[NC][DE] Jianji seeking brothers in arms! (deutsch)

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by LtStan, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Bvenged

  2. Yetteh

    I second this. JnJ are awesome :D
  3. SirIBON

    Great Biolab- and Surrounding base fights on 2014-02-16 with you.
    Such a good fight we had not for a long time.
    You may know, for me is the quality of the fight more important, as the outcome.

    Where were the big Fightingforce of you? I had seen only some of you for a to short time. The fight stays great.
    Good for us, that you not all come to the Biolab :)

    Thank you for participate in the Great fight.
  4. Neodym

    Hey thank you guys :)

    @ SirlBON: yeh it was last sunday ... normaly we have 40+ guys online on a sunday but that day wasn't our best day :). The server died two times and 12 of my guys were at the testserver because of an event ... so after 1 hour only 15 guys were online on the live server. Next time we will hit you with more :)
  5. Neodym

    Fun with Stalker Cloak :p
  6. Bvenged

  7. Neodym

  8. Sovereign533

    JNJ and WASP dream team ;)
  9. Neodym

  10. Neodym

    Hello Miller :). I have a nice news for you! German Army Rangers [GAR] and Jianji [JNJ] will run under one flag (Jianji) in the future. I am looking forward to a good cooperation and we will have a nice time melting TR and VANU faces. With this move Jianji is the biggest german-speaking NC Outfit on Miller :D

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  11. Bvenged

  12. BaptistsK90

    Congrats, about time you two became one!.

  13. Painsixten


    The ex Leader from {G-A-R} Planetside 2 Team says THX to Jianji and let us rock the Enemys ;)
  14. BlacksiteCZX

    Hey guys, its me :)
    I bring you a little Clip I took on the Operation after the Techplant Alert. Have fun :)

  15. Rikkit

    It's so fun to me, to play with these guys, You really have the feeling, to have an impact on the battelfield.
  16. Painsixten

    Guys we searching for new Players for Planetside 2 join us at jianji.de
  17. Neodym

    Jianji is always searching for new german-speaking players. 107 players online in the last 7 Day :)
  18. Jhonnyqt

    :eek: bump, Wednesday and Sunday 19.30 - 22.00 Operation 5 Squads + need more Airguys
  19. DrBash00

    Pump für unsere Schlümpfe ^^, die brauchen genau wie wir noch mehr Air um DIG vom Himmel zu holen :p.
  20. Manni19

    Vielleicht kann man ja nach dem Merge die ein oder andere schöne Schlacht zusammen schlagen!

    Grüsse vom Outfit "Wolfsfrei" auf Woodman!

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