NC decoy flare price

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Metsuro, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Metsuro

    When will the NC decoy flares be brought down to the correct cert prices? TS and VS have them at 100,200,400,1000 where as the NC get them at 100,500,1000,1000
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  2. Piepants

    Well that's messed up....
  3. Monnor

    really ? wtf i mean i know the price, but didnt know those others get it almost for free...
  4. Metsuro

    Whats really crappy is that TS and VS get to use these more often to avoid A2A while NC just get to take rockets up the backside.
  5. SavageSage

    I wondered why I have to switch out to fly swatting gear every single time we take a TR base, but I rarely see reavers on the prowl. Figured it was a player/server thing.... Guess now it makes more sense.

    I hate mosquito swarms, don't get me wrong, but damn, that should have been fixed when they buffed the G2A rockets. One more reason I'm proud to be a member of Barney's Purple Dinosaur Zerg Squad! :p
  6. Keelin

    I thought you must've made a mistake.
    So i checked. Then i doublechecked and triplechecked.
    You are right. What in the **** is this crap.

    At first i dismissed people saying that the Devs don't give a crap about the NC.
    Then the new guns came out and the NC one was the only broken one.
    And now this. It's like they don't test anything NC.
  7. Metsuro

    We are NC, we test our new tech on the field. Ripped from a mining operation? No problem, add rockets to it and give it to Corporal Dude there. He'll report back with any issues.
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  8. Keelin

    Well what can i say; that post alone was enough to calm me down.
    Still disappointed though :(
  9. Metsuro

    Ya, but this needs to be hotfixed. The fact it wasn't done in the game update #1 is saying something here.
  10. Hashi

    LOL. God we should just take all the devs and throw them off the same imbalance cliff they push us towards :p
  11. Keelin

    It's indeed quite alarming.
    Unfortunately this will probably get buried under all those other arguably less important posts.

    They really need to get their **** together ASAP.
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  12. iodine

    [Obligatory "omg NC crybabies always whining **** and l2p, your certs are worth 50% more than a TR/VS cert" post]
  13. Metsuro

    [Required you just won 10 internets post]
  14. Vorenius

    Wow, that's terrible, I don't pilot, but the NC need effective air as much as the next empire.
  15. Hashi

    I'd like to keep this alive so that they realise this.
  16. Hitomo

  17. RavenGenesis

    NC reavers are made to be fat clay targets

    don't even try to flare, just stay still in the air and get blown to bits..
  18. StormChazer

    Stop whining! The prices are obviously balanced, just like the infantry weapons between the factions.
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  19. Metsuro

    Not sure if serious... or serious troll.
  20. Hellkyte

    I don't buy 99% of the "this or that is OP" threads, but there really is no reason for this (assuming the timers/level are the same.)