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    We are a organisation that is familiar with building new teams and adapting to new games, we have a semi-pro team in Rocket League and Hopefully when Valorant goes live well have a team with a firm foot in the competitive scene, join are team and you'll learn everything you need to know about this game threw playing with loads of team mates, watching the videos we leave links to in the discord or by simply asking players, we need English speaking players with mics that are a PC player on the EU Cobalt server and play as NC. Are dream is to have enough players with loads of dedicated hours to take over a server on are own with no other outfits to help us. You can be completely new to the game we don't care, as long as you play regularly and have fun. Once the team is fully built up and we call have set roles and enough time in the game, we hope to take part in the Planet Battles Tournaments, so people can watch us dominate on there YouTube channel when they go live. If you play casually or competitively, your new to the game or a long time vet who still is passionate about the game and wants some hardcore team action and you have all the requirements above you can join, message me on Discord @ - [NLX] Solar0#1349 - to join the Planetside team and become a part of my organisation or ask further questions before deciding.