[NC] 666th Devil Dogs

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by EVILPIG, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Normandy

  2. Kracken

  3. Horatziu

    Where i can apply to join ?
  4. Sledgecrushr

    Roll with the big dawgz.

  5. Kracken

    Too bad I did not play in PS1; jealousy will make you e-famous. Thanks for the bumps :p.
  6. Infinity24k

    So on what server are you playing or do you have your "forces" spread everywhere?

  7. Kracken

    For the rest of today Thebe. Waiting to see the names of the live west coast servers.
  8. Implicit


    planetside-devildogs.com :D
  9. Kracken

  10. Funami

  11. Armored Gorilla

  12. Seumas

    Launch day bump!!

  13. pat_trick

    Bumpity bump bump!
  14. Seumas

    Greetings fellow warriors...

    It is time for battle!!!
  15. nubery

    I was in a car accident and 666th devil dogs got me the money I needed for my health bills, fast!
  16. Gamenut556

    Ok so this hole thread is confusing to me. I read on the first 3 pages West Coast 2. Is that where the Devil Dogs are by launch?

    We are on Connery

  18. turfyleek93

    Hey, guys.. Looking to join up after discovering that one of my clan mates is with the 666th! What's the process for joining?
  19. Seumas

  20. Boombear

    Can't wait to start playing! Three days off for Thanksgiving + PS2 launch + Devil Dogs = a whole lot of fun!