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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Sebb, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. BaptistsK90

    ESF training Video For Watching Only Not finished.
  2. FrostyFlapjack

    Would love to join but the website's not currently working? :(
  3. CJScott

    Apologies the forum site has been changed to http://conznc.com that link should work!
  4. imperial

    great video , looking forward to the finished one :) .
  5. BaptistsK90

    In the coming weeks Consortium will be streaming all of our Operations, standby for more updates.
  6. BaptistsK90

    Yet more Consortium material for you to enjoy

  7. Macky

    The end of that video, I've got to get some better luck.
  8. Theadria

  9. CptMemo

  10. BaptistsK90

    Consortium Fight Club two men enter one man leaves

  11. CptMemo

  12. BaptistsK90

    Recently Consortium took part in another ServerSmash here is a short video of what you can expect in such events, Join Consortium !

  13. BaptistsK90

    Nice Try TR!

    Join Consortium Give up the Fight, we're still active and still putting boot to ***

  14. Macky

    Should be back handing out free* ammo, laptop repair is taking longer than anticipated

    (*Ammo not actually free, costs £5 for 1 magazine, £12 for 100 round box)
  15. Robertinho95

    We have Open Platoons (48 people) running most nights, Come and join us!
  16. CptMemo

    Squad gameplay
  17. KronosIce

    I'm interested. I'm already in an outfit but this appeals to me. Who should I contact about joining?
  18. CptMemo

  19. CptMemo

    Squad Gameplay
  20. BaptistsK90

    If you're new to the game and looking for an active Infantry Outfit, Consortium is your ticket.

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