[NC] Blitz GD-10 SMG - Better than the GD-7f?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by IntergalacticYoghurt, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Fang7.62

    Also have both, GD7-F is good for when you'll be fighting in buildings and between them as it still can drop people at med range good. You need to watch your ammo though and aim properly. But when you do, it murders people instantly. Blitz is much more forgiving, spray n pray, hipfire derp bullet hose with big mag. I pick up the blitz when I'm lazy.
  2. Intothekeep

    I did some math and I think the best for cqc is GD 7F

    GD-7F damage per second 120835
    AF-19 Mercenary damage per second 100200
    Blitz GD-10 damage per second 105625
  3. HeadshotVictim

    Math doesn't help much.
    There is a difference between damage per magazine, damage over time and damage per bullet.
    A weapon with 100 000 dps and 2 000 000 damage per magazin with a shot every 2 seconds is not really usable in CQC. It has a huge amount of damage per amgazine and per shot but the RoF says: Dont use it in CQC.

    The time to kill with a Semi-Auto Sniper is around 0.3 seconds but you won't use it in CQC. Same applies for Bolt-Actions with 750 (or 800) dmg per shot.

    Cone of fire, hipfiring, speed while ads... factor these things in
  4. Crewell

    I prefer to use the GD-7F on my LA and engie over a SMG. The few small disadvantages the carbine has over a SMG are easily outweighed by the benefits of having better performance over range and higher damage per bullet.
  5. Weirdkitten

    That would be damage per minute, without taking into account reloading :p
  6. Weirdkitten

    The cyclone has pretty much the same performance over range *and* higher damage per bullet :p
  7. KnightCole

    So the Cyclone is the 167dmg, 25bullet SMG that mounts the Exmag? Those 2 SMGs get me horribly confused....then again, I dont do much with them, but I will....
  8. Crewell

    Ya I am one of those people who prefers the Cyclone.

    The Cyclone has a tighter COF so it doesn't need the laser sight like the Blitz. You can go extended mag instead.
  9. DeadliestMoon

    Well yeah, essentially carbines are the hybrid of a SMG (with the okay hip fire accuracies) and an Assault Rifle (with the okay effectiveness at medium range).
  10. AssaultPig

    I have both and strongly prefer the GD-7F. The blitz only really has the advantage in situations where you expect to engage more than one opponent at relatively short range. In every situation other than that, the 7F is the way to go.
  11. Ghoest

    In actual game play the GD-7F kills stuff much faster - including CQC.
  12. Wolfwood82

    Cone of fire means nothing in CQC, your target takes up half the screen at 5m and about a quarter at 10m.

    Hipfire accuracy is pretty tight on both weapons, close competition in this area means whatever benefit the SMG might have here is negligible.

    Who ADSes targets at 10m? Beyond that you might as well be blowing at the target really really hard... ADSing slows you down, requires a delay, kills what little peripheral vision you have, and is generally not a great thing to do in CQC, .75 is not much of an advantage for CQC combat.

    The Blitz only has one solid advantage, it's magazine size.

    Compared to the GD-7F's versatility and firepower.
  13. ladiesop

    Are you confusing metres and feet? A player at 10m certainly does not take up 1/4 of the screen; far from it. 10m is already in 'possible miss' rage for hip firing without a laser.
  14. Aesir

    To be honest, I like the Cyclone a lot more than the Blitz. It's like a blend between the GD-7F and the Blitz. It's TTK because of the big bullet but also good RoF is just awesome. And TTK is the only primary stat in CQC, not RoF like many say, it causes a lot of flinching starting from the first bullet.

    Another thing is the insanely fast reload if you still have bullets left in your chamber. You kill 2 or even 3 if you run extended mags and instantly reload with it. It can be used on range, sure it's not good at it, but it's range capability if you burst can be similar to a GD-7F.

