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  1. NC_agent00kevin

    All you have to do is be able to hear what we are doing. Most of our communication is on TS3; and I rarely ever turn on in game voice.
  2. NC_agent00kevin

    Been with these guys for quite a few weeks now. I thoroughly enjoy my time with LEGN. We have srs bsns time and there are times when we are able to roam freely and do as we choose. Pretty much the perfect outfit for me. I tend to prefer heavy teamwork and coordination, but there are always times when you just wanna blow off some steam, or go Rambo and solo a base or just cause problems behind enemy lines.
  3. Blackweb

    LEGN is a good group, I highly recommend them :)
  4. DLJord

    Looking forward to fighting on Waterson!
  5. RedbuD8

    Dl is a great group...love the teamwork...we have a blast on ts
  6. o0Eeyore0o

    Sunderer? We don't need no stinking sunderer. Don't die, no need to respawn.
  7. JibbaJabba

    I've been a member now since shortly after launch. They have a multigame history going back like a decade but I only joined when TS2 released.

    I couldn't be happier with the outfit. Mature, respectful and fun players. The teamwork is great. The leaders are competent and not ****** (can't stand that in the huge outfits). Most guys tend to be higher BR but they are patient and helpful with newer players.

    Most of all I dig how we can show up to some massive battle that is stuck in a stalemate and with some tight coordination and execution, flip the battle. Man that is so satisfying.
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  8. Haskaal

    bump. Our doors are always open for anyone looking for community.
  9. Dagonlives


    Join LEGN if you want to be a blue nambly pambly rebel scum that has fun pissing off TR, and gets certs at the same time.
  10. Haskaal

    Bump. For those who have any questions about anything, even about hair follicles, ask them or private message me.
  11. Haskaal

  12. Haskaal

  13. doombro

    How has LEGN held up since the merge?

    I've been seeing your tags less and less. It's starting to get sad seeing nobody but DVS.
  14. o0Eeyore0o

    There's been a lot of...pruning. Our activity isn't what it was, but we still have a solid core capable of running a half platoon during peak.

    Appropriately I should say that we are currently recruiting willing and able, mature players. Skill level isn't important, if you can listen and learn we can teach.

    And I see DVS tags everywhere. In a tank, running me over. In a reaver, flipping my lib. As infantry, wildly spraying me down after the LA died and has been dead. :(
  15. NinjaTurtle

    In-game name
    NinjaTurtle69 (currently with DREV)
    Best class & vehicle
    Engineer and Lightning
    Willing to come onto ts3 when playing with us? (y/n)
    Yes... once I get around to getting a new mic.
    What role fits you best? (Support, Recon and Sniper, Soldier (Heavy or Light), Team Leader, Pilot or Driver, etc.)
    As an engineer I am a good support. Pretty decent LA and am learning hard how to fly the Reaver... Not quite there yet though
    Fun fact about yourself
    I have parachute jumped from higher than I care to remember. It turns out I was never meant to be a bird
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far
    Landing a head shot (with my Bolt Driver) on an enemy soldier halfway through using a jump pad. I wasn't even aiming for him, I was taking a pointless pot shot at a Scythe just floating and he just happened to get in the way of my bullet.
    Luck was with me that day
  16. riccn

    In-game name
    Best class & vehicle
    Infiltrator/HA/Engineer Lightning
    Willing to come onto ts3 when playing with us? (y/n)
    What role fits you best? (Support, Recon and Sniper, Soldier (Heavy or Light), Team Leader, Pilot or Driver, etc.)
    See Best class & Vehicle, although I have just started on Waterson I have some things SC unlocked.
    Fun fact about yourself
    I live in Britain and am looking for a fun outfit for my alt in non-cobalt op times.
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far
    Galaxy Crash on Cobalt with the NC Cobalt Alliance (A large group of NC outfits)
  17. Haskaal

    Thank you for applying. We will seek you guys out whenever both parties are online to do the inviting, otherwise come on our teamspeak 3 and chill with us there until someone able to invite can do that.
  18. NC_agent00kevin

  19. GidoGuy

    This is a TR speaking, you stand to die, and do so so well.
  20. NC_agent00kevin

    Yeah we trimmed down a bit but we still have the core group. We've got as lot of quality new recruits lately, so things are back on an upswing. There is at least a squad of us on every evening, some nights a couple squads. I kinda like being small and surgical, but being able to rock a whole platoon of soldiers that are of the caliber we have now would be great.