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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spartan 117, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Spartan 117

    I keep seeing this argument, "NC weapons hit harder". Outside of the vangaurd's main cannon this cannot even be measured its so insignificant. Almost all NC infantry weapons have the same damage as the other factions with hardly even a fraction of a percent of increased damage at the cost of lower accuracy, lower rate of fire.

    I understand there is a great deal of resentment towards NC from PS1 & I think that is largely the reasoning here as to why the NC arsenal has been nerfed into the ground but I think its seriously time to re-examine. I don't think its a coincidence that NC has the lowest occupation & population on almost all servers.
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  2. GamerOS

    The problem is not that our weapons don't hit hard enough, it's that most of our guns also completly sacrifce their Accuracy, handling and ROF (not to mention reload times) at the same time.
    We might need one or two less bullets to kill someone, most of the time this is completely negated by our ROF which often gets us a worse TTK then the other factions, and wet horrible accuracy on top of that.

    In the end our guns are quite often statistical very equal with the other factions, but they got a lot worse handeling making proper gun control something you need to learn, unlike the TR and VS who can often just point and hold the trigger.
  3. schisch

    NC is fine l2p
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  4. Sabot

    You're nerfed now so that the devs (whom most of them play NC, as we all know) can warrant a gigantic buff at the same time they "accidentially" turn one of the bases into an interfarm so you NC people can sit in one of those all F:ing day and farm kills from your camping corner.

    You know it's going to happen ;)
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  5. Bape

    Agreed. However your gonna get trolled up the *** by the vets =\ good luck.
  6. DrTeeth

    The stats dumps clearly show that each empire has available weapons that are almost carbon-copies of each other. The differences across the board are *incredibly* minor.

    This whining by the NC is getting completely out of hand imo. If you want an LMG just like the CARV, buy it and ****. Many TR I know are doing the opposite and buying an LMG that's similar to the Gauss SAW, because that's what suits their play-styles.On top of this players can cert their weapons to customize the handling even further - such as putting a compensator on the Gauss SAW (something you can't do with the almighty CARV omg!).

    There is no wonder-weapon in this game (other than rocket pods, natch).
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  7. Copasetic

    NC weapons are 15-30% higher damage than the other factions, you can see this yourself in the weapon data that's floating around or by getting a friend on another faction and shooting each other in game. You can also buy sidegrades that are much closer to the other empires in terms of damage and ROF, so grab those if you want the same experience as TR or VS.

    Ironically the Vanguard's gun does the same damage as the Prowlers 2 shots combined, but it has heavier front armor.
  8. Hoppy17

    Exactly what DrTeeth said. Each factions nerfs and boosts are so insignificant that it's practically negligible. If you had two people who saw each other at the same time, had the same health, both players had the same skill level, and it was a 1v1 then the boosts and nerfs matter.

    But that doesn't happen. Usually one person sees the other first, or shoots at someone with lower health. has more skill, whatever. The fact that ANY faction complains about the slight differences in weapons is stupid. They. Don't. Matter. If you are having a hard time killing people, you are either extremely unlucky, or have terrible skill.

    Now stop making these stupid threads about stupid things to compensate for your unluckiness or lack of skill.
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  9. DeadlyShoe

    I think we should bring back the early PS1 Lasher so people can see real imbalance. :D
  10. Pax Empyrean

    Weapon stats:

    The average carbine or assault rifle does 143 damage, with marksman types doing 167. NC carbines and assault rifles do 167 or 200, depending. So, that's a difference of about 15-20%. The T9 CARV does 143 per shot, while the Gauss SAW does 200. That's a 40% difference in damage per bullet.

    The NC guns aren't as good in a firefight because of their low rate of fire and recoil issues, but to say that they don't actually do much more damage per bullet is just stupid. If you can't measure a 40% difference, you have no business commenting on balance.

    NC weapons excel in semi-auto mode, but the opportunities for that are relatively limited. Overall I'd say they aren't as good as the other factions' weapons most of the time, although the Vanguard is a whole lot better than the Prowler, which helps a bit.
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  11. Wadziu

    I have played all factions as HA, and the fact is that standard LMG of NC is the only standard weapon which requires some skill to shoot effectively and requires additional input from player to maintain accuracy. Other LMG are just point and hold button with extreme ROF and almost no recoil to kill anyone.
  12. Figment

    Damage per shot is more, but the toll of missing a shot (and missing due to getting hit thus screen shake) is much, MUCH heavier on NC than on either VS or TR.

    This seems to be something some people on TR in particular don't seem to get:

    If you miss a lot, you end up dealing less damage per shot.

    So if it is made really hard to control recoil, due to basic recoil being more significant and external effects causing screenshake (getting hit, explosions nearby) causing further extremes, then the chances of missing increase significantly as well. And that is the real issue here: not dealing damage at all despite hitting harder per shot that does hit.

    So what I wonder is, do we have accuracy comparisons of the same people playing on different empires?
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  13. Pax Empyrean

    The last time this was posted, during the beta, it was all very close across each empire.
  14. Zoridium JackL

    alright, 2 certs time.

    the problem as I see it is that they have created many more tradeoffs for higher damage than necessary, either because they just forgot about the inherent ones (**** happens) or because they overestimated the benefit bullet damage provides (probably a combination of these).

    in my opinion the balance should be as such: the NC weapon (in this context interchangeable with "slower and higher damage") has a higher base damage, in the event that all shots land from both players in a 1v1 conflict the guy with the NC weapon should win against any class that's equal or lower (obviously not gonna win against someone with a class more suited to the situation), the trad-offs for this inherent infantry advantage should be that it takes slightly longer to reload and magazine sizes should be relatively speaking smaller, this creates a higher spike damage but an overall lower damage over time, it also makes lone soldiers extremely more vulnerable to groups because they lack the damage in a mag to kill all opponents without rendering themselves vulnerable while they reload. if you miss a 1-2 shot you should be killing around about the same speed as your opponent (slightly slower to account for them also missing a few) so on and so forth, this is because the NC weapon has a higher penalty for missing, it takes a large chunk out of your damage for every shot, however a lower damage and faster firing weapon is less penalized when they miss because it doesn't have much impact on their damage overall. this brings me to recoil, and IMO it should be roughly equal, not per bullet of course, but relative to the overall additive recoil of however many bullets is required to kill.

    don;t jump to the conclusion however that because I think the NC should have the 1v1 advantage that I want them to be OP, If you give the NC the characteristic of slower firing harder hitting than you need to either give them a situational advantage that is inherent to that or have them be UP-OP so that it doesn't upset the balance, at the end of the day true balance doesn't exist unless all three factions are the same, so iif you want them to be different and what not you need to understand that at least a little bit of SITUATIONAL (read "in some way they are better and in some ways they are not") in-equality must exist.
  15. IshanDeston

    Uuuuuugggggghhhhh i'd rather not.
  16. Akrasjel

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  17. Juni

    Sure, that is why a light assault, medic or engineer of the VS or TR can kill my HA with overshields on before I can rip through their shields.
    NC are fine... Yes... Sure...
  18. Figment

    Yes but they changed the guns and available recoil reduction attachments since beta and lowered the rate of acquiring recoil reduction attachments by heavily upping the costs...
  19. Hoppy17

    Well you are either unlucky or weren't as skilled as them. Also, I (and I'm sure others) don't find personal experience with no proof whatsoever to be very convincing evidence. Please provide video footage, or just use hard quantitative data.
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  20. schisch

    you must suck really hard
    i play NC and i have no problems with killing either of them
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