Nanoweave affects more than just snipers. It is a nerf to NC, long ranged combat & gameplay pace

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  1. Eclipson

    So you are telling me that the Adv. Shield capacitor, Ammunition Belt, and Munitions Pack are situational? The only one that is, is Flak armor, but even then, its not really, since there are Grenades and Proxy Mines wherever you go. Choosing any of the suit slot options is a choice. Do I want more ammo? Do I hate waiting for my shields to recharge? Do I despise getting killed by Proxy Mines and Grenades? Do I like using my Rocket Launcher? Do I want a little bit more health? You choose one, you don't get the benefits of the others. If you use Nano weave, you don't get the benefits of the others, and vice versa. I myself, have never used Nanoweave past rank one. Why? Because I made the choice that I prefer the benefits of the other options over a little more extra health.

    I don't feel sorry for the snipers who have to click twice every once and a while to kill some. Nor do I feel sorry for the people who placed proxy mines that would have killed me if it wasn't for Flak amor. Or the Tank that would have gotten away if I didn't have that extra ammo from my Muntions pouch. Or for the extra people I killed behind enemy lines with the Ammo belt. Or for the guy who would have killed me if my shields didn't fully recharge because I wasn't using Adv. Shield Capacitor.

    Its a choice, people don't want to except that.
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  2. Aegie

    Balance could refer to the fact that 10% greater sprint speed =/= 25% more health.
  3. Shatters

    Ammo belt certs are going to be useless, when:
    1: Ammo packs are near
    2: You will not use the weapon in that specific area
    3: You dont get the chance to use all the ammo before dieing

    ADV shield generator will only help your survivability if you actually live trough the first encounter, which wont happen 50% of the time.

    And that "little" More health is a 50% increase in HP, which is huge and much better then pretty much every suit slot, and far less situational. As a added bonus it makes stuff like SR and other long range weapons much less effective.
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  4. phreec

    I'd be happy seeing everyone getting NW5 from the very start and then specializing into different armor slots if they choose to. Wouldn't completely screw over the beginners as it currently does and weapons could be balanced properly (especially the likes of 200/shot guns).
  5. Stride

    What exactly do you mean by further? Like beyond 20 or 30 meters? There is quite a bit of distance between maximum to the point where more than 2 extra bullets are necessary. Most of the weapons with good accuracy reach their minimum damage at 60-75 meters and these typically are between 90-125 damage. Basically that means most if not all of these rifles are still only requiring 2 extra shots for NW5 at 40-50 meters.

    Also, I generally disregard faction weapon generalization because weapons widely vary regardless of which faction they belong to. Those people that say NC weapons are better at so and so and VS weapons are better at so and so are the ones that are truly ignorant about how the weapons work. Although there are many weapons that might have a faction theme this simply isn't the case for ALL weapons of a faction.

    Lots of assumptions here and numbers that came from who knows where. Again, weapons vary and some may be more restrictive for long range bursts while others are not. There are also many weapon attachments that can hinder longer range combat.

    50 meters is literally the max distance a 750 BA sniper rifle can still oneshot someone using NW5. 800 BA sniper rifles can go a few meters further. This one sentence here is just a straight up lie.

    First of all max ASC starts at 6 seconds.

    Your made up scenario is quite elaborate but considering most of your points earlier about NW5 being so superior at further ranges why not in this situation too? That's because we both know ASC is superior when a player has access to cover which is quite likely at long ranges.

    Vehicles are not the only thing that deals explosive damage. There are plenty of threats other infantry have access too that will give flak armor some use. Yes, nanoweave is a more of an all purpose cert but that doesn't make it superior. In all honesty I think players should get both suit attachments and switch them out when the situation calls for one more than the other.

    What benefits were piling up exactly? The only benefit is extra hp. You can think of all the ways that could be useful but it doesn't really change that it is a simple hp boost.

    Yes, I regrettably read your entire inaccurate and incoherent argument that really fails to prove anything. I finished reading this feeling no sort of enlightenment and as if I wasted my time (and sadly further wasted my time making this reply).

    Nanoweave is fine how it is. The difference is so abysmal yet so many QQers have to make posts about it and many of whom don't even try to make an argument against it. At least you tried even if it was quite a confusing and pointless attempt so for that I applaud you and decided to reply.
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  6. CommodoreFrank

    Some people seem to take the word balance as only pertaining to faction balance. When you are forced to choose a single option, it's generally a good thing for all choices to be equal, hence being balanced choices. If one stands vastly above the rest, there's no point in the other options even existing.

