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  1. Xasapis

    Actually they have a considerable impact on the handling of the weapon. The Pulsar C recoil have the tendency to go up and to the right. With one level of the foregrip it loses a bit of the pull to the right and with two levels it recoils almost completely vertically.
  2. RoaRawR

    I tested and tried, if you want full control on Pulsar C, is slightly move your crosshair down while shooting, and you control the fire really easy, except after 20 bullets

    on foregrip, it don't on pulsar C ,either that or it is buged. I never notice it go up to the right (with zero grip) but a nice "candy cone" spread while it keeps going up

    I think I am going to switch out the pulsar C for less recoil, the damage don't seem to redeem it self for it's recoil and lack of attatchment (and rather annoying to use on longer range or potshot)
  3. footjam

    I wanted to comment on the Eidolon. I use it and love it. I have a 6x scope, compensator and laser sight equipped on it.

    Before the stealth buff, it was good enough to rock at range and with the buff it is even more beast. I find it ok at close quarters, it is a semi auto rifle and I do not expect it to excel at close range but you can kill with it. the laser sight is a must at close range. I use it on Esamir a ton because of the distances. Usually when I am babysitting my sunderer, I can sit on the hill/overlook and keep the enemy pinned down for friendly foot soldiers to get to cover. You can also keep LA's at bay and slap HA's trying to launch rockets at the sundy.

    While not the first gun I grab, I love the eidolon for what it is and when used properly, you are essentially a sniper with unlimitted ammo.
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  4. kagekiri

    The Solstice SF is pretty versatile if you're just getting one gun (I've got both ammo types, all 3 underslungs, suppressor/compressor, and several scopes unlocked), but the underslung bugs make it pretty frustrating.

    Also, as others have mentioned, the other weapons really can hit harder/faster if you're not at a good distance/situation to use your SF's underslung in.

    I got the Serpent recently, and it empties a clip just ridiculously fast compared to the SolSF. I lose a decent number of close-range fights with the Solstice SF with the enemy just barely surviving (often because my opening nade to their face didn't do any damage; hell, I even had the underslung shotgun and normal rounds bug out and do no damage at <10m), so until the bugs are worked out, I think the Serpent or VX6-7 are pretty dang solid choices, with a scoped slug shotgun for sniping if you need something longer ranged.
  5. Soylent

    Does anyone have experience with VX6-7 AND Serpent with mods? Do they handle different or is the only difference the fire rate and reload speed? I'm looking for a close range hip-fire weapon and those 2 come with Advanced Laser Dot.
  6. Dixa

    after reading about it on these forums in the thread talking about the eidolon, i've started using the nova+slugs+4x+extended mags

    3 body shots kills at any range with no bullet drop and you dont start to have cof issues until after teh 4th shot unless you are spamming. been a few hate tells tonight from people i killed at near clipping range with a shotgun, being accused of aimbotting.

    if you are decent shot you can drop the extended mags for laser and use it in close quarters too from the hip, but your success will vary wildly due to the cof, super tight pattern and slow rof. extended mags gives you 12 in a magazine on a nova
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  7. Dixa

  8. Adamar09

    Isn't the laser sight useless for shotguns? They don't have the crosshair that changes size the way rifles do.
  9. Dixa

    it still seems to help with the cone of fire from the hip.
  10. Krona

    The solstice SF's only redeeming feature is its ability to mount a grenade launcher.

    Other than that it's probably like the worst carbine in the entire game statistically.
  11. JohnnyBftw

    I've been using the VX6 Carbine with Laser Sight+Soft Point Ammo+Compensator+Suppressor and i was satisfied with its CQC ability.
    However past short range it is weak so I tried the Eidolon Battle Rifle with a 6x Scope+Compensator and i was impressed. I will add a Laser Sight for CQC situations where it sucks.

    The Battle Rifle in the right hands can make you a sharpshooter. (note the difference from Sniper)
    What BRs really need imho is increased buller velocity since it is only 500, while all Assault Rifles and even some Carbines surpass it.
  12. Soylent

    I've tried the Eidolon on the 30m trial and it just didn't work for me. I can only picture that gun being useful for long range, and for that I would have to try it with a scope. Semi-auto just doesn't work for me in close range, and that seems to be the majority of my encounters.

    Whenever I'm able to shoot from longer range I simply rather just go with an Infiltrator.

