(MyVS) Royale Malaysian Force VS, Recruitment

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by AowlSyam94, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. ShisuiAnbuGhost13

    That why i suggest to plan an ops night/day so that we can all play together, i suggest maybe saturday or friday. We all play on one squad, how about this weekend for a start, let just play Briggs VS since we have no. of player already there.
  2. ShisuiAnbuGhost13

    boleh target atleast 1 squad penuh hehe, jom start
  3. AowlSyam94

    sekarang susah nak tengok dia org online :/ . ramai budak U dlm outfit so paham2 la..hehe. nvm. mlm ni aku n kwn aku ada kat Connery. Sthrix : VS, Dajjal : NC ;)
  4. MahouFairy

    I'll be waiting from across the border (literally) or front line. xD
  5. Sze wee

    You're from Singapore and plays on Briggs too? Why i dont see you?? IGN YourGrandmotherHere
  6. MahouFairy

    I think I might have seen you before! My IGN is IcidsHaHa!
  7. Xeara

    Hello.... anybody here? Who still active in briggs raise your hand... btw.. im back.. just add me on steam .. emays24 /XearaExa

    Find me lol
    (Connery) xeara24
  8. Xeara

    Yuhuuuu.... korg main lg ke x?? Huuhuhuhu..
  9. AowlSyam94

    yep. kita org ada lagi. server Connery dh sekarang. haha.
  10. AowlSyam94

    i just added you on Steam :p
  11. Xeara

    waa.... hahaha... boss..inv masuk outfit connery...flagstar pun dah berhijrah kesana... semua pakat level noob lagi..hahaha:D
  12. Mrcomand0

    Korang main lg x kat connery...kalau main add friend Mrcomand0...

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