Nanoweave affects more than just snipers. It is a nerf to NC, long ranged combat & gameplay pace

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  1. BoomBoom4You

    Nanoweave increasing TTK is a good thing in my opinion. If you want fast-paced ADD-friendly games, go play CoD.
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  2. Kanil

    Imagine if there was a tank weapon that fired straight down, but instant-killed anything it hit, with infinite RoF/ammo. Give this to all factions.

    Do you think the Magrider could utilize this weapon more effectively than the Prowler and Vanguard?

    Just because everyone has access to it, doesn't mean it automatically is balanced across factions.
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  3. Patrician

    It would still be "balanced"; within the definition of the word that is. There will always be "go to" weapons, or load outs this is simply the way things are in MMO,s. Players will always gravitate towards the most effective setup, the only way to stop this is to make all weapons, armour and implants exactly the same as each other; but then there would be no point to all the different weapons and classes.
  4. Patrician

    But NW doesn't benefit one faction above the others so your example is flawed.
  5. Patrician

    NW is a problem, not because it's "unbalanced", because it's not, but due to SOE's decision to ignore the cert system in PS and go for the anybody can cert anything system. Had they gone the restricted cert system of PS not everybody would be able to slot it as, depending on what they certed into, they wouldn't have enough certs to do so. This is the same reason that Strikers are perceived to be "OP", and the Burster, and NC AI Max's and all the other things that people have been crying about since launch. In the most part they weren't OP in and of themselves, shear numbers were the cause.

    SOE need to think about taking PS2 down the restricted cert system as in PS or these boards will always be full of players crying about something or other being OP or "unbalanced" until the sun turns into a red giant.
  6. Patrician

    But does it matter if everybody uses NW? How does that "spoil" your game in anyway?
  7. Patrician


    "I'm right and anybody that disagrees is wrong."
  8. ChrisEarth

    Maybe it is not unbalanced compared to the nanoweave of your opponent, but we have 5 to 6 different suits. And there is almost no use for the other ones, because of the suit slot imbalance.
    If everybody needs to use the nanoweave to stay competitive, it could be removed as well.

    Edit: And no. I'm not a sniper. ;)
  9. Patrician

    But shouldn't the alternatives be brought up to the usefulness of NW, or others added that are more appealing than what we have at the moment? Wouldn't that be better than nerfing something?
  10. ChrisEarth

    The question is, why did NW receive a massive buff recently?
    Nanoweave was already highly recommended as it gave a maximum bonus of 125 HP (100 HP for infiltrators).
  11. Stew360

    NW was a awefull idea from the begining as well as HA RS 5 shield and ZOE ability ...
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  12. Yonasu

    When will you realise this isnt COD:pS? Go play something else if 0.8 seconds is too long TTK for your invisible stealthninja. If i have time to pop shield, turn around and headshot you before your smg finishes me off from behind, then you are not headshotting enough. If you have problems with enemies moving away after first snipe-shot, don't use bolt action.
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  13. Vaphell

    if you like TTK with NW I got an awesome idea: buff EHP to 1250, rebalance slower RoF weapons a bit and mag sizes (some weapons are almost unable to own ubershielded NW5 HA without reload), remove NW from the game. You got your ttk and now everybody can make an actual non-braindead choice.
  14. Kanil

    Why does my example benefit one faction above the others? The other factions can still use the weapon, provided they take their tank off some sweet jumps.

    But if you want more...

    Imagine a NS pistol, the Tank-be-Gone. Does like 9001 damage to armored vehicles and 0 to infantry. Since it's a NS pistol, literally every class and every faction can carry it. Do you think this would hit all factions equally hard (and thus be balanced), even though some factions (TR) get more out of their vehicles in general than others?

    How about if engineers had an ability to supercharge their weapon? Say this hypothetical supercharge causes their carbines to do 5 times their normal damage. Apart from making NW even more critical than it currently is, do you think this ability -- which all factions would have -- would be balanced, despite it having more synergy with factions that have 200 damage carbines (NC), more so than those that don't?

    Back on topic: I think, if NW5 makes it take 2 more rounds to kill you from 90% of the guns in the game, that it's correct to say that NW has a greater impact on slower firing guns than fast firing ones. I also feel it is reasonable to say that some empires have faster firing weapons on average than others, meaning those empires are affected less by NW.

    Just because everyone has it, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be balanced.
  15. Patrician

    Your answer is, it didn't. The game has matured and most of the player base have got certs to spare so more people are certing NW5 than before; this upsets the "leet, look at my awesome skillz" crowd because it increases their TTK by a whole 2 bullets and requires them have to think a little about their positioning and situation before opening fire; it would appear that is the "thinking" part that is causing them problems. :)
  16. Lagavulin

    NW makes so little difference, I can't believe any of these stupid threads are anything more than snipers trying to whip up a storm to get more easy kills. That, or ppl who choose to use a different suit slot, so think no-one else should be allowed to use NW!

    Either way it's pathetic.
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  17. Patrician

    Actually it does; that's what the word "balanced" means.....
  18. Stride

    125 is literally one bullet....

    I feel that despite the fuss players make over this cert the devs still have a more realistic unbaised understanding of it.

    I know people get frustrated when they die and sometimes they need a scapegoat to justify their failure. Some players just can't accept that they are the ones that failed and prefer to blame game balance.

    Since players are not locked into one choice at all times there is no need for these suit certs to be useful fulltime. It's really that simple. You need to use flak then just switch to it until you need nanoweave again.

    People seem to think that all of these certs need to be one time choices but I prefer to see them all as situational and flexible. The harsh reality is that players need to purchase nanoweave, flak, and anything else that might be useful to them and be willing to switch at a moment they see fit to do so. Nanoweave may be the generic choice for most situations but there most certainly will be times a player might want to switch for munitions, flakarmor, etc.

    edit: I understand my post isn't relevant to who I quoted beyond the first thing I said...
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  19. Hrafnagaldr

    I actually noticed over the past few weeks, that with exception of a handful survived sniper headshots I actually died more often from running out of ammo with my NS-15M than I survived just through the NW5 bonus health. An ammo belt would probably have yielded some more kills before dying. YOu dont always have access to ammo packs.

    NW5 wont help much if you have good aim and dont engage several enemies at once. I also have little problems killing all sorts of people with my low rpm NS-15M or Ursa. But it is a good choice for starters before you improve your skill.

    The Flak change on the test server might also make this choice more attractive (reduced also direct impact damage from rockets and grenades). I'd really like to survice those pesky UBGL one-hits without activating my overshield :D
  20. Kanil

    What if it wasn't implemented as a common ability? What if the NC just had a 1,000 damage carbine, because NC bigger is better, that could insta-gib, while everyone else had 900 damage carbines that had to two shot.

    Would you consider that just "the whole point of PS2"?