    Still looking for advice from someone who had tried both the VX6-7 and Serpent modded.
  13. Vortok

    Tried the underbarrel shotgun on the Solstice SF. A little underwhelming. Aside from having ammo resupply issues like the other underbarrels, it only has one shot before reloading and three spare ammo. The reload is two seconds or so, pretty harsh in cqc. If the other guy is more than 10m away there's a decent chance he'll survive, though at close range it can one shot people - but you could just hip fire with almost any gun if you're that close.

    Combined with sometimes questionable frame rate making it harder to hit people on the move and it felt very unreliable. Would feel more viable if it was 2 shots before reloading, but ammo resupply glitch needs to be fixed first. Feel kinda dirty using the grenade launcher, but I guess it's nothing next to HE tanks/explosive air cav and the like.
  14. Boomschtick

    I'm enjoying the Sol SF even with it being buggy, I've just gotten used to it. USGL is beast when you can rain down from range, like Crown. Especially if your ammo pack is "properly" resupplying. With the bug I've just gotten to the point where as soon as I drop ammo I scroll wheel twice to reset my weapon the decide what I want to use. Seriously though, 'nades from the USGL are strong. I'm not gonna say OP because of reload speed and accuracy being what they are(Not including ammo drop bugging your weapon), but one-shotting people from way over here is a blast! lol
    So far in cqc I get owned more often than not so I was thinking of cert'ing to Soft Point for the increased stopping power at short to medium range. Anyone had any luck with that?
  15. Jed8762

    Nyx is Vanu... doesn't pack the wallup that a real bold action sniper rifle does, but it's a decent "scout" rifle.
  16. Erendil

    Yeah the Eidolon really needs a scope of some kind before it's useful. It is of course good at long range, but I also find it great at medium range in picking off targets who like to hide/fire from behind cover. If any part of them is sticking out at all you can nail 'em as if they were standing out in the open. I've recently taken to slapping an IRNV scope on it and picking off enemies who like to hide amongst the plants in a Bio Lab.... :D

    As for the Serpent vs VX6-7, I have both weapons decked out. The VX6-7 is a little harder to control since it has a higher vertical recoil. Accuracy beyond 60m or so starts to get a bit iffy, whereas I can get similar accuracy from a Serpent out to around 80-90m. However, the VX's hipfire CoF is slightly tighter than the Serpent at all Laser Sight levels (no sight/lvl1/lvl2). The difference is very minor tho and I've never found the Serpent lacking in this area. But the Serpent's long reload time has gotten me killed a few times in CQC where I know I would've survived if I'd used the VX.

    I should also mention that the foregrip does a good job of taming the pull to the right on the VX and the pull to the left on the Serpent. Although it's better controlled on the Serpent. But then I use the L2 Laser sight on the VX anyway so I don't care about its foregrip performance. :cool:

    In short, I use the VX for up-close work and most of the time when in a Bio Dome. I'll switch to the Serpent (or sometimes the Solstice) if I'm going to be outside and expect longer range firefights since I find it to be a bit more versatile than the more CQC-centric VX.

    I'll have to put more time into the Nova. I tried it a little but found the slugs to travel way too slowly for my liking, making it hard to hit long range targets if they moved at all. And its hipfre CoF while moving was terrible, but then I didn't know a laser sight would help it out since your crosshairs never change size.

    I bought it initially for LA but I hated that my ammo ran out too quickly. But as we all know Engies don't have this problem. :D Time to give it another go.....
  17. Teleos Rix

    I made the mistake of buying the Eidolon. I got it after its so called buff, so I cant compare it between patches. At close range its actually nice, 4-5 chest shots will kill pretty much any infantry. The damage fall off is still pretty bad, shooting at anything more than 50 meters is a waste due to low damage, low muzzle velocity, and recoil.

    If you know you can fight in 30 meters or closer, its a nice gun, its basically a pistol with a big mag and longer range. Looks cool too. It fires from hip well at close range also.

    But to be completely honest, like someone else here said, just use a Nova with slugs, which does more damage, just as capable in close quarters but is far better at longer ranges.

    Really wish SOE would refund your SC & Certs from attachments if you didnt like a gun in the first 24 hours. The trials suck because most guns arent great without being certed, so you cant tell if its going to be good or not.