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  1. viewtufljoe61

    Hey guys, I realize this is just a bit of outfit drama and you are not interested but I have been getting a lot of questions as to why CCG has dropped off the radar. I apologize if this is the wrong sub-forum.

    Attached is a message sent to all CCG members (edited a bit due to some misinformation) Hopefully it clears up a lot of questions people have.

    Bit of backstory, I was the leader of CCG, however I was not the founder of the outfit. Below is the story

    Greetings everyone,
    Over the last 2 months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know each and every one of you and we have all gone through ups and downs with the outfit. However, over the last month or so, some deeply distressing events have taken place regarding the Founder of the outfit. For these reasons, I will be resigning from CCG and starting up a new outfit with my Officer Core.

    reasons for this have been... (In regards to Fluffykin's behavior)
    - The pushing aside of the leadership council.
    - The embezzling of 400 dollars of donation money for personal uses (EDIT : Fluffykin claims this is not possible but a lot of money has disappeared and is unaccounted for. The issue was brought to me by a lot of officers that were puzzled as to how after one month we could go from 500 to 100 dollars, with fluffykin refusing to release financial records) (and for those wondering why we had money, it was donations SUPPOSED to be used towards paying for the website, teamspeak and other outfit related business. )
    - Disregard for anyone else's advice
    (EDIT)-Banning one of our most loyal, hard working members because he questioned the founder

    I wish to be able to host a community that works like a family, however, with a corrupt head, the body of the outfit will collapse.

    I apologize for not being online often for the last week and I thank you for fighting with me so loyally. I could not be more proud of how all of you have developed and if this is goodbye, I will never forget the good times we've had.

    If this is not goodbye, I look forward to pushing forward into the unknown with you all with the confidence that none of this ******** (first time i've sworn) will ever take place again in an outfit I take part in. I am excited to develop a much more organized environment for us to play in.

    For the last time, signing off
    CCG Leader

    Before all you nay sayers come in saying Joe sucks he's lying, etc etc, take a minute to think that I dedicated the last two and a bit months of my life with over 15 hour game days to build up the outfit, I have been banned from CCG by Fluffykin on occasion which he got jealous of the fact I was considered leader rather than him. I play planetside 2 to have fun, it is a great game but sadly I can not have fun when stressing about the outfit being radically changed without anyone being notified. This was not an easy decision, nor one I wanted to make but sometimes the difficult path is the best one.

    Again I apologize if this is the wrong place and if this post makes any of you think I am an attention *****, I am just doing this to get the word out so I can move on.

    Thank you for your time guys,
    1STS Leader
  2. Shepherd

    No one cares about your drama.
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  3. ent|ty

    This is for your own private outfit forums.

    This is typical drama for many groups out there. Since Fluffykins is not here to defend himself, this could be seen as a cheap way of garnering support for yourself from people who just don't care.
  4. Zaik

    This kind of drama really belongs in a server forum, not a general one.

    We really need those, even if it will just devolve into trash talk. That way there's a dumpster for drama to be put in rather than it being left out in the street.

    Now, if we can just get a complaint forum.
  5. jdono67894

    Why would people give money to an outfit leader?
  6. viewtufljoe61

    exactly why I posted it here, didn't have a better place to put it and was tired of telling the same story over 100 times
  7. CatinHat

    Alright, drama on the forums that no one cares for.

    Don't you guys have you're own site and forums? TS or vent?
  8. viewtufljoe61

    I understand this and am not looking for support, this is just so I can focus on playing the game and running an outfit rather than telling a story to everyone that asks.
  9. viewtufljoe61

    I understand that you don't care, but this is for the few people that do as CCG was well networked in connery
  10. Nephera

    >Actual fraud

    What is this, eve?
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  11. viewtufljoe61

    That is why we shut it down
  12. Nephera

    Probably a good call.

    Good luck with your next endeavor.
  13. CatinHat

    So, what were you guys going to spend that $500 on? A website with some VoIP program does not cost $500.
  14. viewtufljoe61

    we were going to use the funds to sustain the outfit over the next extended period of time. I had requested that we shut down receiving donations and pushing for them at the point where I was informed of the current levels of our coffers.

    Costs were at about 40 dollars a month to keep everything running
  15. viewtufljoe61

    Thanks buddy
  16. nukularZ

    I guess when you're playing 14 hours a day, something has to pay the bills.
  17. viewtufljoe61

    one of the reasons I left was to make sure that if people donated, they could know that their money is going to the outfit they love. I have a secure job, am a university student and enjoy playing video games. Mind you a lot of those days weren't exclusively playing planetside, sometimes I'd be involved in lengthy discussions and planning sessions. the fun with planetside does not end when you log out of the game

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