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    Since beta, our unit has focused on strength through the specific application of massive and overwhelming force. Simply put, we divide up into specifications and coordinate their use.
    We have over 1000 members on the roster, with over 600 active in any given week. with an average of 30-60+ online at any given time, day or night. We have an Operations Commander online 24 hours a day to keep our force moving in the right direction. If you haven't served in the 666th, you know someone who has.

    Our major effectiveness comes from mobile, combined, coordinated arms.

    • Air Wing provides transport and cover.
    • Armor Team smashes, grabs and carries.
    • Shadow Team (Infiltrator) contains the edges of a battle, channels enemy forces where we want them and performs saboteur strikes.
    • Rapid Response Team can be anywhere doing anything at a moments notice.
    • MAX Crash Team "M.C.T." performs forced entries on bases and towers.
    We turn the tide of battle. Our tactics are based on years of online team play, and a sound understanding of basic military tactics and the application of force.

    We've been here since the beginning and wrote the book on large outfits and mobilizing large offensive forces. We host special events and hold an official weekly Operation every Saturday at 4pm Pacific.

    We play to win and to make our opponents say "OMG, WTF just happened at (insert base here)?!?!?!!"

    To sum up, we have had the most members, most outfit points, most combined kills, most bases capped of any other team on ALL servers.

    The 666th is the only outfit to have ever been awarded it's own Merit and has the only member of the Planetside community to have been named an SOE Player of the Year.


    Our Emphasis is on having fun and creating a game environment that is mutually enjoyable for all.


    As Devil Dogs, we share the nickname of the United States Marine Corps. We expect all members to uphold the honor that our name carries. Below is a list of requirements, expectations and some standard operating procedures that will facilitate our ability to function as a cohesive combat force.

    • Be civil and show respect to all players, whether they be friend or foe.
    • Any disagreements should be kept from public channels and resolved in a mature manner through private /tells. We understand that this is an intense game, and all players are human, but when an argument happens ... let it go.
    • Absolutely NO intentional killing of ANYONE in the New Conglomerate. If you are killed (intentionally or not) by another NC player, DO NOT retaliate. Retaliation only perpetuates TK'ing and makes you and the 666th look bad. Other players observing may not have seen the events preceding and will ONLY see you killing a team mate. This effects the perception of the entire outfit so save the bullets for the Terrans and Vanu.
    • If you accidentally kill someone by running them over, shooting them, or catching them in an explosion etc... APOLOGIZE (by typing V, V, S or better yet /tell them you are sorry). This will alleviate many problems. If you find yourself causing friendly-fire incidents often, please BE MORE CAREFUL. If you can't drive without running people over, you don't belong behind the wheel. If you can't use grenades or rockets without killing friendly troops, you need to learn how to use those weapons properly.
    • Joining a squad is not mandatory, but if you do elect to be in a squad, obey your squad leader's orders as well as orders your receive from outfit commanders. The PlanetSide experience is best when we are functioning as a coordinated, cohesive force. Following orders is one of the many challenges of being in a squad. Orders are not issued because we want to tell people what to do, they are given so that the overall objectives are achieved and so that we can succeed as an outfit, and ultimately, an empire. Accept the challenges of the role you play, and do your best to follow orders. If you cannot fulfill your orders or do not agree with them, send your squad leader a /tell. Do not be insubordinate in public. Always keep in mind that commanders put a lot of effort into monitoring "the big picture". Even tasks which may seem hopeless or unwinable to the individual do contribute to the greater good by drawing enemy assets off of another target.
    Violations of the CoC will result in a warning. Repeated violations will result in further consequences such as suspension and banning.

    Please report any violations to Devil Dog Commanders.

    The 666th featured on Gamespot.com:


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    "Master of Auraxis"
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  3. Direwolf

    You want teamwork? You want to leave the scrubs behind?
    Look no further.

    With dedicated Air, Land and Infantry units it's safe to say the 666th will be rolling all over the map.
    Oh, and our base HQ is a giant butt hole (J908 Impact Crater). So we're cool like that.

    My eBay rating?: Highly Recommend!!!! A+++++++++ Will Play With Again!!
  4. Phantom

    If you don't play with an outfit in PS2, you are seriously missing out. These guys are fantastic, and are among the most organized outfits. If you want to get the full PS2 experience, while killing plenty of Vanu and Terrans, join the 666th!
  5. Mopey

    The Devil Dogs Helped my love life! Thanks Devil Dogs!
    Highly Recommended!
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  6. futashy

    Awesome people, Great leadership, and well organized! this is the place if you want a awesome tactical play and some great coordination!
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  8. koawhkaine

    The Devildogs will add 3.5 inches
  9. O'Donnell

    The 666th fixed my self esteem issues and I can now talk to girls!
  10. wok

    Hooray DevilDogs!!!!
  11. Ozymandias

    Hehe.. are you guys gonna be on east or west coast server? Being in LA not sure where is best for me... it seems to be east generally.
  12. KLJKatz

    Can't wait to roll with the Devil Dogs again!
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    Due to our world wide membership, we will be West.
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  14. onwee

    It hurts so good
  15. Sozan

    For Freedom! :D
  16. Whalenator

    But seriously though: Great outfit, huge outfit, organized outfit.
    Let's get rollin'
  17. Ten4

    I think we found the source of the lag.

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    Well organized fighting machine Apply today! You won't Regret it.
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    Yea, DevilDogs! Woo!


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    I approve this message.