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  1. Krrr8or

    For NC the only good carbines are the GD-7F for highest dps and the gauss s is only good for the attachments (nade launchers). So if you are not into nade launchers go for the GD-7F you won't regret it.
  2. Achmed20

    i still consider the GDF crap for anythying else then CQC
  3. Swiffle

    It's not great at range, damage falls off quicker than other weapons in it's class. You can use light assault to set up your engagements however you want though. Shotgun LA has merit, CQC GD-7F has merit, I used the AC-X11 mostly to get auraxium but it was also capable while setting up in spots with a bit of range.
  4. Deerhunter

    [quote="Swiffle, post: 755914, member: 20715"I used the AC-X11 mostly to get auraxium but it was also capable while setting up in spots with a bit of range.[/quote]

    Best one by far. Used them all and get a lot more kills with this beastly damage compared to the other pea shooters....
  5. framperton

    OK, I've got to set the record straight here.

    Don't listen to THIS guy's post. This one is total BS actually and goes off no real face other than stupidly biased opinion that provides no real insight to any of these guns and how they can be used.


    Notice how he completely misinterprets the OP's weapon analysis. He says that weapon attachments are one of the most important things you can invest in, and then goes on his 'THIS IS A SHOOTER' rant which is entirely ironic considering that the OP is TALKING about weapons and their performance.

    Then he goes on to say that attachments are one of the most, if not the primo thing to invest your certs in.

    True attachments are useful, but they do not guarantee your survival or versatility in the way certain suit modifications do (which give a guaranteed health or ability boost). Which to me, and to others could be just important. It doesn't matter if you have the most tricked out gun in the game, being able to survive that extra bullet or two, explosive damage or use your ability for that much longer can and is very useful.

    This part is the most nonsensical, probably. Invest in whatever level of optics you want, just know that higher level optics will be more difficult to use at closer ranges (Wow, really?). The higher range optics in this game are there for a reason; because the developers designed the weapons associated with them to be effective at those ranges. If a target is farther away when using a carbine, use single shots. In fact I encourage this seeing as the LA is extremely mobile and doing single shots will not give a target a good frame of reference of where the fire is coming from because you will be missing less than if you fire in bursts or going full auto.

    Also, if you ever hear someone say 'if you are playing x class in the Y way, you should play the y class!' you can tell them they are full of ****. If it works at long range, use it at long range. The weapons were DESIGNED to be as versatile as possible. Hell, I have a bolt action infiltrator that I use exclusively at mid to close ranges and have good success.

    3rd: This is also a pretty dumb reasoning. A hard hitting weapon has a slow RoF, heavy recoil and is bad when when moving and firing? PREPOSTEROUS! It's like it isn't meant to be used like a regular carbine, and instead a niche weapon! OUTRAGEOUS! Why can't I just have a fully automatic weapon that has the recoil of a pistol and 1 hit KO's everything!

    It's like.... WOW, did you even read the OP's post? He specifically states it to be a long range weapon and that it's stopping power can be used to great effect when used in single shots to counteract it's heavy recoil and small mag size. And also, there you go again dictating how the LA should be used by everyone and that everyone else is a moron and should just go play another class if they don't use it like you.

    The LA is a flanking class? You don't say? So it's like... having a high damage weapon, and firing from hard to reach areas above or behind a group of enemies isn't flanking? If anything I would say it's pretty damn useful considering the increased distance you could put between yourself and a group of enemies increases your chances of remaining undetected and disrupting the enemy's ability to organize? Oh my word, what a concept.

    Also, do LA's posses some special piece of equipment that enables only them and them alone to break generators? Since when? Yes, they are in a better position to do it than other classes, but unless they have backup all they accomplish is distracting ONE engineer.


    Here, it seems is what this guy think's is his most profound advice when it comes to carbines.
    He says haughtily "Yes, just ignore the OP the Gauss S is the best all around carbine the NC offer" Disregard the fact that without attachments it's shortcomings are FACT, and are right there in the stats for all to see.
    And then let's talk about how you can switch it to semi auto, which according to him is one of it's saving graces despite the semi auto functionality being available for every gun. So yes, if you want to spend the certs on something that can use a grenade launcher, which he admits to being buggy in its current form, get it.

