Nanoweave affects more than just snipers. It is a nerf to NC, long ranged combat & gameplay pace

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  1. Ravenorth

    None them doesnt really affect to the weapon balance as nanoweave does, none of them doesnt make certain types of primary weapons totally garbage when used against nanoweave and none of them doesnt give you upper hand in direct combat situation when you face another player. They are also pretty much situational, which means they are not useful in all situations like nanoweave, which makes them pretty much balanced.

    In majority of games fps, if there is something that gives you more hit points, like heavier armor, or bullet vest etc. it usually always comes with downsides like slower movement speed. I´m not really against downsides for other suit options, but currently they just doesnt affect as much to the game balance as nanoweave does.
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  2. Ravenorth

  3. Astealoth

    I agree with the OP. NW5 needs to be buffed to increase health by 20000 and it's cost needs to be reduced to 5 certs total for the whole line. I can't believe no one else has suggested that NW5 is too weak and too expensive!
  4. Patrician

    TTK in this game is too short as compared with PS: PS2 is not a twitch shooter like CS, or shouldn't be. If that's the style of game you like there are plenty of them for you, PS2 is different and a part of that difference is it's longer TTK.
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  5. Patrician

    As everybody, across every faction, has access to NW of course it's balanced; by definition it has to be.
  6. Patrician

    As NW is available to all players, across all factions, it is balanced; maybe all you NW whiners should start using a more appropriate word than"balance"?
  7. Shatters

    Buffing every suit slot up to the level of NW5 because NW5 is vastly superior to almost every suit slot.

    Yeah, that sounds like the smart thing to do, especially in terms of dev rescources needed that could be used on other things.:eek:
  8. Shatters

    That does not make it balanced. Lets say we had a pistol with 100% accuracy, a 6x scope on it, unlimited ammo, 500k damage, 500 ROF and it also damaged tanks ect. Every faction would have acces to it.

    Would it be balanced faction-wise? yes. Would it be balanced as a whole? Not at all, because it beats all the other options available.

    just because every faction has acces to something does not make it balanced. It just looks that way because the impact of a faction having a vastly superior option is much greater and more noticable (like the striker)
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  9. Shatters

    That those things are useless in a vast amount of the situations, and require strategy about when to equip them. Equip the wrong one, and you will get zero benefit from wearing them.

    But not NW5. not only is it always functional, in every situation where you would take damage, which is pretty much every situation in planetside2. And even if your base is surrounded by tanks, NW5 is still a good option, while flak should be the suit slot of choice, hands down, in that situation.
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  10. Trysaeder

    Yes, it's true that anyone can equip it, hence my last question. If everyone is equipping NW, does this improve the game? Some people would say yes; they believe that TTK is too short in this game, however NW is not an interesting mechanic that promotes good gameplay regardless of what people believe the TTK should be. If everyone equipped ASC, we'd have more intense firefights with faster re-engagements. If everyone equipped Flak, indoors infantry combat would be made a lot more possible. If everyone equips nanoweave, the effective engagement range is decreased and it becomes harder to kill multiple people sequentially.

    The contrary is true. This is how power creep comes about. Devs want to appease the irrational masses that believe that you can achieve good balance without nerfing anything. It is possible on paper, but the volume of interactions between different gameplay constants prevents "never nerf things" from being a reasonable method of balance.

    Besides, it's hardly even nerfing when the original version of Nanoweave was 100% balanced already.

    NW does not solve TTK problems. Instead it creates a gap between players who are or are not equipping it, which is especially big in its current state. PS2's TTK is extremely high for a modern military shooter, coming in at 7-8 hits to kill for the average 650-800 RPM weapon. This is far slower than other examples, where you have 4-5 hit kills with 900+ RPM weapons.

    In any case, desirably high TTK is not a relevant justification for NW5's current level of power.

    I LIKE the TTK in Planetside. The ~540 MS average CQC TTK is much slower than other games, providing room for all of gunplay, strategy and reaction time to become significantly important factors in firefights. I'm not implying that it's absent from other games, but this balance is good and very enjoyable for the type of game that PS2 is.
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  11. lilleAllan

    I like high ttk. Low TTK in such a buggy, laggy game would be guaranteed frustration.

    It's basically the only thing this game has going for it over Battlefield.
  12. StarBacon

    I completely agree with all your points and would like to add another one: revives.

    Revives give you back a PERCENTAGE of health, not a fixed amount. This means that someone with nanoweave armor will come back into the battle with more health than someone with another suit option.
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  13. Necron

    While I don't really mind NW5 too much( it does frustrate me when Longshot head-shots are no longer OHK), the one thing I have noticed is that MW5 makes ROF > than everything else. It really does hurt the low ROF weapons more than the high ones. That hurts NC the most for sure, but there are ways around that. The most frustrating part of that though is that to get around the NW5 buff you tend to limit yourself to certain weapons. It made weapons like the AC-X11 a lot less useful. With the NW buff the X11 should have gotten 5 more round in the mag and a slightly higher ROF to balance out the fact that it now takes 2 - 3 more rounds to kill with it. Will SOE change things? I doubt it. They are very quick to nerf, but hellishly slow to actually balance things.
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  14. ToothpasteEater

    Even after falk armor will get buffed ( and you'll see first HAs with resist shield+flak taking rockets and tank rounds to the chest, lol) NW will be superior. Flak will give you 1500 EHP against explotions, that's 500 additional HP, NW gives you half that number against any damage source. I think that NW shouldn't give you direct HP bonus, it should give resistance to weapons.
    It can give you different resist for different weapons,essentialy the bigger is bullet the less resist you have. e.g. BASRs can completely ignore NW while SMGs and pistols will have the highest resist. It's hard not to admit that this is a radical idea. I like it, though.
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  15. maxkeiser

    NW is absolutely fine as it is. TTK is already ludicrously short. I see no need for any changes.
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  16. Lagavulin

    Big deal. Nanoweave really doesn't warrant all this cr@p, and it's probably not the reason ppl are beating you, or me!
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  17. Ravenorth

    Everyone being able to use it doesnt justify for it being able to make certain types primary weapons useless in their designated roles, you cant justify that with anything unless there is suit options that makes same for every weapon types, thats how balance works. I wonder how shotgunners would like if devs introduce a shotgun armor suit slot, which makes it possible to survive 1-2x more pellets and also prevents from being OHKed by pump shotties at point blank.
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  18. StarBacon

    It should function as a fixed resist % against small arms fire for the limbs/torso but NOT the head. This will reward skillful shooting in CQC and resolve the issue of headshots not killing for bolt actions.
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  19. ironfather

    exactly my thoughts to. Read title thought stew360 was behind this.........
  20. FateJH

    What are the downsides to counteract what makes Flak Armor attractive?