    Frankly, nanoweave is too much of a "one size fits all" choice, and there needs to be more incentive to choose other options. Every other choice is good in what it's intended for, but with nanoweave being a strong choice in virtually any situation, there's little reason to choose anything else. It's exactly the same issue Call of Duty games had with the stopping power perk back when I played them. Why wouldn't you want to make every weapon you have require one less shot to kill when killing is the name of the game? Sure other perks in that slot had uses, but you couldn't go wrong in choosing more weapon damage.
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  7. Trysaeder

    The point is that this choice is easier to make and more powerful in more situations than the other options. Hence the options are not balanced. Every other option can be rendered useless somehow, which is not a problem on its own, but this emphasises the difference in effectiveness.

    No other suit option directly unbalances infantry combat by this magnitude, and Nanoweave being the most popular suit slot does not enhance the game compared to if other suit options were dominant.
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  8. KnightCole

    While i hate dying to guys who seem tough as hell..i realize i love the longer ttk in this game vs any other shooter ive played.

    Bfbc2..we die b4 we can think...lots of aimbot there though.

    Any bf game has real fast ttk. I think the over all durability we have is one thing i like most about ps2

    Finally all that body armor were in has a damn effect in game.

    I would still change it a bit but nwa...♥it.
  9. LordMondando

    The exact opposite.

    The 'time to kill' is so high it often makes shooting things at range pointless, if they have any chance of moving to cover at all.

    At the same time, the longed for 'I wish I had time to react', is based on a false premise. In other games you don't have dozens of people shooting at just you by a matter of course when you **** up your positioning. Increasing health, would not change a thing in that regard, reaction time will still mean nothnig next to positioning.

    Its range thts the issue, factor in bullet drop off and the difficulty of even hitting anything, people with NW5 only die to sustained fire from range, when they are stupidly advancing across open ground with no cover.
  10. Regpuppy

    Thank you! someone with some sense when it comes to something like this. Just because something is available to all does not make it balanced. Using that as your reasoning means you're giving any NS weapon licence to be absurdly overpowered compared to faction weapons or for any one upgrade to invalidate 5+ others in it's category or for anything to twist balance. Sad thing is this logic doesn't even hold true in this case, since it's a fact that it adversely affects the balance of high damage/low rof weapons vs low damage/high rof weapons that are currently in the game. One that's carefully been tuned around 1000 effective health. Which definitely shows considering that even just one level of nanoweave bumps up most guns by one bullet.
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  11. Crashmatusow

    NC is the devsCannotIntoPercentageScaling Faction
  12. DeadliestMoon

  13. DeadliestMoon

    You die to bullets just as easily as everyone else.
  14. Ziggurat8

    It's not NW. 8P
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  15. zombieslore

    Main problem with NW, sniping is a f***ing pain in the a** in this game, with clientside, lags, bullet drop (mainly NC and TR, stupid VS bolt action is unbalanced at long range wise), enemy movement, tracking, and now you got NW where you can spend 11 certs and f***ing survive a skilled marksmen from 100m away that hit you in the head while your moving. What's your opinion, it's not OP against snipers, sir, you need a whopping from my d*** cause you've never sniped before. One way to balance this is to increase certain sniper headshot multiplies so you don't make stuff unbalanced.

    Sniping = Frustartion
    Sniping against NW 2 = Rage quit when you can't f***ing kill a guy with a crappy a** f*** helmet using a high powered sniper rifle.
    Disagree with me = You need to be b**** slapped with my f***ing d*** cause your crazy if your disagreeing with me and need to be sent to a asylum.
  16. RX530SS

    Remove nanoweave and refund certs plx.
  17. AMARDA

    Really? Another Nanoweave thread?

    NW is fine. Does not need to be changed.
  18. VanuSovereignty

    Having to fire 2 more bullets to kill someone is really not a big deal with any automatic weapon. It is only a problem with bolt actions because... what purpose do bolt actions have if not to one hit kill with a headshot?
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  19. CaligoIllioneus

    *A "skilled" marksman hiding away in some distant hill while being useless to his faction. Infiltrators that favor a closer range where they can actually help have no trouble doing a followup shot to finish off the player that now has a sliver of HP.
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  20. ChrisEarth

    NW isn't fine as it is. 50% (or 250) more HP compared to a newbie is really bad.
    It makes a big difference if I need 6 or 8 bullets by 167 max bullet damage.