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Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by AowlSyam94, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. AowlSyam94

    Greetings, Malaysians
    tag : MyVS (Briggs) and DX13 (Connery)

    A new outfit primarily for VS players from Malaysia has been created!
    We are still a small but active outfit (pending more members joining).

    We are looking for :
    - Active VS players (Malaysian night-time gamers / weekend gamers)
    - Players who like to play in squads and platoons for a common goal, willing to follow orders
    - Mic is NOT required/necessary - but always good to have
    - Friendly, Mature, Fun-loving, Chatty, etc

    Objectives :
    - An outfit where you can feel at home
    - To create an Official Malaysian Outfit on Briggs and Connery server
    - Gather up players throughout Malaysia
    - Living in an atmosphere of capable and skillful Malaysian Gamers
    • We believe in each individual would only strengthen the outfit
    - Creating a connectable and unity of relations
    • We welcome new players =)
    - Socialize with people nearby, have more fun
    - Make Vanu proud!

    Please REPLY here if you are interested!

    Watch this thread for any updates!
    Look for [MyVS] at Briggs or [DX13] at Connery tagged members online, post here, or add one of us as friend: chronoside02(Briggs)/Predator8000(Connery) or OrangGila(Briggs) or Lengchai(Briggs)/Sayaunuan(Connery) or Ravelton(Briggs)/Sthrix(Connery) or XearaExa(Briggs) or flagstar(Briggs) to join us!

    p.s. : We prefer speaking in Malay during game time and we're not too serious but not too casual either.

    - Ravelton/Sthrix, Lieutenant General of MyVS/DX13 -
  2. ShikimoriAki

    I'm one, just not in VS :p
  3. danster939

    how do i sign up??? i am currently in an another outfit...
  4. AowlSyam94

    just try to add one of us here chronoside02 or OrangGila or Lengchai or AowlSyam94 or XearaExa or flagstar if you found them online tq :)
  5. danster939

    what time do you guys play??
  6. AowlSyam94

    maybe tonight at 9.30pm. ;)
  7. AowlSyam94

    I believe you have one VS character dont you? ;)
  8. danster939

    already sent friend request to OrangGila...great name...
  9. ShisuiAnbuGhost13

    I recently join the outfit, guys previously i talk with ravelton to promote the outfit to lowyat forum so i just need ur guys permission to promote the outfit there. Also need ur guys help to promote the game, provide insight how to play this game to that thread, also since we are currently going through member inactivity for the outfit lets setup our Ops day, specific time/day during weekend preferable choice
  10. axius

    Are you guys still active? alot of the Singapore and Malaysian outfits have already gone inactive
  11. AowlSyam94

    we're still on. well ya know. a casual outfit just not the serious one. and currently we more to play at Connery Server. add me there : Sthrix ;)
  12. axius

    I see, I don't have a character on connery so I'll make a new character soon.
  13. AowlSyam94

    good then. jumpa u kat sana nanti ;)
  14. axius

    Computer lags bila masuk connery, will keep trying tho
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  15. AaronSmith

    I'm not malaysian but I'm from Myanmar .. which is near malay and I play in AU server... which side are you guys in i'm in terren... I'm newbie and I play Planetside 2 at night time... Can I join? :)
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  16. AowlSyam94

    it's hard to tell. but this outfit strictly for Malaysian only :C. no worries. just try to /yell in-game "is there any Burmese here?" using your language or English. sometimes luck can be on your side, they will automatically /whisper you ;)
  17. AowlSyam94

    yup. i know that feel. we're trying to keep this outfit ALIVE. some sacrifices need to be done sometimes :( . janji yang berbaloi tu akan ada kat server ni. ;)
  18. Lengchai

    If you have one platoon full of malaysian players would be nice to wreck havoc on those NCs and TRs
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  19. AowlSyam94

    big demand. great. yup still working on it too bro. since lately many of us rarely to get back online btw. you better help us also dear friend General of MyVS. :p
  20. MahouFairy

    OMG there IS a Singaporean outfit? hahaha I thought they are extremely rare in this game. I've only met 2 so far (can tell by their accent).

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