[NC][DE] Jianji seeking brothers in arms! (deutsch)

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  1. LtStan

    German Outfit located on EU Miller
    Master Data:

    Guild-Tag: JnJ
    Web page (German): jianji.de
    Why to apply for a Membership (German): jianji.de/bewerben
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jianji.de
    Members: 100+ cross gaming
    Alignment: Organized team play with voice support
    Faction: New Conglomerate
    Server: EU Miller
    Origin: Warhammer Online
    Featured main titles: Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2 & Warhammer Online
    Private Jones glimpse back "damn Vanu!"
    Nothing to see, somewhere arround - a crack in a bush - "hmm no good omen"
    More tumbling then walking, he is dragging himself forward, blood running out of multiple wounds, some dripping some pouring.. "What the Frakk, is that?"...
    A single butterfly catches his attention, as he tumbles over the rough rocks of Indar
    Rocks which will shade is lonely grave
    Skydocks landing platform in range, the Vanu outpost...See there a new banner is being hoist, blurry colors of blue and yellow.. at last a safe refuge.. so close, but out of range...
    Who will sorrow after Jones? Brothers in arms seldom, random and not permanent.
    A final bullet drills its way through his chest, as if it is checking if the job is done... Feeling no more pain as he slowly falls over in the grinning bush...
    A final thought before the lights of Auraxis vanish in dark: "Why??"

    The answer to this question is simple:
    Private Jones did not join an outfit, reliable brother in amrs, which would soldier up together the battles for Auraxis, otherwise he would be celebrate victory at a fireplace while eating is combat ration.

    Jianji is recruiting fallow soldiers, for Liberty, Freedom and Victory!

    Our major features:
    • a great number of guild events with Squads and Platoons
    • regularly boot camps (basic and advanced)
    • active interaction on the internal boards, about mechanics, tactics and equipment
    • no flamers guarantee and no other to harmful ingredients
    • coordinated teamplay even in biggest formation
    • A success-oriented community!
    • Skilled and experienced leadership in open RvR and militäry operations up to battalion level, as well es advanced EPS knowledge
    • Real life comes first
    • Quality over Quantity
    • A living ensemble full of fun and enthusiasm
    Due to our origin we are committed to organized and tactic teamwork, to provide our members an unique MMO - environment.

    We follow the credo: RL and fun are at top of the list.
    Also behalf this credo we follow the rule quality over quantity, this means despite of the fun on the unique challenge for coordinated gaming in large formations we are no outfit of anonymous members pursuing their own agenda.
    No we want to devastate together the Terran and Vanu warpgates, in an environment were all know and respect each other.

    We offer the opportunity to be a part of a cross gaming community, which offers you a firm and fun promoting platform - it is self-evident that we own a TS³-server and a website with a board.
    For those who are up for can join our real life meeting and event at the yearly GamesCom in cologne Germany, to improve contact to other members.

    To join our outfit you should have basic German communication skills, as we internally talk German and our website and board is German.

    Got your attention? Than do not hesitate and visit our portal with the url:
    jianji.de (German website).

    Your Jianji Team
  2. LtStan

    Jianji Planetside 2 Frontline Newsflash

    Jianji extends

    More than three weeks have past since Jianji has joined the battle for Auraxis under the banner of the NEW CONGLOMERATE.

    Many battles were fought, enemies devastated and territories conquered. Plenty of new recruits have reinforced our lines, to join the fight against the hegemonic Terrans and the indoctrinated Vanu. By now our outfit counts more than 50 active freedom fighters and rebels.


    Maverick, is my wingman!

    New members came along with further development of Jianji and now we've established our first task force: the Airsquad. Under the lead of our senior member [JnJ] Av1nay, dedicated aviators were recruited, rookies were trained and the first air-battles have ended victoriously.

    To have best-of-the-range prerequisites to sustain air superiority during our operations, we rely on regular basic trainings of our Airsquad recruits. Also Ace-combat-training is a significant focus of us and our TopGun level allows our Advanced-Pilots to push their aircrafts to the limits, so they can assure air domination under the most catchy conditions. Our Pilots are heavily involved in the strategic and operational aspects of their training, to tailer the advanced training to there very special needs and to assure the diversity of every training unit.

