My thought process when killed by all factions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Poorform, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. CL4p2p

    Why am I hostile ? 'cause I'm sick of all these dayli thread about "faction op" "faction easy" "faction noob" etc... That was fun at the begenning but now it is just like watching teenager complaining about their christmas present....

    All faction have good and bad point, it is true that you can say a faction SEEMS to be more OP than the other two or SEEMS to have less good point or other... But just stop claiming one is easy , one is this one is that...
    Espeacially when you attack the whole crew/people playing it... it is not like they choose this faction because of the good point, 99,999% of them choose it because of the background or the color...

    So yeah go ahead call me a rage guy if you want, because this is not totally wrong, I'm piss off seeing people criticize the skill of other player just because 2-3 j-r-k thought that adding a Speed + Damage bonus to a robot will be cool, thought that adding a gun firing at the speed of light will be cool, or adding a rocklauncher that fire like a assault riffle will be fun...

    Good point. I should burn my hand and my parents for giving me these damn dyslexia and be born in other country than USA
  2. SinerAthin

    Or maybe he was making fun of the people who whine about the other factions?

    You expect a semblance of social intelligence on Forumside 2? o_O
  3. JackD

    I dont really care they all die the same. TR just seems to be everywhere. Also the NC guys are very easy to kill, especially those in my friendlist, they dont even shot back.
  4. Prudentia

    I check the Outfittag
    TR: are we getting swarmed by a competent outfit?
    NC: are we getting swarmed by a competent Outfit?
    VS: are we getting swarmed by an incompetent Outfit?
  5. Hatesphere

    I don't recall there being any drop, it was one of the first weapons i bought with SC. It does have abysmal bullet velocity for a "rifle" though.

    I dont mind the ghost, ever since i started using it, I've been more in a close in sharp shooting support style roll. works great for pegging a medic through a window or door way, or the rare shot from behind a few heavies into the zerg while getting into position. but yeah the drop is a little meh.
  6. Prudentia

    there was a bug with all automatic VS weapons having Bulletdrop when set on semi auto fire. But i don't know if that bug still exists.
  7. Zotamedu

    I will abuse the crap out off my TAR because I feel a nerf is on the way.
  8. Hatesphere

    keep using it, its a fine gun and I hope they don't nerf it. I like to use it on my TR alt, its just not fun to be on the business end of sometimes.