[NC] Blitz GD-10 SMG - Better than the GD-7f?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by IntergalacticYoghurt, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. IntergalacticYoghurt

    - 50 bullets in a clip. FIFTY!
    - Very fast fire rate.
    - Much better hip fire (half the bloom on SMG's).
    - No need for extended magazine like the AF-4 Cyclone - just cert the advanced laser.

    This gun makes me wonder whether carbines were designed primarily with ADS in mind - and hip fire only when absolutely necessary. No doubt the GD-7f is better at range due to Carbine bullet velocity, but if you use your GD-7f strictly for CQC like I do, then you would have to be questioning it's relevance. Personally I find the GD-7f pretty dodgy at range when using the advanced laser attachment, and tend to try and sneak up on enemies using jet-packs and line of sight.

    I trialed the GD-10 an hour ago.. first room I walked into had three Terran inside at a cap point. Took them all down in seconds just hip bursting. Seriously, trial the gun and see what you think. I'll admit it was an infiltrator I was using for the trial.. but I don't see why a light assault couldn't make as good or even better use out of the weapon.

    Also - (((FIFTY))) bullets in a damn clip!
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  2. Zeekez

    I'll throw in my 2 cents, I have both guns with 1x reflex sights, adv. laser and flash suppressors on both.

    The gd-10 does have a lower max damage [125 vs 143], I've found I can take out just as many people in CQC with the 30 rounds of the 7F as I can with the 50 rounds of the blitz. The bulletspeed is one reason I still favor the 7f [500 vs 360 - pretty huge difference], it provides adaptability, the SMG makes ranges past 75 meters a challenge, whereas the 7f is pretty cake to kill at that range. For example shooting down from the roofs of buildings, I've noticed with the SMG you have to start leading them at pretty short ranges where with the 7f you can just "point and click"

    That being said they are both solid choices, and I do not regret buying the blitz, I'll use it on my infil. and plan on playing with it more on my LA just for more testing
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  3. Pivke

    the one thing that bothers me with gd-7f is low reload speed.
    do we have any numbers to compare reload speeds between gd-7f and gd-10 ?

    50 bullet mag seems very tempting to me because im not the best at aiming
  4. IntergalacticYoghurt

    [Reload speeds]

    Short - 2.7
    Long - 3

    Short - 2.5
    Long - 3.5

    I honestly notice it far less on the SMG. More bullets is a godsend.
  5. RealRook

    It has significantly longer TTK than the GD-7F because it only does 125 dmg but its better against multiple enemies, accuracy seems pretty similar when using forward grip and compensater, laser dot doesnt seem to do anything with this weapon (at least visually, the crosshair stays the same while laser dot makes it tighter on other weapons.
  6. Ghoest

    Blitz cons

    -it has more bloom per damage then the Cyclone
    -it has higher recoil per damage than the Cyclone
    -it has a much longer reload time than the Cyclone
    -it has slightly lower velocity than the Cyclone(this does not seem important though)

    -it has a significantly lower DPS and a higher TTK than the GD-7F
    -its has much shorter range than the GD-7F

    My point isnt that its a bad gun - Im just pointing out that it has cons as well as the pros mentined in other posts.

    For now my impression is that I prefer the GD-7F by far for a LA.

    I dont think there is much difference really between a Cyclone with an extended clip and a Blitz for me since I usually ADS.
  7. Visk

    The GD-10 also can deal a maximum of 6250 damage (not including headshots) per magazine, as opposed to the Cyclone's 4175 damage per magazine.

    You have 5 (1 loaded, 4 in your pool) magazines with both SMGs. The Cyclone can deal a maximum of 20875 damage until you run out of ammunition (not including headshots), while the GD-10 can deal a maximum of 31250, which is higher than any NC carbine or SMG available.
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  8. Deathcapt

    I trials the blitz, and I thought it would be awesom, but I feel like it's not, and I feel like the GD-7f is still better all around weapon. If you survive in a fire fight long enough to fire 50 shots, there's something wrong. Imo, the carbines are still better, an extended mag on the GD-7f would be great.
  9. Visk

    Killing multiple people with a 50 round mag and surviving means there's something wrong?
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  10. Mastachief

    The blitz has the edge in CQB but the GD7 wins for everything else imo

  11. Deathcapt

    I just meant that, 1v1 if you're using 50 rounds, then you're already dead, additionally, if you're going 1v2 and need the 50 rounds because you're shooting 2 people at once, then either you're dead, or they're bad, in which case the gun doesn't really matter. I generally build for a first kill scenario, anything after that is a bonus.
  12. IntergalacticYoghurt

    There have now been many occasions where I have manouvered into an area with multiple enemies. The GD-10 allows me the flexibility to take out all three without resorting to an epic load time. At the very very best, I -might- get two kills with the GD-7f.
    When I know it's going a medium range fight, I stick to the Razor GD-23.

