Nanite tick rate needs reducing or resource costs need increasing (pick one)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. NinjaTurtle

    All that is happening is spam tanks, spam MAX units, spam all the resource cost items.

    Last night was silly. You can pull this crap in a more spam friendly way than before because, the tick rate is simply to high.

    Who'd have thought that the acquisition timers actually had a purpose eh?

    If the purpose from SOE was to make vehicles and MAX units more spammable and even more popular then success has been achieved, though if that was the intention it was a terrible decision.

    If this was not the intended outcome then I suggest you very quickly patch in a resource tick reduction.

    This is not how I wanted the resource changes to impact the game

    Note: I am fully aware that this is phase 1 of the changes and maybe these costs make sense and will work perfectly when the next phase hits, however that could be months away. The game cannot be left in this state until then

    These costs need fixing now and if these costs are needed for the next phase then patch them back in at that stage.
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  2. Crayv

    I would give it a bit more time as people probably are not yet paying for consumables like grenades just yet as they probably still have their stockpile of 40 to burn through.

    After a week or two we should see what the new resource is going to be really like.
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  3. Zhakathoom

    I hope you're right and that the resource spenditure we're now seeing is balancing out. Because from my gameplay yesterday it was ALL tanks, aircrafts and MAXes dominating the battlefield. Anything else was heavies with rocket launchers to take out said armor, engineers to repair the armor and snipers to take out the engineers and the heavies. All good you might say, but It all revolved around the vehicle-game: Keep ours alive and kill theirs, with a steady supply of fresh vehicles coming in from both sides it ends up being a standstill ranged shootout. You hardly see enemy infantry any more unless you're sniping..

    - Z
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  4. PKfire

    While not the sole issue, the only big one is MAX suits

    The revamp has been a godsend for aspiring pilots
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  5. SeanFree

    WOOOAAAHHHH there buddy. I agree that the vehicle spam was out of control after this revamp...

    But my C4 spam is basically unlimited for the culling of the baddies :)
  6. Nexus545

    To the purist the new system is terrible. To someone who likes to use toys other than pew pew guns it's great.

    I see no problem with the new system, the battles are massive and fun again.
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  7. Sghignifiss

    With the fast resource recharging times we have now the scenario explained by NinjaTurtle is actually quite realistic, which I find a positive thing on one hand and quite negative on the other. The negatives come IMHO with the MAX spam. I personally don not bother the vehicle spam (see ahead for details), but I think all these MAXes are a little too much.

    The positive aspect of this new resourse management comes with the sunderers spam. I actually like it. I have to say I've yet not played enough to be able to express an absolute judgment, but yesterday evening I've seen for the first time a huge battle that lasted without interruption during all the way through two bases. We furiously fought for every meter of land, inside every base but most importantly in the open land between bases. If we lost a sunderer spawn, another one was already deployed in a little distance from it, allowing us to slowly retreat but still be present on the field. The result was a great battle in the open land, surrounded by many vehicles and aircrafts. In this context I found the general vehicle spam to be quite effective, as it happens on both sides and it's mainly engaged in the open (as it should be).

    I'm generally satisfied with these changes but I agree with the OP: something need a little fix here and there. I would suggest rising MAX costs, personally.
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  8. FLHuk

    How are you not seeing the bigger picture here?

    The old system was completely transparent, you could verify your income and adjust your style to suit the type you needed.

    The new system is non transparent, you can't verify any income unless they tell you amounts and or tick rates.... So yeah of course they've given us more than we need in order to placate the populous short term! Obvious....

    Fast forward and they can do what ever is needed, boost for members, reduce for F2P and all pretty much without you knowing or noticing.... I'm F2P btw and I fully expect members to be overflowing with nanites, why ever not!?

    Now all they need to make this move seem urgent is people running about screaming while waving pitch forks and torches.

    See you in a few weeks when no one can afford anything without membership and boosts :p
  9. variablez

    new system sucks, everyone can pull what ever whenever.
    I was hoping for less vehicle max spamm not as new system has introduced significantly more.
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  10. Crator

    Agreed, either tick-rate reduction or cost of item increased...
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  11. Bankrotas

    I like new resource system :/ It gives a bit of flexibility, but takes away my suicidal lib charges.
    Furthermore is fixes all the complaints of overpop faction having resource advantage...
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  12. Aegie

    Nope, no stockpiles after the patch.
    Exactly what I said was likely to happen.
  13. Alarox

    At first I was on the fence. Then I hated it. Now I'm really enjoying it. So many good tank battles!

    Tanks aren't camping spawn rooms. I'm not driving around desperate for something to kill. Instead, there's a continuous battle going on.

    That being said... there's definitely something wrong when I have to destroy someone's Prowler 4 times back to back.
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  14. CipherNine

    Vehicle spam leads to more aggressive play which means more kills and more intense battles for everyone. There is nothing to hate except MAX spam which makes heavy assaults redundant.
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  15. SuperMedicated

  16. Inex

    Sounds like we should bump the tick rate a bit so they can afford a 5th Prowler.
  17. Rift23

    So they can spam tanks, but we can spam air, and they can spam MAXes, and we can spam C4? And that's bad?

    Oh, look, another infantryside thread.
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  18. SacredRay

    If it had to be changed, then I'd prefer resource costs of vehicles, MAX's and Aircraft (apart from ESFs) to be increased. Leave tick rate the same.

    However, I don't see why people can't just use their brains.

    There are MAX's? There's plenty of C4 then to go around. Concussive/AV grenades too. Or if you're a cheapskate, give people another reason why "Rocket Primary" is an issue (even though it isn't).

    Just play with a head for Gods sake.
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  19. Maelthra

    I hope people are spamming vehicles. Maybe I'll use my Magrider more often if I have actual vehicles to kill instead of having to settle for farming infantry.
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  20. MorganM

    But but but... there's all these threads of people whining about running out of resources and not being able to pull what they want whenever they want!?

    I think it's just about right. If you are stupid and pull / use things you don't really need... wasting vehicles.... using consumbles when you didn't really have to... then you'll run out Previously I could spam 30+ consumables like claymores, C4, and tank mines because I constantly kept my supplies stocked that high. So to me there's not much of a change here; if anything less spam of these things.

    Vehicles and MAXs are pretty spendy still. Maybe the sunderer is too cheap if anything. I don't see them spammed any more than before. There were huge vehicle zergs long before this patch... and there still are. I don't see any more MAXs than before; at least not a noticable amount. Maybe there's marginally more but it's not like I see 50+ of them in a bio lab.

    I fail to see the problem you lay out.