[Suggestion] Nano-leeching cloak

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Merakov, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Merakov

    The Nano-Leeching Cloak lasts for 8.5 sec and recharges for 11 sec when filly depleted however when you kill an enemy your get 20 % of the cloak back at max rank .

    1.Rank - 50 cert - 6.5 duration / 13 sec recharge / 10 % cloak per kill
    2.Rank - 100 cert - 7 duration / 12.5 sec recharge / 12.5 % cloak per kill
    3.Rank - 150 cert - 7.5 duration / 12 sec recharge / 15 % cloak per kill
    4.Rank - 500 cert - 8 durtion / 11.5 sec recharge / 17.5 % cloak per kill
    5.Rank - 1000 cert - 8.5 duration / 11 sec recharge / 20 % cloak per kill

    This cloak shows its full potential when you get that kill streak going, providing cloak duration for as long as you kill your enemies
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  2. Asageh

    Seems like a very interesting idea, maybe work on it a bit on that idea.
  3. STR1D3R109

    Id increase the duration, that sounds tiny! ;P
  4. Merakov

    Yeah thats should be tweaked / balanced
  5. pnkdth

    This is a really good idea. This would complete the circle for infiltrators as far as cloaks goes as then we'd have:
    1. Standard "jack of all trades" cloak.
    2. Damage mitigation cloak.
    3. Infiltration cloak.
    4. Hit and run-cloak.

    Throw higby and Bill Yeatts a tweet or two just to make sure they see it. Since they already have the code done in terms of charging abilities with the adrenaline shield, this, I imagine, would not require much additional coding.
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  6. Rovertoo

    Sounds cool, but I initially thought it would act like a mini-EMP. While active, it drains surrounding enemy ability energy at such-and-such a rate.

    Spitting that idea out there, I like your idea better. Acts like a cloaker version of adrenaline shield!
  7. _itg

    The core concept is good, but I'd base the timing off the hunter cloak rather than nano-armor cloak. The difference, of course, would be that each rank increases the recharge on kill rather than the overall recharge rate. I think the recharge on kill should be fairly dramatic (maybe 50% at max rank), because the hunter cloak recharges quite quickly in the first place, and even when playing aggressive SMG infiltrator, you'll probably want to cloak more often than you kill.
  8. Zinus

    I don't see why not, some of the functionality should be there with the adrenaline shields.

    Ofc will need tweaks, but the general idea is good.
  9. LordDethir

    15 seconds cloak, 15 seconds recharge?
  10. MrJengles

    Nice idea!
  11. Jac70

    I like the idea,

    I currently use Nano Armour cloak, maybe the only person doing so :eek:, it's a good fit for a close assault Infiltrator and I have gotten use to the short duration time. I think this idea of yours might even require less time because you charge it with kills - encouraging going on sprees.

    One thing I have considered that might be an improvement to the Nano Armour Cloak is the effect of shots on it. I am not sure, does your cloak flash only when your actual health takes a shot or at any time when you are hit?
  12. Rikkit

    I created an improvement request at the ps2 issue tracker out of it.
    So at least SOE can notice this great suggestion.
    When you want to have this cloak, let SOE know it by leaving a vote for this.