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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Sebb, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Bvenged

    Join this outfit. Why? Because Kogoros is in it. He makes badass comics and I'm jealous of CONZ for it.

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  2. Klocin

    Subscribe to a Conz affiliated channel on youtube today and earn MASSIVE savings on consortium related entertainment!

    CptCaveman's Youtube Channel!
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  3. BaptistsK90

    Consortium Competitive Squad, short gameplay clip.

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  4. BaptistsK90

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  5. Klocin

    Join today and receive a free internet hug from our outfit mascot, Winfield!

    (Limited time offer, only one hug per account)
  6. BaptistsK90

    Consortium recently took part in a Server Smash event, this is where the all the factions on Miller get togelther for one event and join forces, this time we took on the evil forces of the Matherson Server :p

    All Joking aside it was a great nights fun, and you to can be part of these events by joining Consortium, All are welcome.
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  7. CJScott

    I joined Consortium little over a year ago and was definely the best choice i could have made! I would highly recommend it!
  8. Tito

    join the Consortium guys dont bee a shame lot of fun
  9. Klocin

  10. CJScott

    On the second page! Nope not having it!
  11. Macky

    Back from holiday :D time to kill Vanu and Terran scum!
  12. BaptistsK90

    Over the Coming Weeks and days I'll be Updating this Thread with a series of Consortium Team Plays Videos, Consortium is an Infantry based Outfit which runs OP's 4 times a week.

    What are OP's?

    OP's or Operations is a mindset from the members to follow orders to work together to achieve an objective set down by the Squad leader, random chatter is kept to a minimum and the only thing that matters is the destruction of our enemies.

  13. BaptistsK90

    Another Teamplays Video

  14. BaptistsK90

  15. Nexium

    Nice resecure peeps!
  16. BaptistsK90

    Thanks Nexium, and the Teamplay Updates continue

  17. BaptistsK90

    Another Teamplay

  18. Ulysees

    Fought alongside these guys for the MergerSmash against Woodman. God how times have changed but there are few outfits better to have your backs in a fight, was an honour and privelidge and well done to Kable on his performance as platoon lead, he did a geat job so give him a pat on the back for me.

    Smash Platoon 2, Best Platoon 2!
  19. BaptistsK90

    Thanks Ulysees, ServerSmash's MergeSmash, Consortium have taken part in them all, and you can to, Join CONZ today an Infantry Outfit that knows how to kick ***.
  20. BaptistsK90

    Updated Consortium Training Manual

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