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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by SemperFi, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. SemperFi

    hey guys! I was thinking about going Solstice SF + 1x red dot + GRENADE Launcher as my main weapon choice for engineer, My main reason for picking this weapon is because its the only automatic weapon that can have grenade launcher, what do you guys think?
  2. Koldorn


    The attachment is buggy as all get-out at the moment, and I don't find the SF to be that great of a gun on its own.
    For just a gun; I vastly prefer the VS6-7. There are however; times when the grenade helps. When it works... when it doesn't make all your projectiles stop doing damage... when it doesn't bug out your reload so you're stuck with no ammo... (you get the point)
  3. x13eastmodex

    I run this combo myself and let me tell you WHEN it works its a beast. The nade launcher will 1 shot most anything besides a heavy or max. Even on non direct hits they may still die. BUT the ammo pack restocking will randomly break, the explosion sometimes deals no damage even on a direct hit. I hit an inf earlier on a ridge dead on and got the red mark for the hit but no kill. When he kills me I see he lost a fraction of shield on the hit as if the actual grenade impact did damage but not the explosion(which would have killed him easily). I allso highly recomend PROX MINES. I decided to cert to 2 last night and using them and the nade launcer I was able to hold northern weight station solo agains 5 nc for 10 minutes. They brought up a vanny and I flipped to landmines and managed to kill it cause the driver ran out to cap the point which was mined:) Can deploy both prox and land mines at the same time so long as you never set more then you can carry on either. The gun itself is allso not bad even for close range hipfire but range is limited.
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  4. Nenarch

    Serpent for me.. and mines.
  5. TheBrownCoat

    I run with a VX6-7, 3.4x holo scope, front grip and soft point ammo. I'll be honest, I do great with this set up. I kill more then I'm killed, and I get the additional points from Reloads and Sundy spawns.
  6. AlenL For the glory of Vanu!

    Same as I do, but I use the laser sight for increased accuracy for close quarters combat. The VX6-7 doesn't have a ton of horizontal drift, and the laser sight rank 2 reduces the spray cone so you can get more shots in fast with the VX6-7's high fire rate. Thanks for the tip @XanderClauss.

    Was gonna do the solstice SF with that kit as my 2nd load out (usually have a DD and a Splash Damage loud out for my engie and heavy). Granted all the best gear in the world won't make me awesome if I can't learn to juke in 1 on 1 fights. /facepalm
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  7. Daimond

    Laser sight rank 2? is there something I am missing here or you SOE guys get a better grade of items then us :) cuase I only get 1 type of laser sight.
  8. Hauster

    I use the VX6-7 with soft point, suppressor, 1x reflex, and forward grip for short range encounters. I haven't tried the laser sight yet but I heard good things about it.

    For longer range situations, I swap to my Eidolan with 3.4x holo, suppressor, and forward grip.

    Both weapons work like a charm.
  9. Erendil

    Each empire has a select few weapons that have a 2nd Level Laser Sight available. Look around in the cert trees, you'll find them.
  10. Xasapis

    Pulsar C has a two level undergrip upgrade, but one level laser upgrade kit.
    VX6-7 is the opposite. It has one level undergrip upgrade, but two levels laser upgrade kit

    In both occasions remember to equip the mark 2 kit. It doesn't work like the suit upgrades, but rather, each kit is a different item.
  11. Acuta

    As much as I'd LOVE to have a smoke grenade launcher, I still continue to use the Pulsar C. Something about the lower RPM and slightly higher dmg on that thing just works for me. Running Comp, 2x Reflex, and level one Forward grip. The lower RPM gives me that split second to make sure the subsequent rounds continue to hit nothing but brains. Used to be in love with my Nova, but this weapon has lead me astray.

    Perhaps someday I'll try out the VX6-7, Serpent, and SF...but for now, I couldn't be happier!

    Can I have smoke on my Pulsar? Please?
  12. Azzazal

    SF Red Dot Night sight and smoke. destroys

    SF red dot reflex x 2 grenade destroys,

    I still think tis best gun in game
  13. Pin_Cushion

    Nobody uses the Eidolon? I've been thinking of buying it, but haven't heard many good things about it.
  14. that_darn_lurker

    I'll throw in another vote for the VX6-7. I have it set up with laser point and soft ammo. The recoil IMO is negligible so there's no reason to get the forward grip. In CQC I can hold my own now. I spent weeks in CQC frustration using the standard issue Solstice, always being out gunned. Never again!

    I'll have to try out the Solstice SF with the grenade launcher once I grind up enough certs. It its as good as it sounds I can see loadout 1 being the VX6-7 and loadout 2 being the Solstice SF w/ grenade launcher.
  15. o.Solei.o

    Actually, someone tipped me off to the idea that you can deploy the max capacity of tank mines, which is 5. Personnel mines are still capped at carrying capacity. Don't know if you have to have both level of AT mines slotted for it to work, since I maxed out both my mines really early on.

    As for the nade launcher, all the points x13 made here are all going concerns. In addition, it "sticks" sometimes and won't let you switch back to your main gun by hitting the 1 key. Scrollwheel still works, and selecting something else first will unstick it, but that one thing gets me killed sooooo often.

    Also, I believe there was a ninja-nerf to the arming distance on the nades. Used to be anything that was to far away to hit with a knife was fair game, but lately anything inside of 15' takes the nade in the face for 0 damage. Anyone else have any ideas on this?

    Also, what is the VS battle rifle like?
  16. Erendil

    I've got ~750 kills with the Eidolon. I alternate between carrying it and the VX6-7 when playing Engie, depending on the range at which I'm expecting to fight. I love it, despite its lackluster performance.

    Speaking of which, in yesterday's patch they seemed to have stealth-buffed both the Eidolon and Warden (and presumably the AMR-66, tho I haven't seen any posts on it yet). The Eidolon has had its damage degradation reduced, and the bullet drop on the Warden has been decreased. I believe these are both the result of a muzzle velocity increase given to both weapons. The report of each rifle is now a lot quieter than it was before, and I mean A LOT.

    The Eidolon now kills much more reliably at range than it used to. And the muzzle velocity increase makes it easier to connect your shots too. It feels about the same in CQC tho. I'm gonna have to find some more TR & NC "volunteers" to help me with further testing.... :D
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  17. Acuta

    Hope it did indeed get buffed, is what I keep in my 3rd loadout. Only good uses I've found for it is to scare off snipers and occasionally use it as a poor-man's sniper at towers. Was an expensive weapon for less than "meh" performance.
  18. Xae

    Nova with slugs is just plain better.
  19. Vanyaeli

    I still use the default gun, Holo sight, foregrip and suppressor - does fine for what I need it for :)
  20. Xasapis

    I have Eidolon but got disappointed by it. Any must have attachments on it?