    I suppose my problem is that the GD-7f was my definite go-to CQC weapon. I realize it -can- be used at range in a pinch, but I've always found closing the distance worked much better. Going to keep working on my GD-7f.. Might try the forward grip and more ADS and see if it can fill the niche between the Blitz and Razor.
  13. IntergalacticYoghurt

    The crosshair is ridiculously small with advanced laser. Sounds like you're bugged.
  14. hammyhamm

    GD-7F all the way. Better versatility! SMG is good if you play infiltrator alot but really having the 7F is great for combat
  15. Zeekez

    Personally I kill more people in row / group with the GD-7F's smaller mag but higher damage than the 50 rounds of the blitz
  16. Technologist

    I have almost 1,000 kills with the GD-7F as an Engineer.

    Try the Blitz in the training area. Swap back and forth between the two. The blitz does have some disadvantages but many advantages. With the suppressor it's unbelievably quite. Almost silent and you don't show up on the mini map. I use the 1x night vision so that I can AP mines and Tank mines. The blitz will hip fire with group size of about half that of the GD-7F with or without a grip. The grip changes nothing so no need to cert it. And no need for laser.

    You need 8 rounds to kill (or 4 head shots) compared the GD-7F's 7. The 50 round magazine saved me several times 2:1 where the GD-7F I'm stuck in a slow re-load. Bullet speed is a bit slower most noticeable when shooting enemy Moss/Scythe. Yes you can do damage them enough for them to bug out. Try shooting a Moss/Scythe in the training area to see the damage.

    Just one enemy and no-one else to hear the shot I would go with the GD-7F but in 80% of my situations the blitz seems to dump out more damage with better hip fire. The 50 round magazines really allow 2-3 on 1 fights where the GD-7F forced a pistol swap. Also the Blitz works with every class but max.
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  17. TheKhopesh

    I realize this post is pretty old by now, but your statement is incorrect. As a medic, I find the longer I survive, the more people I can rez.
    Also, with a fully certed AOE heal ability, If you don't kill me before I escape the battle (Provided I find it a situation I need to flee from) I will just heal back to full health along with having full shields.
    Often times I deplete all my ammo Several times (Racking up a fair number of kills) in between deaths.

    I would like to see the blitz and GD-7F each with an extra clips worth in the ammo pool, as they burn through ammo so fast.
    I would also like to point out that often during alerts I find our squad will not have a mechanic (As the mission will have no need for tank mines or for repair) to provide ammo when a Galaxy drop ghost cap unexpectedly turns into an all out -trench warfare- firefight.

    Now, while I realize this happens to everyone with any weapon, but the weapons with a 2.5(ish) second reload and a fire rate of 850 bullets per second are usually the first to run out in a battle.
    Well, second only to a Heavy Infantry's Rocket Launcher when there is a Sundy that needs blasting.

    Yes, I realize there is an ammo belt, but loosing nano weave as a medic is -Quite frankly- not an option.
  18. Deathcapt

    In my opinion, in terms of "Balance" only the first encounter should come into play. I always build for the first win, everything else is gravy. In my opinion the GD-7f is better at winning the first first, because you can usually kill someone with the 30 rounds. If not, then you generally are in a position where you have time to reload. In an SMG, close range battle, you're either going to kill your opponent, and be able to reload, or get killed, before you expend 50 rounds.

    The argument is that being able to kill 3 guys with 1 magazine doesn't mean anything if you can't win against the first guy because you're sacrificing dps for sustain. The Lasher is an extreme example. No one is running dry in a fire fight using the lasher, unless they're just spamming, but the magazine doesn't help you, because you'll get killed before you can shoot all your bullets.

    If you NEED more than 30 shots to kill your opponent, then you're either missing a lot (and will most likely lose the gun fight), or you're shooting at someone far away, and thus have plenty of options to duck into cover and reload, thus making the extra magazine negligible.
  19. TheKhopesh

    All in all, I still find I do better with the Blitz. Chalk it up to personal preference.
    It really is a moot point (For myself and pretty much anyone else who doesn't use either an engineer or LA as their primary anyway), as the GD-7F is only available for Engies and LA's.

    I do appreciate you're two cents worth though.
  20. lilleAllan

    I have both.
    The GD-7F has better stopping power and is more versatile, letting you engage at longer ranges.
    The Blitz is more forgiving due to the big mag, but takes more bullets to kill.
    GD-7F is certaintly superior in most situations.