    I tested both the GD-7F and the Blitz, surely not for long outside of VR but I'm an absolute fan of the Cyclone. The Blitz is the better hip fire bullethose, the Cyclone becomes strong if you can ADS better on the gap between medium and close range but is ultimately better and point blank CQC than the Blitz. The GD-7F has more range but less killing potential per magazine and a lot longer reload if you still have bullets left compared to the Cyclone.

    I think our UMP-45 PlanetSide2 rebuild in form of the Cyclone is superior to both the Blitz and the GD-7F for the purpose I use it. CQC with lot's of cover switches to leapfrog closer to the enemy. I run the Cyclone primarily on my Engi but also on my HA.
  15. HeadshotVictim

    try to use a Gauss Saw with Compensator in engagements around 5m and tell me that again.
    Try the same with AC-X11... CoF hipfiring is pretty bad for both of them...
    My experience says: CoF does mean something even in CQC. (Or try to hipfire a Semi-Auto sniper rifle...when you don't stick the barrel into you enemies nose, but then is the knife a better choice....)
  16. Iridar51

    And this concerns this discussion how?..
    Don't rip words out of context, this is about Blitz vs GD-7F (read the topic please?)
  17. Wolfwood82

    I have.

    I have....

    Done that too... Use to use the old PS1 bolt driver as a shotgun, I was that dedicated to sniping. There are also videos showing people doing it and being more then just a little effective.

    These weapons aren't bad in CQC because of the CoF. These weapons are bad because of the basic delivery system. They fire 1 bullet at a time and it takes a specific path towards the target, compared to say a shotgun which fires 6 bullets that spread out every shot.
  18. Sea of Ink

    Welp, according to everyone in this thread, I guess I'm just playing this game all wrong...

    Oh well.
  19. HeadshotVictim

    this concerns the discussion in the way of
    Cone of Fire is not important in CQC.
    This statement is just plain wrong. It DOES matter. (If it wouldn't matter people would CQC with Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles because of the sweet nice TTK... which is in theory pretty low)

    This thread is about Blitz and GD-7F, you are right in this.
    I would say GD-7F, because Blitz feels bad for me and is too much specialized in short range.
    (If I had to make the choice between GD-7F and Cyclone I'd choose Cyclone.)
  20. Wolfwood82

    That's impossible. I yap a lot about efficiency and technical details, but the simple truth is this game was designed to be fun.

    I don't really care what you do and what gun you use. I just make my observations about efficiency, then charge head long between two tanks while gunning for the HA with an LMG and his overshield on.
    ... People don't use sniper rifles in CQC combat because of a number of reasons, CoF not really being one of them. Besides that, this is a terrible example since the sniper rifle CoF is the size of most other weapons while sprinting...

    Slow RoF gives it a TTK that's worse then most shotguns. It fires 1 round at a time so even the faster firing 400 damage bullets are about as effective as half a shotgun blast.

    Even then, you can use it to some effect, and people have done exactly that. A common LA tactic is to use jump jets to drop down on someone or boost away from them while shooting at them, you might notice your shots becoming more/less effective the closer/further you are from them. I've killed a number of people with a full 7 CoF bloom going on while dropping down on them from on high. You have a 30-40% miss rate at point blank with full 7 bloom I think.

    What you should have said was "If CoF doesn't matter then people would be using shotguns in CQ.... oh wait"... Shotguns have fairly lousy accuracy (the spread value is essentially the CoF of the weapon). It's because of this that you'll have a better chance of hitting your target since the pellets fly in all directions more or less evenly.

    Shotguns also prove your other statement false. You mentioned that higher RoF was important in CQC, yet shotguns are far from fast firing beasts.

    Finally the Cyclone has about the same TTK as the ACX at point blank range. Why you'd favor that so heavily over the GD is beyond me. Maybe it's just that whole "it's fun!" thing?

    Introspection can be insightful when figuring out what's fun and what works for you. It's terrible for revealing facts though.