Name something you've used because you knew it would be nerfed eventually

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. DashRendar

    Name a vehicle, weapon, class, utility etc that you used not because you liked it or because it was what the fight needed, but solely because you knew it would eventually be nerfed. Better get the kills now sort of thing. You can go all the way back to release or even before.

    I'll start. I created a VS account and certed out a MAX just so I could use the pre-nerf ZOE module... those were the days.
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  2. Flashtirade

    The Phoenix at release
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  3. Goldmonk

    I never really used anything because I knew it was getting nerfed. Hell, the only weapons I use are my RAMS, T5 AMC, HC-1 Cougar, and the MCG.
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  4. z1967

    I was using the Banshee before peoples started the nerf calls for it. Hell, I might have been one of the original people in favor of a nerf for it. Gonna have to check my post history but I think I ended up sparking the change :|

    No ragrets.
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  5. Liewec123

    i did love my prenerf ZoE, other than that i had a maxed out fury wraith flash before the fury nerf, those were the days XD

    i was sad that i missed the OHK phoenix, i bought it afew days after the nerf.
  6. DashRendar

    I never had a Banshee certed pre-nerf. I finally got one certed up only to find out it had gotten the hammer.
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  7. sL360

    When people started calling the banshee OP I started using it. That was about after the PPA nerf. I guess you could call it a case of petty revenge :p

    I still use the banshee. To me, it's not any less dangerous than it was before the nerf. It just sounds a whole lot more badass now.
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  8. ReconTeemo

    prenerf maurader, striker, tr max dual cannon i forgot what's it called lol. Harrasser, pre nerf viper, Tar, sv-88, noobtubes, don't remember the rest.
  9. z1967

    yeah, it was pretty much a willy-nilly-point-and-killy style gun, especially with thermals and ex mags.
  10. Peebuddy

    Volcan when it was introduced, best AA gun ever!

    Murauder on hurraser before the proximity nerf. 90% of my kills in a harraser were with the murauder with thermals.

    pump action shotgun with slug rounds, best sniper weapon ever!

    Lock-down fractures
  11. Freedom Fries

    Python heat lol? Flash nanite auto repair?
  12. LIKE A BOSS!

    Viper, ZOE, PPA (back when it had 50+ magazine sizes).
  13. MikeyGeeMan

    T7 mini chain gun

    Pretty much every weapon I ever bought. Whether or not inised it knowing...well they got needed.
  14. MikeyGeeMan

    Concussion grenades
  15. Peebuddy

    Oh, and when they buffed the viper to OHK infantry with impressive splash. It was just SO easy to kill infantry to not be nerfed
  16. Isokon

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  17. Crayv

    I would say so far the only thing I have used because I thought it would get nerfed is the activatable knife on my NC. Though with knife hit detection the way it is right now I don't think it is going to get nerfed anytime soon.
  18. Hammerlock

    fractures ... i miss the old times it could shredd through near everything
  19. Pirbi

    I refused to do anything with the harasser because I knew it would get nerfed. But time went by and nothing. So I certed one all out. Went on a hell of a ride.:D I think it was nerfed only a day or two later. :mad:
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  20. Jake the Dog

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