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  1. DLJord

    Krimletch have you had an invite yet?

    Hey Underover. I'll get an invite sent out to your asap. Until then you could jump on teamspeak @ ts3.death-legion.com or register on our forum. www.death-legion.com

    That's a name I haven't seen in years too ;) Great to hear from you. Even if you don't get time to play/apply, hop on our teamspeak some time. Always nice to keep in touch with FoM vets.
  2. Krimletch

    Yes I received a friend request from you
  3. TheGlowingRogue

    In-game name: TheGlowingRogue
    Best class & vehicle: Heavy assault/Galaxy, Vanguard? (My vehicles aren't AMAZING, but they're mostly okay. Just not reavers. I suck at them)
    Willing to come onto ts3 when playing with us?: Yes, with a mic.
    What role fits you best?: Heavy Soldier, but I'm beginning to learn how to infiltrate...
    Fun fact about yourself: ADD as ****. Prone to chasing enemies and looking very hard for paths to flank enemies.
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: First time playing, I took a flash (we had been warpgated) and drove the length of esamir. It seems boring now, but it was such a novel experience at the time and I loved it.

    EDIT: New coolest moment was when I solo capped a bio lab.
  4. DLJord

    Hey Glowing Rogue. I'll get you an invite sent as soon as I can. We've got some really nice infiltrator guides and tips on our forums if you want to check them out - www.death-legion.com. You can also hop on teamspeak and we'll get you an invite quicker. Teamspeak IP = ts3.death-legion.com
  5. DLJord

    We've now set up additional Operations days.

    We will be running dedicated events on every Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00 EST and every Wednesday from 18:00 EST to 22:00 EST. If you are thinking about joining but want to give us a try first to see if we'd be a good fit for you, that would be the best time to join in with our operations.
  6. DoomBlitz

    If you really enjoy teamwork and a desire to play with a closeknit group of mostly mature gamers then perhaps this is the group for you!

    If you like taking the crown from those TR Scum and then holding it for hours while farming away at those mindless zergmongers racking up more certs than you know what to do with then maybe this is the Legion for you!

    If you like Gal-Dropping from max height in a wave of three full Galaxies to swarm a HIgh Priority target while the enemy scramble and fail to do anything to stop your onslaught of organized destruction, then maybe you have what it takes to be Death Legion!

    If none of these things appeal to you then maybe you should join the Vanu .. I hear they like to zerg in their Mag riders and Pew Pew with their pretty laser guns.. lol .. Nah just kidding .. you should still join us .. We'll find a place for ya anyway

    JOIN Death Legion Now!!

    Tell'em DoomBlitz sent cha'!
  7. OptikalWinter

    In-game name: OptikalWinter2
    Best class & vehicle: Light Assault and Heavy Assualt
    Willing to listen to orders on ts3? (y/n) Yes
    What role fits you best? Support roles like Light and Heavy Assault, Combat Medic
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far : Quadruple Barrel Roll in a Mosquito
  8. DLJord

    Hey OptikalWinter. I noticed you registered on our forum too. Welcome to the clan!
  9. DLJord

    We're still recruiting quality members to join in with some major *** kicking. Apply within or check out our website. www.death-legion.com
  10. DLJord

    Accompanying another round of member promotions this week we have now launched our official youtube channel which we will be adding videos too regularly.


    Sylas has also launched his Twitch channel and needs some more followers:
  11. DLJord

    Some great ops were had yesterday on ops night. The fight at T.I Alloys while I was online was especially nice. Still recruiting dedicated members!
  12. Haskaal

    We're always looking for new members! Apply through our website or here through the interview template. Our group is composed of friendly, humorous, and mature individuals. We love to have fun! If that sounds like you, then think about applying to Death Legion today! See you out on the battlefield!
  13. DLJord

    With recruitment across infantry fields still going steady we're looking to expand our air force.

    Now searching for skilled pilots across all roles, also possible officer positions open in our soon be formed dedicated air force wing. Feel free to apply here or get in touch with any of our officers or via our forums at www.death-legion.com
  14. Haskaal

    Our only requirements are that you be able to join our teamspeak 3 with us while we're playing together. If you think you can accomplish that, then just come on our ts3 and play with us until an officer grabs your attention.
  15. Dagonlives

    These guys are legit. They work together and put up a ferocious defense relying on their infantry, not their sunderers. IF I was a Conglomerate Rebel Scum I would strongly consider looking up LEGN
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  16. Swine

    Heard good things, and seen your name around a few times. I'd be interested in having someone more capable to roll with than the randomness of pickup squads.
    In-game name: Suilline
    Best class: Light Assault, and Medic. Working on heavy assault more once I get that last level of jumpjets. Engineer where needed, of course.
    Best vehicle: Haven't played with them as much as I like, but I get out the Reaver and Vanguard when I can.
    Teamspeak: Already have it installed, and like it far better than the in-game voice, so absolutely.
    Fun fact: Switched from playing VS on another server since launch just because I liked the NC infantry weapons so much better, so I know their tricks well.
    Coolest moment: That's a really tough call, there have been so many. Perhaps it was when the tech plant I was at was starting to be overrun, a huge battle, and the enemy had a Sunderer parked inside the plant at the vehicle bay. I pulled engineer, hopped in an MBT, took down a vehicle before making it to the plant walls and bailing out as I hit red from ESF strafing. Made it inside, evaded as many people as I could in the chaos, killed a few en route, lobbed smoke down onto the Sunderer location, and managed to run up and throw down my tank mines just before getting killed. Sunderer exploded along with a couple attackers, and it was the last thing needed to make that particular offensive fold. That in turn lead to a heap of defenders pulling vehicles at the tech plant and starting a massive counter-offensive. Having a personal impact on that level of battle is always satisfying.
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  17. Haskaal

    Hello Swine, we tend to love doing those personal-impact kind of actions as well! Come join us on our ts3! It's ts3.death-legion.com while we try to catch you online to send an outfit invite.
  18. Frakker15

    In-game name: Reckoner1245
    Best class & vehicle: Infiltrator
    Willing to listen to orders on ts3? More than willing, but I don't have any way to use ts3. Hope to change that soon.
    What role fits you best? Recon and Sniper
    Fun fact about yourself: Play guitar, bass, and drums, avid shooter, familiar with military jargon
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: Getting over 20 headshots in a row when trying to retake the crown (this was on my other NC character on a different server), using a character of the same name as my other NC character during the beta to try to take a tech lab, not even realizing that there was no way to take territory behind enemy lines (still feel stupid for doing that, but we were getting destroyed by VS armor)
  19. Frakker15

    By the way, the bloodied Darkwatch badge is a really cool on the first page is really cool.
  20. target_acquired

    Looking forward to seeing you guys on Waterson.
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