My VS Engineer weapon of choice

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  1. TwardyBat

    Changes I've noticed:

    - reload speed has been increased
    - projectile has lower diameter and has a different color (before kinda cold blue'ish now violet'ish)
    - projectile speed ( feels faster but maybe its just my impression)
    - gun recoil has been slightly increased
    - decreased horizontal drift
    - gun sound is completely different ( it does sound quiet now,very unique sound )
    - firerate decreased (you could shoot as fast as you pressed a you can't now you're firerate is limited)
    - damage increase for medium and longer distances

    Because of the firerate reduction I don't think its okay in CQC now.Will test it a lot this evening.
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    VX6-7 or Serpent are the best choices you can go with. The serpent reloads a little too slowly for me though and the VX kills plenty fast. With 2x laser dot attached, the hipfire is absurdly accurate and you can destroy people up to 10-15 meters effortlessly without ever having to ADS. I recommend not certing any ammuntion or barrel attachments however.
  3. Vortok

    I'm curious about how effective the underbarrel shotgun is.
  4. Izriul

    I think the solstice SF is one of the best weapons available:-

    Can be shared with Light assault.
    An ALL-ROUND weapon. While it doesn't excel at anything and will likely lose against it's designated counter-part (Serpent close range for example) it can do every role well.
    Has all 3 types of ammo. Soft/HV and regular.
    Has a lot of scopes, allowing to further fit it for whatever role you play.
    Good accuracy, damage, RoF, reload time and recoil.
    Has more fittings than any gun I've personally seen.
    Having select fire on all 3 single/full/burst is amazing.

    For an engi, it's the perfect tool. Going on a mission somewhere with vast territory in your tank? Fit it with HV ammo, 3.4 or 4x scope and a smoke grenade launcher (WHY?! I hear you ask?) Great to cover your tank with when needing to repair.

    Going for a tech plant mission to knock out generators? Fit it with soft point ammo, UGL and reflex sight.

    Going for a more supportive role? Fit with ammo designed for open or close combat, laser for hip fire and smoke and run around dropping ammo/repairs etc.

    It's the perfect gun for me. While my favourite is the NS11-a, sadly unavailable to engi, this will always be my second weapon of choice. I am one of those who can't stick with a certain role and like to jump about doing new stuff all the time. You can't go wrong with it. I'm just an idiot for buying the burst version by mistake, quickly made redundant by the SF.

    So yeah, there's other guns more suited to a specialised role, but if you like to do a lot of things, it's the gun you can never go wrong with.
  5. trued2

    i feelneeds a nerf the ttk is to fast on it as i cant even pull the trigger before im dead form it.
  6. Nuubo

    Umm.... what?
  7. Izriul

    Seriously, how could you not understand that.

    I'll explain it a bit better for you, he feels ttk needs fast nerf cos he triggers the it from dead.

  8. Lafladitu

    For now I use Pulsar C+Compensator+Adv Foregrip+NV are saving up for HV ammuniton and a nother sight maybe a 4x one
    for the moment. Its really fun build it kills nicely and easy to aim with.

    But later on when I have enough Cert points i will probebly go for the VX6-.
  9. itzCujo666

    I do, and despite all the complaints, it's fine. It takes some practice (of course), some certs (at least compensator, optionally also laser dot) and to be used in the right situations (2nd line, supporting, not CQC) and it's pretty good. It depends on your play style. I hang back, keep the vehicles up, and try to pick my shots. If you're up in people's faces at the front, Eidolon is not the gun for you.
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  10. TwardyBat

    I'll share here some of my conclusions from different thread:

    I think current recoil strength should equal to bullet dmg increase from 250 to 300 or 325. That would cover it and counter the recoil affecting a TTK because often you land 1st bullet and 2nd and then target is escaping and its hard to finish job because target is moving.It's pretty much taking a whole joy from this gun.

    It is meant to be a battle rifle destined to take targets down not to get assists only but a significant amount of work pattern (shoot 1st bullet,wait for aim on target after recoil ,shoot 2nd bullet and repeat....) that would be fine because I could still say to myself okay I have to deal with that recoil but I least I can feel it has punch right?

    In a last few days I was thinking a lot of this gun and I came to conclusion that I would like to see this gun to be burst fire only.
    Burst fire shooting 3 rounds matched with current recoil where recoil has a tendency to go up with neither a left or right bias, leading to shots being nearly all vertical when using ADS.This mixture would really appeal to me. Of course bullet dmg should be adjusted accordingly. ( probably something like x = 6 bullets in torso to kill a target )
  11. Soze

    Does foregrip really matter for pulsar c? I love that gun and have the foregrip1, but I'm not convinced it does much. Question now is advanced foregrip or switch to laser sight.
  12. Lafladitu

    well I think it gives the weapon alot more stability while shooting. The horizontel spray is reduced alot. and the vertical spray can be compensaited with mouse movement the little thats left after the compensator reduced it.

    I think its rather easy to hold the aim on someone's head, even while they move

    but like all weapons its up to each person to decide what weapons he/she likes as we all prefer diffrent weapons and equipment's
  13. Dixa

    the vx6-7 is the best all around weapon for vanu if you are good at controlling recoil

    from my testing the dmg falloff of the vx6 and just about every other weapon availablt to us - including the eidolon - is so similiar that you are better off with the higher rate of fire

    i am trying to medal out all of the weapons. so far i ahve the vx6 and both soltice versions medaled (purple, 100 cert medal each. 1500 kills i think that is). working on the eidolon now's cone of fire regardless of attachements and dmg per bullets are disappointing. maybe camping the tippy top of an amp station it's ok but infiltrator weapons do much better in such situations.
  14. TwardyBat

    Just played for 30 mins with Nyx and it is so much nicer than Eidolon.I wish that Eidolon could be like Nyx.I am still not happy with especially because I paid for Eidolon.Now I am thinking about Nyx as I played a lot BF3 using SKS gun.
  15. Arcanotechnician

    I use the Pandora, which I originally picked up for Light Assault. Having ammo packs is lovely with the auto shotgun.
  16. Dixa

    too lazy to look it up but nyx is not a vanu gun right?
  17. Phebus

    Get a serpent for standard engagement (2x laser dot scope), a pulsar c for mid to long (a 3.4 scope which outperforms the Eidelon and has a 1 shot option) and a Thanatos ( don't need a scope) for up close and personal.

    VS grenade launcher guns are weak guns for the ability to launch grenades, I believe the damage from a pure gun is more important than the chance of a spam grenade kill.
  18. TwardyBat

  19. Dixa

    tells ya how often i bother with the infiltrator kit!!!
  20. RoaRawR

    fair warning trough, foregrip to pulsar C both rank 1 and 2 is not working ot they don't do jack of a improvment

    tested with and without in burst,hip,potshot at 100 and 10 m performance boost =/