NC Aggro [GR0] - We Want YOU (to get the flip out of the spawn shield)!

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  1. moooosa

    Hey folks, this is a brand spankin' new outfit being created out of frustrations over the playstyle of the average NC pansies who, frankly, are a disgrace to their faction colors. The New Conglomerate is (supposed to be) about hitting hard and fast, and to that end I'm putting together a team that specializes in both hardness and fastness and even hitting.

    The thing to note is, I'm looking for quality over quantity here. While I have expectations for a solid skill level, this is less about skill and more about a certain mindset, playstyle, or approach to the game. I don't want anyone applying if they don't fit the bill here; there are lots of other outfits that will cater to the way you want to play and you should join them and be happy.

    So are you made out for this? Consider the following statements:
    Being inside spawnshields - You damn well better be reloading soldier!
    Waiting around 10 minutes for a facility to cap so you can collect the capture XP - Not. Even. Once.
    Rolling around in an unnecessarily massive, uncontested zerg instead of going where your faction needs reinforcements - Absolutely not!
    That guy on your team that just dived out into a swarm of enemies to certain death - Your khaki rear end better be right behind his and I want to see muzzles flashing!
    Shotguns - Yes.
    Light Assault - Wheeee!
    Gee-Dee-Mother-Seven-Eff - Bring three.
    Gotta go fast - You better or I'm kicking you out.
    K/D - The heck is that?
    Going around to attack a heavily defended room from another angle than where every one of your faction mates are endlessly piling into - You're a peg above the rest.
    Using a pistol and knife combo on the guy left over when your magazine runs dry - That's what we want to see.
    Suicide LA dives into swarms of enemy MAXes and soldiers with C4 and shotguns blazing - Again. Again!
    Using Adv. Shield Capacitor even before the buff - Please join us!

    If it wasn't obvious enough already, I'm looking for players who like to play aggressively. I want players who move fast, react quickly, and get stuff done with no hesitation. This is not about running stupidly to your death, but rather getting into your enemy's face, hitting them hard, and getting out of the way before they can react. This is about intelligent play. I want players who know how to keep moving, who know that the best response to getting shot is often to run for cover or jump off a ledge, who know that it's better to defend a cap point from the roof than inside.

    Now, some things that this is not:
    This is not MLG pro esports scene stuff. This is not tacticool genuine military roleplay. This is not a 5 platoon strong zerg base-capping grind. This outfit is simply about playing the game and having fun, but with like-minded players in an organized fashion.

    So, do you think this describes your playstyle and what you want out of the game to a T? Good. Now note these simple requirements:

    - Battle Rank 35 minimum
    - 17 years of age or older

    Note that I personally tend to play afternoons and late nights (EST).

    SO, if you're SURE this is exactly what you're looking for, please post below to apply with the following information:

    -Character name
    -Mic or no mic
    -Times you usually play (time of day/days of week/etc.)
    -A statement telling me why you should be a part of this outfit (I'm talking like a sentence; relax)
    -Favorite kind of pie

    Thanks for having a look and, well, I hope this works out! :)
  2. moooosa

    If you've ever been ripped apart from like 4 Vanus' weapons and thought to yourself, "man, this would have gone better if more people had pushed in like this rather than hiding behind cover," then you'll understand what motivated me to start this outfit.
  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    Excerpt from Ender's Game that needs to be shoved down the throat of anyone playing spawnroom hero.
  4. moooosa

    Thank you!! I love this book; I haven't read it in years.