    Next to tackle

    We know that the Airsquad is is a good start to uphold the battle for freedom, liberty and victory, but Jianji is going to create more task forces, with uprising member numbers. These may include a guerilla squad, which will focus on guerilla warfare to wear down enemy forces, or a tanks squad with heavily upgraded machines of war, to shatter the enemy with superior firepower.

    Jianji assures that we will not lay down our efforts to achieve these tasks. Recruitment will go on, boot camps and advanced trainings will be scheduled. All to guarantee that WE as Jianji are forearmed for any kind of potential warfare to run operations in every scale.

    The way to victory and success is the satisfaction of our brothers in arms and the form and substance of our trainings. Jianji member statements in our internal board approve that Jianji is matching this goals:


    • Legion19: "It was great today and it was damn smooth. One shoot, 2 hits, this is how it should be."
      original German "Es war echt schön heute und ist verdammt gut gelaufen. Ein Schuss, 2 Treffer so muss es sein."
    • Scissorlawl: "It was really nice today, thanks! Luke Skywalker would have been jealous..."
      original German "War echt nice heute, thx! Luke Skywalker wäre neidisch geworden..."
    • Patty: "As usually I had lots of fun going to war with you guys."
      original German "Hat mir wie immer viel Spaß bereitet mit euch in den Krieg zu ziehen."
    • Hykan: "Even experienced gamers can learn something!"
      original German "Selbst erfahrene Spieler können da noch was lernen!"
  3. LtStan

    Jianji wishes the the PS2 community and beyond a happy new year.

    During the holiday season we have not been lazy, we have recruited new members, have founded an international NC alliance on EU Miller, have run operations and ave fought for freedom and liberty.

    [JnJ] Neodym one of our platoon leaders hase cut some gameplay seasons to a nice Auraxis mayhem.

  4. LtStan

    And this week we want to show you the latest video by [JnJ] Smoff one of our most experienced PvP players, after he has devastated the WvW in Guild Wars 2 he is know also fighting for liberty on Auraxis.

  5. LtStan

    Weekly video update:

    [JnJ] Tanqo a www.jianji.de outfit member recorded his actions during one of our operations.

    Enjoy the mayhem:

  6. Arphelior

    A shameless bump for our fellow alliance members!
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  7. TheRebbel

    I want to apply!
  8. LtStan

    Hey Rebbel,

    go for it!
    We are always looking for new members!
    Just drop by at our website: www.Jianji.de and send in a short application this will take you less than 5 minutes and our HR Officers will try to get you into the Outfit ASAP!
  9. Meraun

    waht ya doing down here brothers?
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  10. LtStan

    Thank you Meraun!
    Jianji is looking forward to your next alliance operation!
  11. LtStan

    Freedom over OppressionJianji is rolling in line with this motto of the New Conglomerate.
    [JnJ] Tanqo has gatherers up with some Jianji members and has captured the Jianji prinziples on video.

    To my opinion our new guild recruitment videos is awesome.
  12. Meraun

    and up on top with you guys
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  13. GigaClutch

    Bump. Because these guys are great!
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  14. Kaiaiaia

    Great work during the combined OP on Esamir.
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  15. AdennTM

    bumping for a great NC outfit! Always fun fighting you guys!
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  16. piggy

    been running into alot of JNJ lately, you guys are doing good!
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    We would never bump bad outfits! JnJ now with the sign of bump-because-badassness!
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  18. Justicia

    Just bumping this up, have been fighting a lot of JNJ pilots in my Scythe lately, and encountered some good opposition.
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  19. LtStan

    Thanks to all your support!
    As outfit commander in chief, I promise you we will keep up the pressure and will uphold the banner of the NC!
  20. Stubek

    If you dont mind flying in fugly boxes as a corporate sellout with mega annoying voices. You might wanna consider these muppets :)