Nanite Auto Repair System

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  1. lyravega

    SOE, why increase the delay to 12 seconds? The primary reason people certed in this is the delay reduction, and you go and just nerf it?

    If there was a tolerance; nanite repair tolerance, where the repair isn't disrupted unless the vehicle has taken more than 10% damage or something in a short time, I'd be alright with this, but without such a thing, just removing the delay reduction, is just plain BS.

    So, are we getting a refund now? Since you have just changed maybe the primary reason why people certed into this fully? No. Another job well done.
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  2. PlatoonLeaderG

    I want my certs back too,i was thinking of changing now its a good time.
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  3. Larolyn

    I could accept this so easily if Stealth was given a sound footprint decrease. Stealth ESF is useless if I am still heard from over 300 meters away.

    NARS is the most popular choice because the other choices on offer are not nearly as good a choice. If NARS is over utilised it is only because of the inferior choices that are on offer.

    I run stealth on my Lightning and my Harraser as these are NS vehicles and the sound signature can easily be mistaken as a friendly vehicle. If NARS is getting nerfed then PLEASE make stealth an option that is worthwhile on more than just NS vehicles by quite simply reducing the sound footprint it gives.
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  4. lyravega

    This is another good point mate.
  5. Taemien

    Auto Repair was just way too good for what its supposed to do. Before it made many aircraft invulnerable. Heck even my Lightning was pretty beefy with it. Its still a pretty good choice. Instead of popping in and out of combat, players will need to remove themselves completely which helps mitigate the vehicle threat, especially in massed formations.

    Pretty sure the majority of you wanted that.

    I think the change is good. I would like to see it set the baseline for the other defensive choices to be brought up to from here.
  6. lyravega

    Think again. One stray bullet is able to disrupt the repair for Harassers/ESFs, and you call it invulnerable?
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  7. Taemien

    Yes I do, because they can simple hold spacebar down and be out of range of that stray round and in many cases, out of render distance. The way it worked before, and the way -I- used it was to get up out of render distance for a second and then move back down. By the time I was back in engagement distance I was 3/4's of the way repaired from whatever damage I took. Meaning I was full before the ground began firing again.

    I was very rarely ever shot down from the ground because of that. 8 out of 10 times of me dying in a ESF is from another ESF. 1 from ground, and 1 from slamming into something on accident (tree, hill, or other aircraft).

    Same thing with my Lightning, I just duck behind cover for a second or two and roll back out.

    Sorry to say, but I'm one of the abusers of auto repair. I knew it wasn't balanced.
  8. lyravega

    You are avoiding the point I tried to make. I don't care about your war stories. No one does. Fact is, 1 bullet is able to disrupt the auto-repair. Fact is, that bullet will delay the repair even more now. If you think it is balanced now, I agree to disagree.
  9. Bonom Denej

    Since when does bullet hurt Lightings/Sundie/Libs/Gals/MBT ? Aren't all those vehicles immune to small fire arms ?
  10. Taemien

    Fact is, its OP in my hands. If it wasn't in yours, L2P.

    Yep. The OP is flying WAY too low in his ESF and is complaining. Probably another lonewolf.
  11. UberBonisseur

    A nerf was necessary, but I don't think a delay nerf was the way to go.

    Instead, it could've been something like "Repairs up to 90% of the damage you've taken in the last 30 seconds". Basically, auto repair would still kick in quite fast, but you'd only repair to 90% of your total health, then 81%, then 73%, so at some point you'd be forced to land and repair.

    Auto-repair was OP in the way that you never actually had to land to repair, we all know that a landed ESF is vulnerable. Ideally, repair tool speed on ESFs should be cut down significantly and allow airpads to do the repairs; so if you want to counter ESFs but can't fight them in the sky, you start camping the Airpads.
  12. DQCraze

    Either way a refund is needed. They changed the REASON why people used it.

    They want vehicles to be suicide machines with the way they are nerfing everything. This is bs really.
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  13. Taemien

    I can't agree with that. Its still quite useful. It just can't be exploited in the same way. I can honestly say I upgraded it for the amount it healed for, not the time reduction (even though I took advantage of it). As for refunding certs, that simply can't be done everytime something changes. That would be rather annoying, having to respend certs everytime something changes.
  14. lyravega

    I don't fly, sorry to break your immersion. I am talking in general.
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  15. KnightCole

    I woulda rather seen the amount it healed go down. CUz heck, once you get it working, our vehicles heal from dead to 100% in like 10 seconds...15? It isnt that long lol.

    I wish Lib and ESF couldnt buy it anymore.....
  16. FateJH

    They don't refund things unless the very fundamental mechanic of the thing has been changed. They refunded Nanoweave, for example, because it changed from a raw health upgrade to a percentage damage resistance and changed how it synergized with other defensive options. Changing the timing on something is not enough to warrant a refund.

    I don't recall if they had decided on that kind of a metric for refunding before or after but it would have been the same for the Fire Suppression change. FS went from being a tool that has extremely limited use during the few moments your vehicle is about to die, i.e., when it was on fire, to a controlled and short application of a repair tool every 45s.
  17. amerigo

    They changed the main motivation to upgrade to higher cert lines. The percentages don't provide much of an in game difference. If your vehicle is being auto repaired, chances are you're ducked behind a rock or out of range.
  18. amerigo

    How is that any different than getting out of range and repairing?
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  19. Apples

    The nanite auto-repair doesn't stop on damage, it stops on impacts so any round that hits will stop it.
  20. DQCraze

    The only reason they nerfed this was because no one was using the crappy comp armor with its buff.
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