Nanite Auto Repair System

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lyravega, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Jeslis

    Yea.. this was way over the top.. basically a 50% nerf to effectiveness.. I get hit by so much random flak that I already have to land and repair more then Id want (Lib).. and ESF's dont need any more weaknesses (Being forced to land and repair more often).. they are already weak as a wet noodle.

    I would love something of a passive regen.. like .5% regen a second, with no dmg breaking repair ********.
  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    devs were lazy. instead of making balanced improvements to the other defensive options, they nerf the most used one, NARS.

    i'd love to switch to composite armor for my MBT if it was more effective and had a cert tree line. but i dont see the devs implementing this sadly. that's why i use NARS because all other options are crap
  3. Maljas23

    They need to make Stealth reduce audio, along with its current benefits. Then it might be worth using on an ESF. In fact, I would probably use it all the time over everything else if it did.
  4. Paragon Exile

    This is a bad change.

    And I just certed up this to 4 in my scythe! :C
  5. Xervous

    So yet again the game is further boiled down to who can throw more bodies at whatever the current objective is...
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  6. Taemien

    If you can consistently repair in midair, then I guess you didn't need Auto repair to begin with.
  7. lyravega

    Indeed. This is just premature.

    They should move proximity radar back. Maybe I'll go for it then. I don't understand why have they moved it first, then made AMS passive anyway.