    Or you know, if you have any inkling of intelligence or skill you could invest in something easily modifiable that can be quickly changed up at the slightest shift in battlefield tactics. I prefer to get two different niche weapons myself; both the GD and AC carbines are great at what they do, and with the right attachments, are probably even more deadly than the Gauss S.

    I say specialize in something and be good at it, or be mediocre at everything. I've used the AC perfectly fine at close and long ranges. The GD utterly destroys at the close-mid range spectrum. The Mercenary is also good at the close- mid range spectrum, and all the Gauss S really brings to the table, as in the OP's post is versatility in certs.

    Just know that you're paying to make it good at one thing or another, resulting in a greater number of attachments purchased. For the GD or AC, if you're smart about it, you may only need to spend 2-300 certs to get it at the point of where it's comfortable for you.

    5th: If you're mainly a light assault player, I would go for jump jets first. For relatively few certs you can boost your fuel capacity and recharge rate quite nicely, and seeing as you're a flanking player it would be more fortuitous to get just that little extra boost to get to hard to reach spaces, or escape.

    I find the suggestion of immediately going for AMS also funny if you are this sort of player, and I have to ask; If you are a LA or HA player, PLEASE do not do this. Why? because unless you intend to defend your sunderer to the death it just isn't a good investment for you, nor is it useful for your team. Why? Because deploying a sunderer is more than just plopping it and then running away. To get the most out of it, you actually have to be a little more dynamic than that. Repairing it, moving it both out of harm's way and moving it in to a better position are all key aspects of being a good sunderer driver.

    You talk about being 'more use-able' for you team, and I ask; how is it useful to drop a sunderer, go flying away only to have it blow up after 5 minutes? Useful to who?

    With the C4 though, who can argue? The LA has unparalleled mobility and can really quite easily take out tanks and other vehicles with a bit of stealth and timing.

    Given it's cost however, I would still recommend going for jump jet and suit upgrades first. At least for the first few levels because the added mobility and survive-ability will give you more points and make you more useful than blowing up a single tank or getting lucky with a bombing run/trap.
  6. HerpTheDerp

    That's because it is.

    For all factions, the 500 "selective fire" carbine is, by the numbers, the worst. Going by the stats:

    It has same damage values as the Mercenary.
    It has slower reload times(1.76/2.8 for the Merc, 2.05/2.94 for the Compact S)
    It has more recoil(0.4 for the Merc, 0.45 for the Compact S) It has less kick with the first shot than Mercenary though.
    It has much worse accuracy when ADSing and moving(0.25/0.15 for Merc, 0.45/0.45 for the Compact S)
    It has slower rate of fire(Merc: 600, Compact S: 500) which means less DPS. It's actually least damaging carbine available.

    Yeah, it has a grenade launcher... but do you want to sacrifice your "everyday" performance just so you can bomb a blob every other week? Especially since to bomb a blob you can use normal grenades or C4(and C4 is less than half the price of Compact S, not to mention the actual attachement)

    Problem with GD-7F is that it sucks *** against anything that isn't right in front of you. It's over three times less accurate than Mercenary, and while it has slightly smaller recoil, it more than makes up for it with rate of fire(unless the recoil is calculated separately from the actual bullets fired - someone correct me on this). And for what is supposed to be CQC carbine, to have reload time of 2.7 seconds is just ridiculous. There are sniper rifles that reload faster!

    We'll see what new carbines they bring in, though honestly - I fail to see what there is left to add, since we already have one CQC, one jack-of-all trades, and one wannabee sniper option.
  7. Deerhunter

    Cannot say it enough - AX-C11.... It says low rate of fire but it does not hinder me and it does the most dmg and my kills have gone up a lot using this carbine!!!
  8. Steppa

    Even vs Greedo?
  9. ytman

    Most certainly... as proved by Han who did shoot first.
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