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  1. Lenox

    So I was browsing around this section and found a lot of topics on the nanowave armor certification. From what I gather, a lot of folks are miffed because it gives too much of a benefit without any real penalty. Benefits, such as surviving a high-caliber round to the head from a sniper rifle. Various solutions have been thrown around, such as increasing bullet damage to reduce nanoweave's effectiveness, or simply reducing nanoweave's health buff, or removing it altogether. Now, I play with a buddy and he lives by nanoweave. It's the only armor attachment he ever puts on his character. I like diversity. When something becomes a go-to items for most of the player base then something needs a little tweaking.

    That said, who says anything has to be buffed up or reduced? Why not change it altogether? Nanoweave always struck me as a fancy bulletproof vest, so why not cert into like one?

    So here's my suggestion: make nanoweave armor into an additional layer of armor. In my perfect world, every time you cert into nanoweave you unlock a piece of armor to strap onto your character. Armor that reduces incoming bullets, rather than straight-up buff your health.

    The first level of nanoweave would unlock a chest plate that would reduce bullets aimed center of mass—the chest, and only the chest. Then, as you continue to cert into it, you'd get additional plates to further reduce bullet damage throughout the rest of your body. Finally, the last level of nanoweave would be a nanoweave helmet. Basically the cert progression would give you increased protection all over your body and increase the armor's effectiveness. The catch is you're much slower wearing all that armor, and I think it's feasible to suggest that the nanites laced into the armor's fiber would glow or something when negating damage. So if you're running around decked out in full nanoweave plates then you can tank a lot of damage. The trade off is you're a slow, glowing target.

    I think players would be a lot happier being able to tell who certed into nanoweave and who hasn't. Snipers would be able to see, clear as day, whether or not they have that damnable helm protecting their cranium.

    Also, note that this could be applied to flak armor. I suggest that nanoweave protects against bullets, not bullets and explosions. Make players choose one or the other.

    While we're on the subject of armor attachments, why are they invisible? If I cert into a bandolier then I want to see a bandolier of grenades strapped to my chest. I want to see rocket packs on my back, and utility pouches attached to my belt. And ammo belts wrapped around my body while carrying my light machine-gun! I want to look like Reb Brown in space!


  2. KAHR-Alpha

    Currently working as intented.
  3. ent|ty

    Who cares. TTK is so low right now, that in the majority of encounters, it makes little to no difference. If you're dead, you're dead. its all a matter of 1-2 bullet difference. Even if you survive the encounter, some random piece of spam will easily finish you off.
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  5. Torok

    Too much work to make slots appear on armor, maybe in the future?
    maybe not, since with Player studio we'll have new armors, and might not be compatibile with ammo bandoliers and such :p