take down a MAX before he takes you down if you're lucky.

    I personally opt against the Gauss Compact S at the moment, as the underslung grenade launcher is less than inspiring, and suffers from a previous nerf to explosives that lets infantry easily rank their flak armor up to mitigate 40% of explosion damage (50% at max flak armor), rendering its explosions near worthless (can even survive an AP mine if you're at full health with that mitigation). Add to that it's bugged and sometimes simply doesn't work, and you end up with an unreliable weapon that will screw you over if your enemy has invested into flak armor.

    The GD-7F is an excellent hipfire SMG-like Carbine that, with careful bursting and the advanced laser sight, can land kills even into the medium range, and has a low TTK compared to other weapons. However, if you're not bursting or full autoing with it, say, if you're sniping, you'd be better off with a different gun as it's built toward hipfire and not ADS.

    You need to ask yourself some questions and do some research. Do you like fighting at range, or do you like fighting CQC? Do you want to kit yourself to take down MAXs or infantry? Do you ADS, or do you prefer hipfire? Do you like to make every shot count, or do you prefer to spray your gun in the enemy's direction and hope he falls? Answering these questions yourself will help determine not only what weapon is best for you, but what kind of player you are. Once you find your preferred style and preferred rules of engagement, and pick the equipment that complements it, you will find you spend less time fighting your equipment and more time fighting the enemy.
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  12. Uzii

    That's the best summary of the AC-X11. Hit the nail on the head. It takes a long time to get used to, but for anything but point blank range, this gun, when used well, is deadly. Use it as a semi auto weapon (single clicks, never hold down the trigger unless you are point blank) and the sheer damage you can put out is amazing. Providing I hit my target first in an engagement, 99 times out of 100, they die. If they hit you first, the screen shake can mess up your aim, and so cause you to miss some shots, it'll probably end up 50/50 whether you come out of that engagement alive.

    Edit: But for versatility, yeh, I've heard good things about the Compact S.
  13. Dixa

    the ac-x11 is superior to the battle rifles and i wish i could get it on my vs and tr engineers. it's unique to NC and imo their best overall carbine.
  14. HeadshotVictim

    AC-X11, Advanced Grip, HV Ammo, Compensator
    Turret for Cover, Ammo Pack
    I really like this combo
  15. Bill Hicks

    gd-7f is actually is good at long range. It has a very accurate burst. The trick is to watch that reload and be ready with your pistol
  16. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I bought the compact S with a recommendation from a friend, ****** it out, then trialed the GD-7F.... bought it instantly and it's my favorite gun in the game.
  17. Armchair

    From what I've gathered, players prefer the following carbines depending on their playstyle.

    Compact S for the 'tube.
    GD-7F for those who like high ROF weapons.
    ACX-11 for those who like precision shot placement.
  18. Ghoest

    The GD-7F aimed with the for grip is is the best gun out ~20 or 30 meter in my experience. Its surprisingly accurate and the DPS is great. thats the range you probably make most kills. 10-15 shot bursts work well.

    For zapping people farther away I think the Razor is best with the advanced forgrip and compensator but regular ammo.

    And of course the AC-X11 worst at everything except single shot sniping. But even being worst is still quite viable in the normal 5-35 meter range.
  19. hardes13

    The Gauss Compact S is a awesome weapon. Perhaps the performance is not optimized, but it´s a lot of fun. Close combat is a little bit difficult, medium range is realy nice.
    Smoke with nightvision is awesome, the grenate launcher is sweet the shotgun is a one shot kill when next to the enemy.
    the weapon changing take a little bit too long.
    It´s realy fun because you can do a lot of stuff... I love for exampe to smoke in a enemy holdout, to force our troops to engage instead of just staying off and sniping at each other.
    The GD-7F is a killerweapon. when it gets mean and dirty. So for Rambostyle engies thats the right weapon. lacks magazine size, but compensates that with the fast reload.
  20. Uzii

    I strongly disagree with you there. Although it's not great at point blank engagements, at almost any other range I personally am deadly with it. But it does take a long, long time to get used to. I have close to 3000 kills with it, and it was only after I hit 2000 that I felt I had "mastered" it. It's all about rapid controlled single shots, not bursting or full auto.