Nanite of The Living Dead, 2021

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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    Throughout the halls filled wails and screaming, while in shadows hunters' blades are gleaming. Crossbows, hatchets, and tricks abound, to sting and slice and silence sound.

    Nanite of the Living Dead (Oct. 01 - Oct. 31)
    This year's Nanite of the Living Dead event runs through all of October! Spooky sights, sounds, and SpacePumpkins will make their way to Auraxis. Details below!

    A Shadowy Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary social hub has received a seasonal makeover. Sights, sounds, and mask-wearing denizens abound.

    Trick or Treat!
    Upon entering Sanctuary, you'll receive a mission to learn more about the Halloween event! Along the way, unlock holiday masks that provide bonus experience when worn!
    SPRK-33 is unimpressed.

    Squash the SpacePumpkins!

    The SpacePumpkins have returned to Auraxis! Throughout the battlefields, seek and destroy these gigantic gourds to earn experience and progress toward a new Halloween directive!

    The massive (and powerful!) Galact-O-Lantern may occasionally be found lying in wait... what are these foul creatures plotting?

    Halloween Directive
    Gain buckets of currency by stabbing, chopping, and resurrecting your way through this year's new Halloween directive!

    Those who conquer these challenges before the event ends will receive a Terrifying new title, and a deadly new camouflage pattern.

    Monster Slayer's Best Friend
    Meet the Heavy Crossbow, a new primary weapon archetype available to the Infiltrator and Light Assault classes.
    The Seeker HLX is the first of its kind, firing hardlight bolts that turn distant enemies into pincushions.

    With Nanite of the Living Dead, we'll also be releasing the Demon Seeker variant, an infernal take on this newest addition.


    Seasonal Cosmetics
    In addition to the heavy crossbows, the Halloween season brings cosmetics old and new right to your Depot.

    Find holiday vehicle horns, engine FX, and contrails; masks, helmets, and camouflage; and a variety of weaponry befitting the witching hours.

    Inferno Tire Trails, for the Flash, Harasser, ANT, and Sunderer.

    Spectral Contrails and Engine FX for the Dervish, Mosquito, Reaver, and Scythe.

    Grim, holiday pickaxes for each empire.

    And Much More!

    Included in the coming update are loads of UI and quality of life improvements, as well as bug fixes and smaller additions. While the event runs from October 1st and on, the update (and much of the content) will land on September 29. Patch notes and full event details are just around the corner. Stay tuned!

    We want to hear what you think! What is your favorite part of this update? Let us know below!
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  2. Tython

    Heavy Crossbow!? Yes please!!
  3. Mr. Turano

    I think you guys do a great joy with the holiday stuff, it would also be nice to see some zombie AI like from the tutorial in small groups to slaughter for very small amounts of exp.

    Pumpkins are cool and all, as I am a father and a kid a heart, it’s a little innocent and safe.

    The zombies wouldn’t even have to move, and doesn’t even have to be zombies.

    People have been wanting a crossbow for I don’t know how long. Nice one.

    Lastly, can you please unlock the story line missions; you spent all that time and effort to keep it up forever?
    It made sense at first why you wanted to release them one at a time, but I had a friend ask me why she can’t do it even though she just started the game and wasn’t around when it was active.
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  4. Mayor WIston

    Sounds good, want me that scythe. Does it have a spooky sound play when you kill someone with it? I hope so. :p
  5. barisay97

    Will VS vortex fps bug be fixed in the next update?
  6. SgtBlacksmith

    Super excited for the update, especially the directive and the crossbow! Any chance we could get follow-up posts fully explaining the directive requirements and rewards, as well as how the crossbow will work? I think a little showcase of the rewards and a clip of the crossbow in action would go a long ways towards generating excitement in the community!
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  7. ican'taim

    where are the patch notes?
  8. Bogvoin

    Will the crossbow be taken away after the event?
  9. SergeantBob23

    New mask cosmetics? Check
    New camo that looks super interesting based on its thumbnail and title? Check
    New gun type? wow, Check!
    New melee item that looks different per faction? Interesting, Check!

    Looks great with what we've been shown, what a great year, dev team, You guys have been doing great and I can't wait to see what Wrel teased us on for winter :)
  10. Tython

    Patch notes

    Not sure the Berserker implant is a good idea. "On the one hand, you're easier to kill, but on the other hand, you're harder to kill." What?

    Bunny hop implant could be fun and extremely annoying.

    Scavenger could be OK for Stalker loadouts, but Deep Operative and Catlike are golden as is and I don't see this changing anything when Ammo Belt exists.

    The crossbow looks fun and I hope it lives up to the expectations. Since we can't test it to give feedback before it goes live, it's either going to be amazing or garbage. Here's hoping for amazing.

    The fact none of this is available for testing on the PTS makes me a sad planetman.
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  11. Unlimited

  12. TommySharks

    If this crossbow would be semi-auto i would love this thing instantly xDD
  13. TommySharks

    I assume it means you trade 20% of your effective health pool for more self-sustain over long run. I guess it's been developed as measure to nanite auto-repair suit when you wanna switch into ordnance or kinetic armor without loosing passive regen...
  14. Nighda Venesis

    It currently doesn't make sense for older campaigns to be unlocked because the map has changed significantly with each chapter, but! Given the new tutorial, perhaps once the tech behind simulated battles has matured more, they could create a form of single player / squad or platoon coop version of past campaigns and chapters with the correct maps and everything, with whatever's currently going on remaining for multiplayer. This way the only thing you would miss is the community doing it together, not all the story and rewards stuff.

    Personally would really like this. I always find it a shame when content goes away. Looking at you, Destiny.
  15. Mithril Community Manager

    They are posted here.
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  16. ican'taim

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  17. NinjaMonkey

    I can't seem to find the light assault tool on the test server that wrel teased in the official patch notes. Maybe I'm missing something?

    ''As something fun for the folks reading here toward the end, Test Server will be updated with a new Light Assault tool experiment once the update goes out. May never see the light of day, but it's been pretty fun to toy around with.''
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  18. Agent10110

    And every empire specific wepeaon is lockt. (you can`t buy them)
    Ignore this it´s working again.
  19. Forrest Glenn

    That crossbow looks really cool I was very excited to try it out. But after playing tonight, I would be much happier if it were removed. It is really not fun letting every class have a close quarters bolt action sniper/ 2 hit kill splash weapon. It is just so oppressive. When getting hit by it, the worst part is that the explosion completely blocks your vision, so I cant even aim back at the attacker before the second shot. It is currently my least favorite weapon to play against, and I am really disappointed.
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  20. BoomBoom4You

    Yeah, I'm surprised / disappointed this made it in. Not saying it isn't fun, but it's totally unbalanced and OP.
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