Nc Engineer loadouts implants vs sweaty heavy assaults.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Commandoo, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Commandoo

    So I’m an engi main on nc, I’m asp level 96, I’ve been using engi because I just love it, but it’s hard vs sweaty heavy assaults.

    I’ve been using bionics and Symbiote but I find it totally useless because when a medic gets me up I die right off the bat. I love using them both but can’t find a time to use them? Or a place? Thoughts?

    My other loadout uses regeneration implant And Symbiote? I want to have At least some % to people using basic guns and go anti troop that doesn’t involve me slapping down turrets 24/7 so is this good or bad or? For implants? Regen? Symbiote? Better than bionics and Symbiote?

    I have the LMG for engineer but that too I can’t really find a use. I come across every sweaty heavy known to man and get owned. I’ve been keeping my distance and have 2k kills with the promise, it’s a great fun but everything else seems to be meh because they are not cut out for engineer, I was going to swap out my ASP but at 5k it isn’t cheap, the promise is great and that’s literally the only reason I keep.

    I play on Ceres server and it’s 24/7 heavy assaults and I find it hard to actually get kills unlike other servers where people seem to get good farm. I’ve been practicIng headshots But it’s rough.

    What are you’re good loadouts? I run away from most if not all heavys but find myself running around the map now because I can’t kill him or him or him
  2. Badman76

    Should have gone for the the AR on the engineer, it has a way better ttk then the lmg's, HA only make them work because they have more health.

    I've just started playing again on cere's, and trying to complete the engineer directive, although i've build my build around team support and the mana turret.

    As a heavy main, i never saw engineers as a threat tbh unless near a vehicle
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  3. Goodkat

    My ASP on engineer is assault rifle for primary and shotgun for secondary. You won't be able to take a heavy of equal skill in a straight up brawl. You will either need to out range him outdoors with the AR or if you are indoors, lead him around a corner and then shotty BLAM BLAM <quick knife>. Shotgun secondary for engineer is just super fantastic. For implants go survivalist. It works very well with engineer playstyle of burst engagements and very fast recovery.
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  4. brutes359

    Hmm...who would have though class the focus's on utility and maintenance would under-perform in a straight up slug-fest with a class that specializes in front-line combat and vehicle hunting....

    Though in the spirit of being helpful i would suggest a mobility build. (sidewinder or survivalist with athlete) and a meta carbine. GD-7F, Serpent VE-92, Kindred or whatever TR's meta carbine is these days. those typically will allow you to win close quarters engagements with heavy's more reliably. but at the end of the day it is wise to remember you are playing a support role. not a front liner. if heavy's are giving you trouble. Buddy up with a MAX. or grab a vehicle. or just place mines everywhere. the point of the engineer isn't just to win combat with the enemy with a gun. but with your head as well.
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  5. KhlorosTesero

    Let me tell you about the chad engineer class and how to become the most powerful alpha of the battle field.
    First of all your ASP Skills. Secondary shot gun, LMG primary, and EMP Because you dont give a fly F*&k
    Implants: Bionics, and survivalist.
    Wombo combed with the advanced shield charge and your able to get your shield back in half the time it takes others to even start their shield generation.
    You then become the absolute chad master of peekaboo i kill you, toss in a emp grendae and roll in with a LMG duck behind cover whne your shield is low, and switch to the shot gun, you will have full shields before theirs is even recharging.
  6. KhlorosTesero

    Also let me tell you about the equally glorious chad engineer build, the MANA JAMMA TURRET BUILD
    Step 1: Equip advanced shield caps for that fast recharge
    Step 2: Max out robo tech
    Step 3: Level 4 jockey
    Step 4: dab on haters
    Step 5: take the equipment that reduces grenade damage, and take a nama turret
    Step 6:Find your pill box. atop stairs where you can see your entrences, over looking kill zones. or at the end of bridges
    Step 7: Become the unbreakable bulwark that holds of entire squads like its nothing while crushing a curl work out set inbetween as you flex on nerds.

    Your shields are some throbbingly hard and powerful, that those weak virgin vanu laser beams just bonce off you like nothing. Why you can even take a bolt driver round point blank to the face, chew it up and spit it back out at them like its nothing.

    A group of nerds start to gang up on you? No big deal just do a power squat, point your turret at the sky to pay respects to the sun, and enjoy your super fast shield recharge to continue the carnage.
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  7. Lausk

    I think that argument is more a testament to how engineer doesn't have a place in the current infantry meta. Medic is a support class too yet it can very easily stand toe to toe with heavy assaults with its ability to regain HP mid-fight and having access to assault rifles which are very strong against heavy assault. Carapace/Symbiote while jamming down a resto kit or just pressing F gives you lots of extra effective HP. Medic can at least pursue that option. Engineer does not have a combat-focused implant build.

    If Heavy Assault is so great at front-line combat, engineer should be able to fit into the back-line niche with more defensive skills that an HA will need to break through, instead of just straight bulldozing the class through unwinnable situations.

    The two classes cannot avoid an inevitable 1v1 encounter when weaving through a base. I think it's really shortsighted to blame the player for picking engineer when they lack the extra sensory perception required to win such an encounter despite the myriad of loadout options available.

    The two builds posted above are... gimmicky. It's like getting killstreaks off of proxy mines. You know those kills are legit, but are they satisfying? No.

    Would really like to see the engie-specific implant suite get improvements and playstyle variabilities.
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  8. brutes359

    If your NC run a GD-7F, If your VS run a Serpent VE-92. If your TR, support TR MAXs and try to avoid direct combat, and remember that Heavy LMGs are generally worse at hip-fire then you are. Outmaneuver them and use that tight spread to mow them down.
  9. Lee Weldon

    I don't like GD-7F on engi especially because it's not really a gap closing class, if you play around your turret you're able to take on any infantry from mid-range especially if you are expecting to be engaged from a doorway. I don't think the auto-turret engages from super far distances either though making it not particularly versatile, great for bio lab though. I don't really know what gun I'd go for, I just know the mercenary has worked particularly well for me, though at saying that I think there might be better options. I don't love your implant choices either. As for LMG, I think it would be trash on engi, carbines and AR are pretty comparable, I use medic a lot so I notice how the guns I use are very low recoil and quite accurate.
  10. Soul_Shinobi

    On VS the Horizon with capsulate ammo is violently fast, using it on my engi was the first time I realized how the class could dominate.
  11. KhlorosTesero