[NC] Deathwatch Marines [DTWM]

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  1. Magistralius

    Outfit name: [DTWM] Deathwatch Marines
    Server: Miller
    Faction: New Conglomerate
    Time Zones: CE(S)T
    Specialisation: Competitive Combined arms
    Website: https://joindtwm.net/
    VOIP: https://joindtwm.net/discord
    Contacts: @ [DTWM] benmitchellmtbV5#0972 ; @ Magistralius#8884
    DTWM is a rising midfit focusing on combined arms. We take in anyone of any skill level and we will train them in air, armour, infantry, and even leading.

    What can we do for you?
    - Ops 3 times a week. 2 of which are co-ops with other outfits
    - Weekly trainings in air, armour, and infantry
    - Extra trainings including: underpop infantry point holds, squad leading, and open leading
    - We play casually in voice comms together
    - Jaeger access
    - Matchmaking for both live and Jaeger play
    - Our decision-making process is democratic without wasting your time on minor issues
    - Ocaisional outfit vs outfit scrims
    - Teams for scrims and other Jaeger events
    (such as lanesmashes and community smashes)
    are typically sign-ups so anyone can join
    - An active Discord server where you can network with people in and out of the outfit, as well as ****-post in our not-safe-for-life channel
    - We will mentor those who want to become leaders or mentors

    What do we expect of you?
    We expect that you come to at least 3 ops per month, and that you have a will to improve

    P.S: you're welcome to join our Discord as a friend